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Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews [2019]

Are you BORED with the Mr. Coffee pot that you’ve had for the last decade? Are you BROKE from spending all of your hard earned cash at the coffee shop every morning?

If so, you are in luck. The Ninja Coffee bar is changing the way we brew coffee at home. These are some of the most popular home coffee brewers today.

Read on to find out why and to get some help in choosing the one that is best for you.

TOP PICK: Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System (CF091)

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

This Ninja brewer allows you to brew as much as you want using all 5 brew methods in all sizes for either a single cup or full pot. It also has a built-in milk frother and heating plate.

This one has more flexibility compared to the other machines.

Overall, it gives an incredible value to your money, that's why we've chosen this as our top pick!

What’s So Special About Ninja?

You may be wondering what we are even talking about.

While these function like other drip coffee makers, Ninjas are some of the most unique coffee machines because they have so many brewing options, all neatly packaged in one machine.

Let’s dive into the features of Ninja coffee machines, and then we’ll help you decide which one is right for you.

Options, Options, Options

One of the main reasons people choose Ninja is variety.

Each brewer listed here can brew coffee in 4 DIFFERENT WAYS, and some of them have 5 CHOICES for your daily dose. 

Every Ninja coffee machine can brew classic, rich, over ice, and specialty. The bonus brew is cafe forte that only a few models feature. Let’s take a quick look at each brewing method.

  • Classic - The coffee you already know and love. It’s smooth and balanced for daily sipping.
  • Rich - Richer than classic, the flavors of your coffee will be more pronounced and will hold up to milk or added flavor much better.
  • Iced - Brew hot on top of ice for a refreshing iced coffee that is not watered down. There are so many things you can do with iced coffee from your Ninja brewer.
  • Specialty - A concentrate similar to traditional espresso at your favorite coffee shop. This concentrate is intended to make a great latte or even a frozen, blended beverage.
  • Cafe forte - If you want the most out of your coffee, you want cafe forte. This method is designed to bring out the most lively, complex characteristics of the coffee allowing the coffee to shine. Forte produces a full-bodied cup of coffee that tastes great black or with some steamed milk.
varieties of the ninja coffee bar

Smart Water

Each of the Ninja brewers comes equipped with AUTO-IQ ONE TOUCH INTELLIGENCE.

What does this mean for you? Simply select the type of brew you would like along with the serving size and add the appropriate amount of coffee. The machine will automatically use the correct amount of water, pulled directly from the attached water reservoir.

No more measuring out water each time - simply fill the reservoir when it’s empty. If you are only brewing single cups, you won’t need to fill it every time. Furthermore, Ninja machines come with a clean light to tell you when it's time to remove nasty minerals from the water system, and a clean button that makes it easy.

Single Cups Without The Pods

Let’s face it, pods are bad for the environment and don’t produce the best-tasting coffee. The single cup brew feature on any of the Ninja machines is pod free. This allows you to use any type of ground coffee. Very convenient when compared to traditional single serve brewers.

Simply add ground coffee to the permanent filter (included), drop it in the brew basket, and hit the single cup button. After brewing, just dump the coffee grounds as you would with any coffee maker.

No plastic or foil heading to the landfill on behalf of your coffee. But you still get the one-cup convenience of a Keurig or Nespresso, in addition to getting great coffee.

Now that we’ve seen what these machines are capable of, let’s get specific. If you are ready to turn your kitchen into your personal cafe, we need to find you the perfect coffee maker.

The cool features of Ninja coffee bar

Not All Ninja Brewers Are Created Equal

Let’s take a look at some important things to consider when buying a new Ninja brewer.

How Much Coffee Do You Make?

Each machine is capable of making different brew sizes. How much do you make on a daily basis? Do you brew an entire pot of coffee every morning, or do you brew one cup at a time?

If you brew just 1-2 cups at a time, you can save money and get a less expensive machine.

But if you like the flexibility of brewing both a single cup and an entire pot, without needing 2 separate machines on your counter, you will probably have to spend a bit more.

Measurement of coffee

May The Froth Be With You

Wouldn’t it be cool if your coffee maker had a built-in milk frother? Well, some of these machines do! These built-in frothers work well in both hot and cold milk.

