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The Editorial Team & Marketing Team

The editorial team at Home Grounds handles the primary task of researching, writing, reviewing, publishing and fact checking coffee brewing guides and reviews into easily digestible guides.

Deb Das – French Press Fanatic & Community Manager

I'm as passionate about coffee as I am about writing/editing. My interest in coffee started in late 2015 when I quit my day job as an engineer and started traveling. During my stay in Bali, I enjoyed having fresh Balinese coffee every morning. I loved its rich taste and heady aroma. After returning home, the first coffee I had was a Nescafe, and I immediately spat it out. Since then, I have been on a journey to learn about all aspects of coffee – from bean to cup.

For the last three and a half years, I've been religiously brewing coffee every morning in my trusty Aeropress. In this time, I've also self-published my sci-fi novel, written spec scripts (for film, TV, and games), and completed 100+ scuba dives.

Brewing methods of choice:  “I love the inverted Aeropress method of brewing coffee because I can brew a cup fast without compromising on the taste and body (for which I use an Able fine metal filter). Even the cleanup process is swift.”

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steven Holm – Barista, Roaster, Video Content Creator.

My coffee journey began in 2014 when I found a $2 espresso machine at a thrift store and instantly fell in love with the process. I’ve done a bit of everything in the coffee industry ranging from barista, roaster, green coffee buyer, quality control and business owner. As I’ve found another love for Videography more recently, I have the unique opportunity to make videos that I wish would have existed when I first began in coffee!

Outside of Homegrounds, I love traveling the world with my wife. We move across the United States every few months with our dog, Leo, and spend as much time outdoors as possible!

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Scott Fisher – Manual Espresso Master, Video Content Creator.

With passions revolving around food, wine, travel, and automotive subjects, Scott has traveled extensively through North America and Europe, exploring food and drink pairings around the world. His love of coffee began in his teens when a friend's family introduced him to the glories of the classic Italian Moka pot. That technology got him through too many early-morning final exams in college and eventually led to a manual espresso machine after graduation.

As a weekly restaurant columnist on the San Francisco peninsula during the 1990s, Scott delved into the Bay Area's long-standing coffee tradition, making friends with and interviewing the top roasters. While his love of dark-roasted, full-flavored beans has never abated, he also fell in love with single-origin, lighter coffees, relying on the classic Chemex before the words “pour over” had officially been joined.

Brewing methods of choice:  “I've used the classic Chemex as my primary brew method since the late 1980s; the rich, textured cup that a Chemex produces is highly satisfying.”

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Giada nizzoli – Poet, Espresso Critic, Content creator & Product Researcher.

“I’m an Italian based in the rainy UK, I love the Oxford comma, and I have ink and coffee in my veins—not literally, or I’d be dead by now.

The highlights of my career as related to coffee? Well, I enjoyed working as a barista in small independent cafés for two years, including my final year at university: I think that’s when my coffee-addiction started. I’ve also been using a traditional moka pot for years without making it explode—unlike my boyfriend—and I’ve recently fallen hopelessly in love with the Kalita Wave ?

Brewing methods of choice:“The Kalita Wave, because it’s practical, it gives you complete control over the brewing process, and it’s so versatile (although I do have a soft spot for moka pots… I am Italian, after all)”

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Evan meehan – Content creator, Product researcher.

I can sum up myself in a few words: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu aficionado, food lover, historian, traveler, and coffee drinker.

Whenever possible, I combine as many of these elements together: traveling to far flung locations, with great food, some mats to train on, and coffee to keep me going. The history is always there – its just a matter of finding it.

Unless I’m doing multi-day backpacking hikes, I always travel with a portable espresso maker…and there have been a few multi-day hikes where I’ve snuck it into my pack anyway. Starting my day with an espresso or three after sleeping on the ground is the best way to feel human again.

Brewing methods of choice:  “Espresso is my first and truest coffee love. It can do everything. Drink it by itself, with milk, with ice, with hot water, with icecream, with Fernet, with honey, with sugar…the possibilities are endless and each is uniquely delicious.”

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Jaron Pak – Contributing writer

From an early beginning working in construction and traveling to completing his degree in Entrepreneurship, Jaron has spent the last decade working in sales, marketing, and writing about everything from coffee to, history, education, movie reviews and more.

While he lives and breathes to write, he also enjoys experiencing life with his wife and three kids, reading, podcasts, playing music of all kinds – from guitar and piano to bass and bagpipes – soccer, and DIY home projects on his 200-year-old-farmhouse. For him, a perfect blend of adventure, imagination, and dependability are the name of the game.

Coffee of choice – “Sumatra beans, medium-dark roast brewed in my well-worn Chemex with a splash of cream.”

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Erin Stone – Marketing

Erin Stone loves clean-eating, surfing (paddle-boarding, mixed martial arts and sustainable building (Earthships in particular). After spending years living and working in the Australian country with rural-land property developments he came to immerse himself in online marketing and advertising.

You can find Erin working hard (when he's not getting barrelled) to promote content from and spreading the word about drinking great coffee.

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Alex Azoury – Aeropress Hero, Head of sales, Marketing and partnerships

After graduating from the University of Technology (Sydney) with a Business Degree he studied and practiced in the building industry as a carpenter – followed by a long period of world travel. Versatility and life experience is the name of the game.

After becoming a Barista in 2014, his love for coffee pushed him to start writing and editing for, where his passion for coffee grew.

Coffee of choice: “V60 pour over coffee with a single origin bean from central America”

Email me at

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