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Hario Smart G Kettle Review

If you’re a pour over coffee enthusiast looking for something new for the coffee bar, the Hario Smart G kettle might be just the thing to improve your coffee brewing!

Deriving inspiration from other kettles of its kind, like the famed Hario Buono, the Hario Smart G kettle is the latest edition to the Hario brand. It’s a sleek, one-size-fits-all model that works with any heat source – and looks great doing it. 

Sound like exactly the upgrade you’ve been searching for? Read on for our review of the Hario Smart G kettle.

Summary: The Hario Smart G Kettle

Hario Smart G Kettle review
  • Compatible with any type of heat source – electric, induction, gas, halogen, etc.
  • Large 1 L practical capacity for coffee brewing in large batches.
  • Modern stainless steel design available with a matte black or white finish.

At first glance, it’s just another pretty gooseneck that looks nice on your countertop, but you immediately start to appreciate the amazing finish and controllability during your first pour-over!

– Sebastian

A Full Review Of The Hario Smart G Kettle

The Hario Smart G kettle is the newest model from the Japanese brand Hario, well-known for its kettles, pour over brewers, and other coffee gear and accessories. Indeed, the iconic Hario Buono was the original specialty coffee kettle (1). 

Upon closer inspection, you will see that the Smart G kettle’s design is similar to that of other Hario kettles, albeit with a more modern matte finish. The brand’s years of experience are obvious in the well-designed gooseneck spout, comfortable handle, and premium materials.

Hario Smart G Kettle Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value For Money

But is this Hario kettle actually the best for your coffee brewing needs? Are there advantages to choosing a stovetop versus an electric kettle? Let’s dig into the details and find out.

Design – 4.5/5

The Hario Smart G kettle features a contemporary sleek design that is available in matte white or black. Manufactured in China, the body and handle are made from stainless steel, while the lid is silicone rubber, and its knob is PPT resin. This is a practical decision that doesn’t reflect on the quality, as a stainless steel knob and lid would get dangerously hot. 

The body holds a total volume of 1.4 L but has a practical capacity closer to 1 L. Any more liquid than that, and you risk it boiling up and dripping or spilling out of the lid, which could burn your hand mid-pour.

So why does Hario call this a “smart” kettle? It isn’t related to Bluetooth app connectivity as you might expect.

“Smart” refers to the fact that this kettle is compatible with any heat source, including electric, gas, halogen, induction, and others.

You could even use this kettle on a grate over a campfire, as long as you were careful to keep the flames low. Though, of course, steer clear of the oven or microwave.

Keep in mind that the interior of the kettle may appear slightly off-color, either browned or darker silver. This is nothing to be concerned about. It is a natural result of the heat generated in powder-coating the matte exterior. 

Features – 3/5

The Hario Smart G kettle is a typical stovetop kettle with many of the features you expect, and a few handy little bonuses. 

Speaking of handy, the handle has a silicone rubber handle cover that keeps it cool to the touch. The design is such that you can hold it either with your thumb on top or wrapped around it, depending on the wrist position you prefer when preparing a pour over. 

The lid features a removable stopper with a hole so that you can insert a thermometer, a useful feature in a non-electric kettle.

As we all know, precise water temperature can make a big difference when brewing specialty coffee. When you’re not using the thermometer, it can be slotted into a storage space in the handle. Likewise, the lid stopper can also be set into the handle when not in use. Any common kitchen thermometer is compatible with both the handle and the stopper, but there isn’t one included with this kettle, so budget accordingly. 

The thermometer-friendly design is great, but it is certainly not as practical as an electric kettle that lets you set the desired temperature, like the Timemore Fish Kettle. Nor does this Hario kettle maintain the water temperature for very long after it is removed from the heat source. Brewing great coffee reliably requires consistency in all aspects of preparation, from coffee grounds to pouring technique to water temperature. So we definitely suggest using a thermometer with this kettle – and adjusting its purchase price accordingly (2).

