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8 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands (Bold In Flavor And Easy On The Stomach)

The acids in coffee are what give it the bright, tart flavors that many find so appealing. But for those with sensitivities, they can also lead to heartburn, acid reflux or tooth decay.

To ensure that no one is deprived of a delicious morning brew a niche market of purveyors offering low acid coffees has emerged. They’re offering coffees that save your stomach without sacrificing the bold flavors you know and love.


Medium Roast by Lifeboost Coffee

Low Acidity; High Flavor

Low acid coffees are often criticized for lacking flavor; but not this single origin bean from Nicaragua. 100% certified organic, ethically sourced, spring water washed and sun dried beans. Handpicked the mountains of Nicaragua and processed in a way that is easy on the stomach with huge flavor.

Acidity is measured on the pH scale, which ranges from 0 (extremely acidic) to 14 (extremely basic) with pure water falling square in the middle at 7. For reference, most coffees typically (1) come in around 5 on the scale which is actually less acidic than juices like orange (3 – 4) or cranberry (2 – 3). Surprisingly, darker roasts often have less acid than lighter.

PRO TIP: You can reduce acidity even further by cold brewing your coffee.

If you have a favorite coffee but you want to tone down the acid, take a look at our article on coffee acidity where you’ll find some tips. But if you’re looking for a cup of joe that’s known to have less acid naturally here’s a list of eight beans that fit the bill.

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Puroast Organic House Blend
  • 70% lower in acid than traditional coffees
  • Certified Kosher
  • Cheapest option on the list
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Java Planet Organic Medium Dark Roast
  • Pesticide-free beans
  • Medium to very dark roast
  • Certified Bird Friendly
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Mommee Coffee Half Caff Coffee
  • Organic Certified
  • Low in chlorogenic acid
  • Wide range of choices
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Lifeboost Low Acid (organic)
  • 100% Organic and Pesticide Free
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Light/Medium/Dark Roast available
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Tieman’s Fusion Coffee
  • Beans mixed with antioxidants
  • Can be pre-ground or whole bean
  • Full-bodied taste
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Low Acid Coffee Blend (Volcanica)
  • Easy on the stomach with full flavor
  • Guaranteed Freshness
  • Made from low altitude Arabicas
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Komodo Dragon Coffee (Volcanica)
  • Medium Roast
  • Chocolate, floral and woody taste
  • Guaranteed Freshness
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Hawaiian Kona (Volcanica)
  • Complex, rich, and winy taste
  • Extra Fancy
  • Guaranteed Freshness

1. Puroast Organic House Blend


  • 70% lower in acid than traditional coffees
  • 5 times higher in antioxidants than regular coffee
  • One of the few certified Kosher options
  • Backed by scientific research
  • The least expensive option on the list


  • Some report a bitter or bland flavor
  • Large volume pre-ground bags are prone to going stale

Puroast Coffee’s founders set out to create a brew that met certain taste qualities – savory, rich and smooth – and stumbled upon the remarkably low acidity of the resultant brew as a side benefit. They source their beans from Venezuela and favor a dark French Roast. (Wondering what French Roast means? We’ve got the answer here.)

Puroast low-acid coffee uses wood-fired roasting, the way coffee growers themselves enjoy the fruits of their labor. The result is a coffee that claims to deliver dark, bold flavors while being 70% lower in acid than competitors, as well as 5 times higher in antioxidants.

In a unique and highly-regarded move, they even recruited a research scientist to lend credence to their claims. If you suffer from ulcers, heartburn or acid reflux, this is a product you can trust.

2. Java Planet Organic Medium Dark Roast


  • Offered in a variety of roasts from medium to very dark
  • The date of roasting is labeled on every bag to ensure freshness
  • Exclusive use of pesticide-free Arabica beans
  • Certified bird friendly


  • Flavors can be bland or muted in a lighter roast without acid
  • Not available pre-ground for those without access to a grinder

Java Planet Organic Coffee is a great option for those looking for a low acid product with a lighter roast. While most low acid offerings favor a dark roast to further remove tartness, many consumers find dark roasts too bitter. Java Planet offers a medium (along with dark, French, and espresso) roast in order to appeal to all palates.

The other major selling point of Java Planet beans is their commitment to including the date of roasting on every bag of beans. This ensures that you know precisely how fresh the product is.

