How to Make A Coconut Latte

Who doesn’t love coconut?

In recent years, coconut has really taken the culinary world by storm. And with good reason...it’s delicious. You can get coconut oil, milk, water, extract, chips, flakes – the list goes on!  

You might think coconut has been done from every angle. But if you’re thinking that, you’re wrong. We’re about to hit you with a fresh, new angle that will satisfy your coconut cravings like they’ve never been satisfied before.

Drum roll, please!

We’d like to introduce you to the Coconut Latte.

A great drink to make at home on a cold winter’s day or a cool fall morning – or really any time you’re craving some coconut with a caffeine kick – this one is sure to leave your tastebuds a-tingling!

Coconut Latte

In recent years, coconut has really taken the culinary world by storm. And with good reason! This Coconut Latte recipe is a fresh, new angle on the classic latte that will satisfy your coconut cravings/

Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword coconut latte recipe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 225 kcal


  • 1-2 shots espresso (or strong brewed coffee)
  • 4-6 oz milk
  • coconut sugar (plus more for garnish)
  • coconut syrup
  • toasted coconut
  • whisk
  • saucepan
  • pint jar with lid


  1. Prepare the espresso or strong brewed coffee

  2. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of the coconut syrup to the coffee

  3. Froth or whisk the milk and add it to the coffee/coconut syrup mixture

  4. As a final touch, sprinkle a little bit of coconut sugar and coconut flakes on top of your latte foam

Recipe Notes

The entire recipe makes 1 latte. However, the syrup part of the recipe makes enough for 12-24 lattes.

How to Make Your Coconut Latte

We’ve split up the list of things you’ll need into two parts. First, we’ll walk you through how to make the syrup. Once that’s sorted, we’ll go through the steps to make the perfect coconut latte!

The entire recipe makes 1 latte. However, the syrup part of the recipe makes enough for 12-24 lattes. So once you’ve got your syrup made, all you need to do is get it out whenever you want a latte!

Ready to do this? Let’s go! Once you’ve got your ingredients pulled together, set aside the stuff for the latte. We’ll get to that shortly.

First, we’ll be putting together the syrup!

What You'll Need For The Syrup

Other items:

  • Whisk
  • Saucepan
  • Pint jar with lid

Instructions For The Syrup

  • Step #1. Mix the ingredients. Start by adding the coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut sugar together into your saucepan.
  • Step #2. Heat it up! Whisk the concoction on medium heat until the sugar dissolves and the mixture begins to bubble. Remove it from the heat and let it cool off.
  • Step #3. Pour It and Store It! Pour the cooled liquid into the pint jar and seal it up. Keep it refrigerated in between uses.

Now that you’ve got your syrup made and safely stored in the fridge, it’s time to bust out your coffee making equipment!

Step #1. Prep Your Coffee

Action shot of espresso machine

You have a few options here.

Ideally, you have an espresso maker sitting there at home. If you do, fire it up and brew a shot or two!

If you don’t have an espresso machine, though, don’t panic! You can always make some Moka coffee using a Moka pot or even just a really strong batch of coffee using a French press or a Chemex.

It’s not technically a latte at that point, but it’s pretty close.

Step #2. Add the Coconut Syrup

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of your fancy new coconut syrup to your coffee.

This is a “to preference” thing, as the amount you add will affect both the sweetness and the concentration of coconut flavor.

PRO TIP - As with many things, less is more. Particularly when you are new to this recipe, start with a single tablespoon of syrup and add more until you find the perfect amount!

Step #3. Whisk the Milk

Once again, if you’ve got that espresso machine, great! Froth that milk up!

Of course, if you happen to have a latte machine, this would be easily done (we have a complete review of the best latte machines here).

If you don’t, simply pour your milk into a saucepan on medium heat and whisk it briskly and constantly as it heats up. This method is a bit labor intensive, but eventually, you will have some nicely frothed milk!

PRO TIP - Lattes are not cappuccinos (as you no doubt know!). The latter requires quite a bit more frothing, but milk for a latte does not need to be super thick. Just froth the milk until it is thick enough to stick lightly to the edge of the pan when sloshed around.

If you’re a fan of life hacks, here’s a video that offers a third way to froth the milk using nothing more than a French press (the milk frothing starts at about three minutes in – but we recommend warming the milk on a stove, not the microwave)!

Step #4. Pour the Milk

This can be as simple as adding the milk to the coffee/coconut syrup mixture.

But if you want to put your barista skills to the test, you can set yourself a challenge to make some latte art!

Step #5. Add A Garnish or Two! (Optional)

If you’re a fan of garnishes, there are a couple of finishing touches you can add, especially if you’re serving this to others...or you’re going to take a selfie with it and want to WOW your friends online.

One option is to sprinkle a little bit of coconut sugar on top of your latte foam. Another is to add some coconut flakes.

Or… add both!

PRO TIP - If you want to add coconut flakes, consider toasting them first!

One last suggestion is to get some tiny cocktail umbrellas to give your coconut/coffee concoction a truly tropical flare!

The Verdict on Coconut Lattes

While coconut has been used in all sorts of ways in recent years, using it in a latte is something unique, special, and downright delicious!

If you agree, comment and let us know! Also, please share the post.

Let’s get the word out on a coconut recipe that is head and shoulders above the rest!

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