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The LuxHaus Espresso Tamper Review

If baristas are the superheroes of your morning, quality espresso tampers are their often-overlooked sidekicks. A well-crafted tamper makes a huge difference when brewing espresso. Let’s see if the LuxHaus coffee tamper could be your next coffee sidekick and help you unlock the true potential of your fine coffee grounds.

Summary: The LuxHaus Tamper

the Luxhaus coffee tamper
  • Made of high-quality food safe stainless steel
  • Available in 4 different sizes to fit most espresso machines
  • Features a calibrated compression mechanism

When fully compressed, the coffee grounds in the porta filter are compacted with consistent pressure every time – the perfect tamp for the best tasting espresso possible.

– LuxHaus

The Luxhaus Espresso Tamper Review

The LuxHaus Flat Tamper is a state of the art tool with high-end design and a surprisingly reasonable price point. An excellent brewing companion for coffee lovers from beginners to expert baristas, the calibration and well-made body allow you to tamp to perfection every time you brew.

The LuxHaus Espresso Tamper Review
  • Build Quality
  • Tamping
  • Style
  • Value For Money

Build Quality – 4/5

This tamper features an ergonomic handle made of BPA-free plastic and a flat stainless steel base: it is completely food-safe and it hasn’t got any coating, ensuring that the final taste of your espresso shot isn’t compromised during tamping. The high-quality steel is rust-free, meaning you can tamp to your heart’s content without worrying about deteriorating material.

Unlike with cheaper stainless steel tampers, you won’t run the risk of small metal flakes ending up in your coffee over time.

When it comes to size, sometimes people mistakenly assume that any coffee tamper will fit their portafilter and end up investing in one that doesn’t fit. What we like the most about the LuxHaus is that it caters for pretty much every type of portafilter since it’s available in four different sizes: 49mm, 51mm, 53mm, and the industry-standard 58 mm. (1)

Make sure you measure the portafilter of your espresso machine before selecting the size, as a couple of millimeters can really make the difference and spoil your coffee!

Tamping – 5/5

It only takes a quick look at the sophisticated design of the LuxHaus to see that they’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring a premium tamping experience. (2)

Tamping—like grinding and dosing before it—requires consistency.

The calibrated compression mechanism of the LuxHaus tamper utilizes a linear spring and is pressure-sensitive, always resulting in a smooth and effective tamp. Although the LuxHaus, weighs a little less than 1 lb, its state of the art calibration makes sure you apply the ideal 30 lbs. of pressure to your grinds. This, combined with the ergonomic handle and the precision of the flat stainless steel base, translates into consistent and even espresso extraction.

some features of the Luxhaus

Style – 5/5

While the most important thing for a quality tamper is to be functional, who doesn’t secretly enjoy having something to show off on their kitchen counter?

With its modern design, the LuxHaus is certainly eye-catching and will bring some sophisticated barista vibes into your kitchen.

Should you need to store it in a drawer instead, you’ll be happy to know that the LuxHaus comes in an elegant red velvet pouch, which also makes it a perfect gift for your fellow coffee lovers.

a coffee tamper on a red cloth

Value For Money – 4/5

Despite its professionally calibrated mechanism, the LuxHaus falls in the mid-price range of our favorite coffee tampers. Considering its high-quality and reasonable price point, this tamper can save you both money and time, lasting for years, whereas other flimsy models can break and need replacing prematurely. Furthermore, the elevated quality of coffee produced by a consistent, even tamp will likely save you the money you would ordinarily spend at the coffee house, why go out when the coffee is better at home?!

Compressing Coffee

Things we liked:

  • Calibrated to always apply 30 lb pressure
  • Good value for money
  • Eye-catching modern design
  • Available in 4 sizes

Things we didn’t like:

  • Can’t adjust from 30 lb pressure
  • Not available with a convex base

Do Not Buy The LuxHaus Coffee Tamper If…

You’re on the convex-base team – The flat or convex argument, like any great rivalry, is based on real value delivered by both sides. While some baristas prefer flat tampers, some others insist that a convex base like the Benicci, which we reviewed in this post, does a better job of preventing channeling. (3) However, if you fell in love with the idea of owning a calibrated compression tamper but prefer a convex base, we have good news for you: the Espro Calibrated Tamper, which is available in different sizes and flat as well as convex base options, is quite comparable to the LuxHaus and will serve you well. Check out our full review of the Espro right here.

You want a cheaper (or more colorful) option – The Rattleware Espresso Tamper is a few bucks cheaper than the Luxhaus but if you don’t want to spend more than $20 on your flat tamper, we think you’re gonna love the Zoie + Chloe Tamper. Ergonomic and featuring a smooth design, this good-quality budget option is available in blue, red or rose gold. Definitely a stylish and eye-catching tamper!

You own a coffee shop – Skilled baristas can tamper grounds multiple times a day without a sweat. But if your cafe serves around 100 espresso shots per day, then getting a Puqpress tamper could be a good idea. Read our Puqpress automatic tamper review to learn more.

The Verdict

With its calibrated design and flat stainless steel base, the LuxHaus is a good-quality tamper that will allow you to apply the correct amount of pressure without too much effort, thanks to its ergonomic design. Available in 4 different sizes, it caters to pretty much any espresso machine and will ensure a consistent and even extraction. The adorable red velvet pouch is also a plus!

the lux haus

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