They source their exclusively Arabica beans from Guatemala where they are shade grown without the use of pesticides. The flavors of the medium roast coffee are described as floral and chocolate, with notes of caramel and allspice wrapped up in a dark chocolate and pecan finish.

Java Planet also carries the certified USDA Organic label, which we cover in detail in our article on organic coffee beans.

3. Mommee Coffee Half Caff Organic Coffee


  • Beans are available in a range of caffeine content
  • A water processing method avoids the use of any harsh chemicals
  • Particularly low in acid reflux-causing chlorogenic acid


  • One of the more expensive options on the list
  • Dark roasts with low acid content can be burnt-tasting

Mommee Coffee is marketed towards women in all stages of child-bearing. From trying to conceive through pregnancy and breastfeeding, women are often advised to limit caffeine and take dietary precautions as stomachs can be more sensitive. It was devised by a pregnant woman to fill a void she found in the coffee market. Which is not to say that men and women in any life-phase can’t enjoy it!

Mommee Coffee is processed using a water method that promises to avoid the use of harsh chemicals during decaffeination. Additionally, it is certified USDA organic, fair trade and low in acid making it an ideal guilt-free choice. The company offers a range of caffeine choices — decaf, quarter-caf, half-caf, and full caf — but the half-caf is popular for striking the right balance between energy and sensitivity.

The beans have been tested and found to have acid levels five times lower than commonly available coffees. They are particularly low in chlorogenic acid, which is considered the major contributor to acid reflux.

4. Lifeboost Coffee Organic Medium Roast


  • 100% Certified Organic, and pesticide free
  • Very Low Acidity Levels
  • Fair Trade, Ethically Produced Coffee
  • Tastes Amazing


  • Ugly packaging
  • Often out of Stock

When you buy Lifeboost Coffee’s Low Acid Organic coffee you’re buying some of the healthiest and most sustainable coffee money can buy.

Sitting 5700 feet above sea level in the lush green rain-forest of the Nicaraguan Highlands sits a tiny 6 acre farm. The soil is pristine (almost untouched) the rivers are full of natural minerals, and here, under the canopy of humongous guava trees grows a gorgeous, high-quality single origin gourmet coffee.

The coffee plants are harvested by the smiling local farmers; washed with local chemical free spring water, then dried naturally in the clean fresh sunlight.

And since you’re looking for Low acid (but high flavor) coffee; you’re in for a treat. Sitting at a PH level of just 6.0 (water being 7.0) means these beans will not give you any of the uncomfortable side effects that usually come with regular coffee.

Acidity test PH of coffee
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Lifeboost offers their Acidity test results on their website for all to see.

These beans are available in a range or roasts and flavors, but are limited in supply so see if you can grab some by checking out their store here. A great option low acid coffee in 2020. Here’s what Scott said when he tried them:

5. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee


  • More anti-oxidants than pure coffee.
  • The teas and Goji berry additives provide health benefits beyond simply low acidity.
  • Available either pre-ground or as a whole bean.
  • A rich, full-bodied taste and creamy mouthfeel.


  • More expensive than pure coffee beans thanks to pricey additives.
  • Big coffee fans will likely not enjoy the way the addition of tea influences the flavor.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee offers another blended option, in this case through the incorporation of Matcha Green Tea, Rooibos Red Tea, and Goji berry powders. As a starting point, they source 100% Arabica beans from Guatemala and Ecuador, with Colombian beans for great balance. Then they optimally blend and roast them for a low acid brew.

The addition of Matcha green tea is said to boost energy for 5 -7 hours, the Rooibos Red Tea settles the stomach, and Goji berry powders offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee offers five times the body’s daily requirements for anti-oxidant protection.

They pride themselves on still offering a delicious brew that is “coffee first”. This is a drink that was designed with coffee lovers in mind and the additives are there to enhance, rather than mask, the delicious natural coffee flavors.

6. Volcanica Low Acid Coffee Blend (Our Top Pick!)

BEST SUITED FOR: The adventurous coffee drinker who wants a change from strictly single origin bean brewing, but who requires that low acidity, gentle-on-the-stomach experience.


