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Moustache coffee club subscription review

Moustache Coffee Club fills a distinct niche in the coffee subscription market. They specialize in roasting single origin specialty coffee and delivering it to your doorstep, impeccably fresh.

If unique and subtle flavors that characterize the coffee beans from a particular region are what you love about coffee, you’ll love the Moustache Coffee Club. Keep reading this review to get all the useful details.

moustache coffee club review


Moustache Coffee Company gets you the coffee as fresh as you’ll probably ever get with a subscription service.

The Moustache Coffee Club Review

There are so many coffee subscription boxes available these days. It can feel impossible to decide between them. This review has all the details on what makes this coffee club unique, so you can decide if this is the best coffee subscription box.

The Moustache Coffee Club Review
  • Coffee Selection
  • Membership Options
  • Price
  • Overall Experience

Coffee Selection – 3.5/5

Moustache Coffee Club specializes solely in single origin specialty coffees, which they source from around the world. Their origin variety is impressive. You could be drinking a Kenyan cup of coffee one week and Sumatran the next. And each bag of coffee beans arrives with an information card with particulars about the origin and growing conditions, tasting notes and brewing suggestions.

However, unlike other coffee subscriptions, like Crema.co, they roast all of their coffees in-house. Rather than sourcing from a variety of roasters. This process puts a natural limit on their selection. 

Furthermore, you won’t find any blends here. Nor will you see a lot of variation when it comes to roast level, with most of their offerings falling on the lighter end of the roast spectrum, as typically befits their beans’ character (1).

Moustache Coffee Club beans and post card

Membership Options – 4/5

There are a few basic options to select when setting up your subscription, including whether you want a 6oz bag or a 12oz bag of coffee at a time and if you’d like it delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

But the real fun starts when it comes to choosing your coffee. You can do this in two ways. You can use their website to see what’s currently available and make your selection that way. Or, more interestingly, you can log in and rate how much you enjoyed each coffee you’ve received so far.

The Moustache Coffee Club will use patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology to learn your preferences and curate your subscription coffee accordingly.

The more coffees you rate, the more it learns, which means that the longer you maintain your subscription, the better the AI will get at sending you coffees you’re sure to love.

Price – 5/5

For $12 to $22, the price of this subscription box is very reasonable, particularly for such good coffee. But the additional perks and incentives they offer make it a great value.

Most innovatively, they provide a Starbucks gift card exchange. If you’ve been gifted a Starbucks card by a well-meaning friend or relative who knows you love coffee, you can trade it in for an equal amount of money towards your subscription. The chances are that if you’re a fan of the light roast coffees offered by Moustache, you’re an infrequent Starbucks customer, and this is a great way to keep that gift from going to waste.

Another nice bonus? If you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription, they’ll send you a Chemex brewer for free. This adds value to your subscription, but it ensures you have the perfect tool to brew the coffee beans you receive, as pour over is a favored method for brewing these beans.

They also offer a referral program wherein if you sign a friend up for Moustache. You’ll both receive $10 off your first shipment.

If you reside within the U.S., you can participate in a free trial period. They’ll ship you 6 ounces of coffee at no cost, so you can be sure you like this style of coffee before you commit. U.S. residents also get free delivery on all shipments.

Overall Experience – 4/5

One of the most impressive features of this coffee subscription is its commitment to delivering the beans as fresh as possible from the roaster. They often arrive so soon after roasting that they’re not even ready to be brewed for a day or two. As coffee lovers know, coffee beans continue to degas after roasting, only reaching optimum brewing quality after a few days (2).

The gas still being released is an indicator of freshness, but when it is too fresh it prevents the coffee grounds from being fully extracted.

Moustache has even coined the tongue-in-cheek term “Best After Date,” because each coffee you receive will be labeled with both its roasting date and the date at which it’s ready to be brewed.

Overall, the Moustache does an excellent job of filling its niche within the coffee subscription box market. Because they are so specialized, they won’t be for everyone, but if freshly roasted single origin specialty coffee is your ultimate brew, you will find no better coffee subscription.

A chemex and a cup of coffee

Do Not Buy If….

If you prefer blends, this is not the subscription for you (3). Instead, please take a look at our Peet’s coffee review for a great alternative.

You prefer medium and dark roasts. – Most Moustache coffees are lightly roasted. Check out our Driftaway Coffee review or the ever-popular Atlas Coffee Club if you prefer a variety of roasts.

You want to try multiple coffees at a time. – Each shipment from Moustache Coffee Club contains one bag of beans. If you prefer a subscription that lets you sample different coffees, the Angels’ Cup coffee subscription might better meet your needs.

The Verdict

We love the Moustache Coffee Club for their great coffee, incredible freshness, and great value-added perks. Though they only offer one style of coffee, this specialization allows them to provide remarkably high quality. If your favorite brew is a light roast specialty coffee, you’re going to feel like this coffee subscription has been created just for you.


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