25 of the Best Homemade Iced Coffee Recipes

Coffee drinkers of the world used to loathe the idea of summer, a time of year that led to overheating in the enjoyment of their morning mug of mental fuel.

But over the years, iced and frozen coffee drinks have become more prevalent.

While some people are purists and can’t seem to get themselves to make the switch, it’s worth it to avoid suffering.

And with these incredible at-home iced coffee recipes, you’re certain to find something that convinces you that a cold drink when it’s hot beats sweating as you consume your caffeine!

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#1 - A Ride on the Orient Espresso (Frozen Thai Iced Coffee)

Puns may or may not be your cup of tea, but this recipe could definitely become your cup of coffee.

In the winter, you might forget the “frozen” part of it, but the drink is delectable year-round.

When it’s iced or frozen, it’s like an adult ice cream bar, partially due to the condensed milk in the recipe.

The addition of toasted coconut sweetens the final product literally and metaphorically.

All I have to say is that the Thai people have certainly found plenty of ways to make coconut tastier when added to a recipe than when eaten raw.

#2 - Or Buzz Up to the Honey Tree (Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte)

Maybe honey strikes you as an additive for tea, especially if you have a sore throat.

But add it to your coffee and you’ve already got a delicious new brew. A little cinnamon on top creates a dreamy, steamy concoction.

Of course, toss your latte over ice, and you have a light and refreshing summer beverage that will have you craving honey like a bee!

I personally prefer half and half or cream in my coffee, but you can change it up with whatever milk you like — dairy or other — to meet dietary needs and calorie counts.

#3 - Stroll Among the Berry Bushes (Chocolate Raspberry Iced Coffee)

When you get back from a long hike and feel the need for a little caffeine but you’re too hot for a steaming mug of coffee, drop some ice cubes in it.

But don’t stop there.

Continue to convene with nature, and make yourself a refreshing sweet treat.

Agave nectar, cacao nibs, and fresh raspberries go a long way in leaving a lightness that doesn’t weigh on your taste buds or your belly.

In fact, you can relax in the heat of the day with this cold beverage, and the berry base will keep you feeling like it’s twenty degrees cooler.

#4 - Or Sit and Smell the Flowers (Lavender Iced Espresso Coffee)

We put fruit in our drinks all the time. We add spices and herbs and a ton of other ingredients to create different flavors and seasonal concoctions.

Sometimes, the scents we like come from common ingredients, while others are extremely different.

Why shouldn’t we take a pleasant scent and turn it into an aromatic coffee additive that helps deliver the perfect iced drink?

Lavender buds are not only fragrant but also add a delicious floral element to your cup of coffee, which can be especially refreshing in the warmth of summer. Garnish with petals for that extra splash of color.

#5 - Spice Things Up (Spiced Iced Coffee)

Aside from the fun of rhyming the name, you can imagine how great this concoction might be.

Start with honey (in place of sugar or other sweetener, since it won’t gather at the bottom of the cup).

Cinnamon kicks up the sweet and spicy taste, especially in a dark roast, and ginger tops off the spicy flavor.

Ginger is also a natural acid reliever, so even if you typically get a little heartburn from your iced coffee, ginger should keep it at bay.

Stick in a cinnamon stick to pretty it up and add a little extra kick to the drink.

#6 - And Sweeten the Deal (Iced Macchiato)


Remember when you were a kid and nothing could satisfy a sweet tooth, a rumbling stomach, and the need for a cool, crisp drink than chocolate milk?

As an adult, I don’t get to indulge in it very often, but I’ve been known to add a scoop of Ovaltine to my coffee from time to time to give it a mocha taste with a healthy dose of vitamins.

This recipe takes it a step further, though, and with a little brown sugar for added sweetness.

It’ll remind you of that childhood beverage, but it’ll kick like coffee should.

#7 - Add a Citrus Twist (Suzette Iced Coffee)

What two drinks define breakfast?

When I go out to IHOP, I’m not the only one with a refreshing glass of orange juice beside my coffee. 

When it comes down to it, there’s no reason not to mix the two together.

Consider pouring your coffee over ice for a cool afternoon treat.

Then, add the enjoyment of a bit of citrus and a little condensed milk for the thick sweetness it’ll add to the mix.

You’ve got yourself poolside bliss that will have you licking your lips and craving seconds!

#8 - Or a Berry Blast (Iced Red Fruit Coffee)

People like their smoothies all sorts of ways, but in my experience, one of the most common orders is a berry blend.

It’s light but filling and leaves an aftertaste on your tongue that’s not too sweet and not too bitter. It’s no wonder that an iced berry — or red fruit — espresso is a fantastic idea.

Espresso always sounds dark and heavy, but with strawberries and redcurrants added to your cold brew, you won’t believe what a difference it makes.