  • High-quality beans sourced from Arabica plants from regions including Brazil and Sumatra
  • A low acid blend. This one is gentle on the stomach but impressively maintains a full flavor profile at the same time.
  • Guaranteed freshness. Volcanica only roasts coffees after you place your order
  • Affordable option


  • To some, a blend is not as desirable as pure, single origin beans
  • Taste can be less predictable with a blend

This delightful Low Acid Coffee Blend comes from Volcanica Coffee – a leading online coffee bean company that supplies some of the finest gourmet coffees on the market. Volcanica’s large variety of whole bean options are sourced from the best growing regions around the world, and especially those defined by rich, volcanic growing soil – a condition renowned for yielding incredibly high-quality beans.

The blend itself is made from beans that are naturally low in acidity, which brings the added benefit of not needing to be darkly roasted to achieve that low acid label. The beans are sourced from Arabica varietals in lower altitude growing regions like Brazil and Sumatra. These factors allow this exquisite blend to deliver a unique flavor profile that is both scrumptiously low-key and naturally gentle on your stomach.

7. Volcanica Komodo Dragon Coffee

BEST SUITED FOR: Anyone looking for a mellow coffee from an elite coffee-growing region… and who doesn’t want to break the bank in the process.


  • A low acid coffee that delivers floral, chocolate, and woody notes
  • Guaranteed freshness. Volcanica only roasts coffees after you place your order
  • Pure Komodo beans. Not part of a “Komodo blend”
  • Very well priced


  • Earthier coffee means it may not be desirable for those looking for a brighter flavor

Of course, Volcanica coffee doesn’t stop at their Low Acid Coffee Blend. This high-quality company has some other excellent low acid options to choose from. Case in point: Komodo Dragon Coffee.

Komodo dragons – the largest lizards in the world – live freely on the Indonesian island of Komodo and Flores. But they aren’t the only amazing thing coming from the island paradise. Volcanica’s Komodo Dragon coffee beans grow from the abundance of fertile, volcanic soil present there. They are medium roasted, wet-hull processed, and notably lower in acidity – an attribute that is accentuated by the processing method.

The flavor profile includes floral, chocolate, and woody notes, and to top it all off, our friends at Volcanica have managed to keep them available at a very reasonable price.

8. Volcanica Hawaiian Kona

BEST SUITED FOR: The avid coffee enthusiast looking for low acidity coffee beans grown in one of the most elite regions in the world.


  • A low acid coffee with a complex and rich taste
  • Extra Fancy. This is the highest grade of Hawaiian coffee in existence.
  • Guaranteed freshness
  • Volcanica only roasts their beans after you place your order.
  • Pure Kona beans. Not part of a “Kona blend”.


  • Can be very expensive

If you’re a fan of supporting a “grown in the U.S.” coffee experience, or if you just want to experience some of the best coffee in the world, another excellent Volcanica option is Hawaiian Kona. Defying the company’s typical desire for high altitude beans, it falls in line with the volcanic soil part of the deal, as it’s grown in the rich earth of the Hawaiian islands – a region that has become famous for its exceptional coffees grown at low altitudes.

These particular beans are grown on the slopes of Kona, a district on the Big Island of Hawaii. The climate on these slopes is absolutely ideal for coffee plants, with a mild climate year-round and protection from the hot sun – these beans are actually Shade Grown – ensuring that the coffee trees are in the ultimate environment for growing low acid coffee.

These beans are classified as “Extra Fancy”, which is the highest category out of the 8 different levels of quality for Kona beans. It is also guaranteed to be “pure Hawaiian Kona Coffee,” meaning it hasn’t been “watered down” by other inferior beans in a blend. The beans are dry-processed and medium roasted, delivering very gentle hints of acidity and silkiness. Flavor notes include floral, fruity, and citrusy elements, along with an undercurrent of caramel and nuts.


All of the options reviewed in this article are great for certain subsets of the population. But if you’re looking for an all-around pleaser with low acid and great flavor, opt for Volcanica Coffee’s Low Acid Blend. Their ability to offer a variety of roasts shows their faith in the quality and flavor of their beans. And their commitment to roasting beans only before they are shipped guarantees the freshness of the coffee arriving at your doorstep!


Now that you’ve selected the right beans, learn how to brew with them with your brewer of choice. If you enjoyed this round-up, please share it with your friends.

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