Performance – 5/5

The Hario Smart G kettle has a slightly redesigned spout as compared with the Hario Buono, which allows for even greater control when pouring, the key to consistently great coffee, according to Blue Bottle founder James Freeman (3).

Using a swan neck [aka gooseneck] kettle will help the accuracy of your pour and, hence, improve the consistency of your extraction.

Its slim profiled spout has an opening that is parallel to the counter rather than at a slight angle. This parallel spout allows for a more full control over flow rate, and the speed of the water stream can easily be modified mid-brew – opening up new brewing possibilities. Using your wrist to gently tilt the kettle forwards or backwards while pouring does the trick.

In terms of efficiency, this kettle is as speedy as any other stovetop model. The time to boil water depends on the heat source and the amount of water in the kettle.

With its classic gooseneck spout and comfortable handle, this is clearly a kettle designed for full control when pour over brewing, but that doesn’t mean it’s a one trick pony. Along with boiling water for coffee, it is a practical choice to boil water for brewing tea and other hot drinks.

The Hario kettle’s relatively large 1-liter capacity is enough for about four cups of coffee at a time. So it’s a fine choice for a family of up to four coffee lovers.

Value For Money – 4.5/5 

The Hario Smart G kettle, whether you go for the white or black option, is an affordable choice among good gooseneck kettles. But when at its regular price, it is not the most budget-friendly pick overall, either from Hario kettles or other brands. To some extent, you are paying a bit extra for the Smart G’s attractive design and well-established brand name.

The Hario Smart G is a stovetop kettle, but it is priced as high as some of the less expensive electric kettles. And electric kettles have considerably more functionality and are easier to use. That said, those lower-end electric kettles almost certainly won’t last as long as the Smart G – they’re cheap for a reason – which has no real breakable components. 

Things we liked:

  • Improved pouring control
  • Works on all stovetops, including induction
  • Includes a spot to insert a thermometer
  • Attractive modern design

Things we didn’t like:

  • Thermometer not included
  • Relatively expensive

Do Not Buy The Hario Smart G Kettle If… 

  • You want precise temperature control – If you want precise control of water temperature without the hassle of a separate thermometer, an electric kettle is the way to go, though you will need to spend more money to get a good one. One of the best is the Fellow Stagg gooseneck kettle, which is as gorgeous as it is functional. It ramps up slowly to the desired pre-set temperature without ever overshooting, so you don’t need to worry about overboiling your water and ruining your coffee as you pour. Though its regular price is about double the Smart G. Another fantastic and more affordable option is the Bonavita kettle, which still delivers the precision temperatures needed for the best coffee.
  • You prefer an electric kettle – If you don’t want to bother with monitoring a kettle on the stove, you can buy a basic electric kettle for around the same cost as the Hario Smart G. One of our favorites is the kettle from Willow and Everett. This budget-friendly pick is a comparable option, with a similar stainless steel body and overall utility. It doesn’t have the advanced features of the Fellow Stagg or Bonavita, but it also doesn’t have their price tags.
  • You want a different aesthetic – Matte black is all the rage in coffee gear these days, perfect to pair with your Fellow Ode. But if the Hario Smart G kettle does haven’t the right vibe for your kitchen, take a look at the Coffee Gator pour over kettle. This eye-catching kettle is similar in function to the Smart G, but with a classy polished stainless steel finish, perfect to pair with stainless kitchen appliances.

The Verdict

The Hario Smart G is a sleek and modern kettle designed to improve your pour over brews with its new-and-improved gooseneck spout and comfortable grip. 

This stovetop kettle is compatible with any heat source, including induction burners, saving you the hassle of buying a separate adaptor. Its relatively large capacity makes it a practical choice for families of coffee drinkers. And while it does not allow you to pre-set temperatures, it does have a thermometer-friendly design for anyone looking for more precise temperature control.

close up of Hario Smart G Kettle's top part

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