This just proves that you don’t have to have a dark and brooding personality to drink espresso!

#9 - Salute the Apple of Your Eye (Apple Iced Coffee)

We talked about morning drinks, and we discussed childhood favorites. Apple juice crosses the line between the two, and when I buy juice, I typically reach for apple first.

There’s just something about it that satisfies a craving for sweet and fruity while still quenching my thirst.

So for me, the idea of an apple iced coffee, while strange at first, seems like an excellent idea.

I can put two of my favorites together and get that thirst-quenching quality in the middle of summer without giving up my need for the caffeinated brew.

And that apple slice? What a beautiful addition!

#10 - Or Bow Down to the Thai (Thai Iced Coffee)

If you look at the cultures that are longest lived, you’ll find most of them are Asian.

What allows these people to live so much longer?

Part of it would have their diet and the exercise they get.

Aside from the succulent flavors, this is the reason Asian fusion has become so popular in the Western world.

That includes coffee drinks.

Thai people have been drinking coffee forever, and there might be no better way to enjoy Thai coffee than over some ice.

Thick with heavy milk and with cardamom added, you can’t beat the delectable and cool beverage.

Want a twist on this drink? Try the Vegan recipe!

#11 - And Skip Over to the Islands (Mocha Coconut Iced Coffee)

Have you ever been to Jamaica or the Dominican Republic?

If not, you’re missing out on the incredible desserts and amazing rum!

But you don’t have to make an alcoholic beverage to reproduce the taste of the islands.

This rich and creamy mixture will make you fantasize about sitting on the beach under one umbrella with another in your drink.

Best of all, unlike liquor, the coffee base will give you a big boost in energy, so you are more likely to get out and enjoy fun summer adventures, like hitting the lake for some water skiing or going hiking.

#12 - Get Down with Rice, Rice Baby (Vanilla Bean Horchata Iced Coffee)

Horchata has become popular in North America over recent years.

The Spanish beverage, made of ground almonds, rice, and a variety of other crushed nuts and ingredients (depending on the exact recipe), can be bought readymade now in several major supermarkets.

That means there’s no reason not to try it blended with coffee.

It has a great flavor of its own and is refreshing when served cold. The vanilla bean just heightens the flavor, making this particular iced coffee pretty irresistible.

Serve it with a couple cinnamon sticks and a large dollop of whipped cream to beautify the beverage.

#13 - Or Try Something Sugar Free Maybe (Sugar Free Nutella Iced Coffee Frappe)

There can be a lot of guilt involved with drinking super sweet coffee, and if you’re diabetic, some of the drinks may have to remain mysterious forever.

But this recipe offers a sugar free alternative that also works for a dairy-free or low-carb diet.

And get this: you can bite the bullet and buy Nutella, not worrying about that added sugar, or you can follow the recipe referenced here for homemade Nutella.

Almond milk will taste natural, especially if you have a nutty coffee blend.

And you can add Stevia to taste without being concerned about added sugar or calories!

#14 - Taste Winter in the Spring (Cinnamon Mocha Iced Coffee)

Probably one of the easiest recipes on this list, a cinnamon mocha iced coffee is also one of the richest in flavor.

You get the underlying bitterness and nuttiness of your coffee, topped with the sweet and unmistakable flavor of chocolate, blended with the spicy taste of cinnamon.

Adding half and half makes it creamy, simulating the incredible joy of drinking a milkshake*.

Don’t forget a straw…or drink it through a cinnamon stick, if you dare! The final product is going to blow you away and make you want to blend it up every day.

*Craving for a milkshake now? Make sure to check our delicious coffee milkshake recipe here!

#15 - And Copy the Corporate Idea at Home (Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee)

We’ve all fallen victim to Starbucks Syndrome.

You’re running errands or headed back to work after a lunch break, and you walk past one of the coffee giant’s locations, the aroma of coffee wafting out and convincing you that you can’t survive without a cup, posthaste.

There is another way, though.

Consider creating your own iced coffee drink at home. You can even take a note or two from the Starbucks menu.

Believe it or not, this vanilla iced coffee doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and it’s extremely simple to replicate at home.

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#16 - Get the Sweet N Salty Glory (Salted Caramel Iced Coffee)

For some time, the market has been combining salty with sweet to balance the overwhelming taste of too much sugar.

You find it in breakfast bars, snack mixes, and in ice cream. In fact, “salted caramel” is a popular flavor of gelato now.

When you go to an authentic Italian shop for gelato, you should enjoy your dessert with a cup of coffee. 

Unfortunately, you can’t find a shop like that on every corner, but you can put the flavor of rich and creamy gelato in your coffee.

Add some Nutchello and a little sea salt, and you’ve got a winning blend to pour over ice.

#17 - Or Stick to the Basics (Vanilla Iced Coffee)

Some people dress up their coffee with a million flavors or special requests. To this, I say it must be pretty good to order that mouthful all the time.

