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How Much Caffeine is in Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee?

Coffee is undeniably one of life’s simple pleasures. The aroma of freshly steeped beans, the warmth of a hot cup of joe, the refreshing coolness of a much-needed Cold Brew… 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is all about delivering the best coffee experience. And with coffee comes caffeine to keep us moving throughout the day. Just how effective is their Cold Brew?

This article looks at how much caffeine is in Stumptown Cold Brew coffee.

caffeine in stumpton cold brew

What Is Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee?

Stumptown Cold Brew coffee is coffee steeped with cold or room temperature water for 8 to 24 hours. Stumptown Coffee Roasters proudly states, “Coffee is about pleasure” (1).

Drinking coffee is a pleasure. Coffee drinking is fun, and it feels good, and underlying all our hard work is pride in cultivating pleasure.

Coffee isn’t just about caffeine; coffee is an art, a process, a journey, and a destination.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters encourages their avid coffee-loving consumers to commit to a whole sensory experience during the tasting process.

Close your eyes. Slightly open your mouth. Breathe deeply in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Feel the temperature of the coffee in your hands. These are some serious sensations to get the most pleasure from your coffee ritual.

For more on “The Story of Stumptown Cold Brew,” check out this YouTube video.

Stumptown Coffee Cold Brew Caffeine 

As much as coffee isn’t just about caffeine, you’re here because that’s exactly what you’re after. Stumptown Original Cold Brew caffeine consists of 279 mg in a 10.5 fluid oz. bottle, which is just 4 mg more than the caffeine in Wandering Bear Cold Brew. Stumptown Cold Brew amounts to 26.57 mg of caffeine per fluid oz.

Want a Cold Brew you can make at home? All you need is some water, coffee beans, and patience.

Final Thoughts

Stumptown Cold Brew has 279 mg of caffeine in a 10.5 fluid oz. bottle, or 26.57 mg of caffeine per fluid oz. This is considerably less caffeine than many other well-known Cold Brews available. But this isn’t just your average Cold Brew. Stumptown Coffee Roasters prides itself on delivering a full sensory experience to their coffee-lovers with their Cold Brews. Now you can feel alert and relaxed as you ground yourself with a more mindful approach to your morning coffee. We rush around so much all day every day. It’s encouraged to stop and smell the coffee. 


There is 247 mg of caffeine in Stumptown Cold Brew Oatly. Stumptown Coffee Roasters features Cold Brew coffees ranging from 8 fluid oz. to 11 fluid oz. The least caffeinated offerings are the 11 fluid oz. sized Cold Brews with Milk, Chocolate Milk, Winter Cheer, Chocolate Oatly, and Horchata Oatly, all with 247 mg of caffeine each. The most caffeinated Stumptown Cold Brew product is the 8 fluid oz. serving of Cold Brew concentrate with 470 mg of caffeine (2).

There is 330 mg of caffeine in Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew for a can of 11 fluid oz. This drink contains 30 mg of caffeine per fluid oz., or 240 mg of caffeine in 8 fluid oz. For comparison, Death Wish Cold Brew’s caffeine content amounts to 300 mg of caffeine in a can of 8 fluid oz. (3). Chameleon Cold Brew’s caffeine content nearly doubles Death Wish’s, featuring 520 mg of caffeine per bottle of 8 fluid oz. On the other hand, the caffeine content of Starbucks Nitro cold brew is 215 mg/12 fluid oz.

Cold brew does not necessarily have a lot of caffeine. On average, 8 fluid oz. of Cold Brew coffee has 100 mg of caffeine, roughly equal to the amount of caffeine in a similarly sized hot cup of coffee. The amount of caffeine in coffee for Cold Brews depends on the quantity and type of coffee beans, their grind size, brewing time, serving size, and water temperature used (4).

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