For me, something like that would have to be a special-occasion order. I like having a simpler plan on a daily basis.

What more can you ask for, when creating your at-home special daily brew, than something as easy to put together as a French vanilla coffee?

Hot in the winter, iced in the summer, this particular recipe is perfect year-round for daily use.

Really, who could ever get tired of of vanilla?

#18 - Make it Sweet and Sassy (Cinnamon Dolce Iced Coffee)

If you enjoy something a little thick and heavy even in the summer months, you might enjoy a cinnamon dolce iced coffee.

The rich taste, combined with the thickness of pure maple syrup and brown sugar, is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth, and the cinnamon makes it brisk and delightful on the palate.

Syrup is a popular flavor for oatmeal, granola, and many other foods.

Why not add it to your daily coffee and make it an incredible pursuit in happiness throughout the day?

While it’s probably not safe for diabetics, it is definitely one of the tastiest recipes I’ve found.

#19 - And Dress it Up Real Fancy (Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee)

Two of the flavors sitting on the counter at most cafés to add to your beverage are vanilla and cinnamon.

Why these two are forever the popular favorites we may never know, but these ingredients, combined into one beautiful summer coffee cocktail, sound like pure heaven.

And it’ll taste like it, too!

A little vanilla syrup and a healthy splash of cinnamon (or cinnamon sticks to stir with) can really dress up your cup.

Decorate with a bit of whipped cream and a vanilla bean on top, and you’ve got a beautiful summertime beverage!

#20 - Drink Summer in a Glass (Raspberry Iced Chocolate Coffee)

Chocolate is a year-round favorite, but it really helps boost your moodIt never hurts to add a little extra caffeine to your already energized coffee, but sometimes the idea of chocolate and coffee together seems a bit overwhelming with dark, rich flavor.

For summer sweetness that doesn’t make you feel heavy in the heat, add some raspberry syrup.

Berries tend to freshen the flavor, allowing a fruity sugar taste to come through and keeping the rich chocolate from being overpowering.

Poured over ice, this recipe is an easy favorite that doesn’t require a lot of work.

#21 - And Enjoy Spring Flavors (Lavender Honey Iced Latte)

Do you love strolling in your garden during the spring, when things begin to bloom but it’s not yet sweltering?

Do you find it more difficult to enjoy when the sun blares high in the sky?

If so, you may be able to bring a bit of your garden with you into the house in a way that helps cool you off.

A lavender honey iced coffee should do the trick, bringing a garden aroma into your coffee and adding a delightful bit of sweetness with honey and sugar.

Make the recipe fit your diet by changing the milk or replacing sugar with another sweetener, and you’re good to go!

#22 - Have a Coconut Frenzy (Coconut Iced Coffee)

Don’t be fooled by the simple name: you’ll have to do more than add a little syrup to create coconut iced coffee, but the final blend is worth the work!

Actual chocolate and chocolate powder are delicious with coconut milk and oil, and the addition of vanilla extract brings out all the other flavors.

Don’t forget the honey — the secret sweetener brings everything else together, adding texture and a delicious undertone to the coffee drink.

Drink it cold in the summer, and try it warm in the dead of winter for additional heavenly satisfaction.

#23 - And Brighten Your Cup with Fruit (Orange Spiced Iced Coffee)

It’s no secret that adding orange to anything makes it tangy to taste and citrusy to smell.

The aroma of orange is added to cleaners and air fresheners that smell good enough to eat. Really, you can eat it, every last bit of it.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more summery to drink through the hot months than a cup of regular joe, you can dish it into your mug.

Cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg sound like ingredients for pumpkin pie or eggnog, but paired with the zesty orange and a little half and half, they make a simply savory iced coffee drink.

#24 - Put Vietnamese Taste in Your China Cup (Traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

The Vietnamese tend to look delicate on the surface, but they are tough as nails, and that comes from a turbulent history and a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Even when they aren’t eating especially healthily, they’re conscious of what will make them sturdy and help them live a long life.

Maybe Vietnamese coffee is part of that spectacular diet, and it’s simple to make at home.

All you really need is condensed milk. Drink it with a red bean pastry, and you’ve got a golden ticket to the Far East!

#25 - And Freshen Your Breath with Mint (Fresh Mint Iced Coffee)

There’s always been appeal to mint added to anything.

Mint chocolates are served at fancy restaurants to cleanse the palate after a meal. Mint sprigs are added to certain platters. Mint goes into ice cream and tea and all sorts of coffee drinks.

You might find the refreshing, palate-cleansing properties of mint are just what you need in your cold coffee drink.

And with just a hint of vanilla, you’ll be hooked in no time. Best of all, your mouth will feel and taste fresh after drinking it, something you can’t always expect from a cup of coffee.

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