Get ready to take your coffee game to the next level. Just note that none of these frothers heat the milk. If you want hot milk, it must be heated separately. 

Limited Counter Space? Check The Specs Before You Buy

Unfortunately, counter space is not unlimited. No matter how large your kitchen is, there never seems to be enough space. That being said, do you have space for a larger machine on your counter?

You probably won’t tuck it away after every use since you will be using it every day (if not multiple times each day). Or will you have to opt for a smaller machine?

The size of each machine is listed below.

At the very least, you should measure the space between your counter and the upper cabinets to know if it will fit underneath.

Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews

Now that you know what to consider before buying a Ninja brewer, you may choose from our options here:

hg-table__imageNinja Coffee Bar CF112
  • Most affordable among the 3
  • Has a built-in milk frother
  • Uses a permanent filter
hg-table__imageNinja Coffee Bar CF080Z
  • Can brew enough coffee for a crowd or just a single cup
  • Glass carafe stays hot on heating plate for 2 hours
  • Has a permanent filter
hg-table__imageNinja Coffee Bar CF091
  • Can brew enough coffee for a crowd or just a single cup
  • 5 brew methods available in all sizes
  • Has a built-in milk frother

ninja coffee bar CF112

The single serve brewer is the entry-level Ninja coffee maker. It’s the least expensive but still packs in a ton of features. This machine has all 5 possible brew methods; classic, rich brew, over-ice, specialty and cafe forte. The Specialty brew pairs nicely with milk frothed using the built-in milk frother.

Though it’s a single serve brewer, you still have 4 size options; single cup, large cup, travel mug and multi-serve. You can brew for two, but it won’t make a full carafe. It even comes with a 22oz to-go tumbler that is suitable for both cold and hot coffee.

This machine comes in at 12.2 x 11 x 16.3 inches.


  • All 5 brew types included
  • Built-in milk frother for perfectly textured beverages
  • Affordable. Lowest price of the 3
  • Uses a permanent filter (can use paper filters as well)
  • Comes with a 22 oz to-go tumbler


  • Single serve; can’t brew an entire pot
  • Large machine considering the limited capacity

ninja coffee bar CF080Z

Brew coffee for a crowd or for yourself with this machine. It comes with a 43 oz glass carafe to brew your coffee into, allowing you to share with fellow coffee drinkers.

The Intelligent Warming Plate will keep your coffee hot for up to 2 hours. You can also buy the thermal carafe version if you prefer not to use a glass carafe on a heating plate, but it’s more expensive.

This machine also gives you the option of brewing just a single cup, with the perfect amount of water. Just hit the single cup button and you are good to go. The machine has only 4 brewing options, meaning it cannot create a cafe forte coffee.

It also does not have a built-in frother, though you can purchase one separately if you like.

The machine is 10.8 x 10.5 x 14.9 inches, making it the smallest on the list.


  • Brew enough coffee for a crowd or just a single cup
  • Glass carafe stays hot on the heating plate for 2 hours
  • Includes 18 oz to-go tumbler and reusable, permanent filter


  • Cannot brew cafe forte
  • Milk frother is not built into the machine

ninja coffee bar CF091

The final brewer on our list is the CF091. It is around the same price as #2, so we aren’t competing on price with this one. It is a similar build to the single serve machine, but it’s bigger and gives the option to brew a full carafe, a half carafe, or just a single cup.

With this one, however, you can brew using all 5 methods for either a single cup or a carafe, giving you more flexibility than the previous machines.

One slick feature: the drip stop lever, which allows you to grab a cup while brewing a larger amount without spilling hot coffee all over the counter.

The frother is built-in and the 10 cup glass carafe stays hot on the heating plate. This is also available with a thermal carafe, which is more expensive.

This machine is 15 x 11.3 x 16.3 inches, making it the largest of the 3.


  • Brew as much as you want. Single serve, half carafe, or full carafe brewing
  • All 5 brew methods available in all sizes
  • Built-in milk frother


  • Large machine takes up more precious counter space
  • Does not come with 'to go' tumbler

THE VERDICT: Which Is The Ninja Of All Ninjas?

Number 3, the CF091 takes the cake for us. With the most flexibility in brew methods and sizes, coffee lovers shouldn’t pass this one up. The perfect single cup brewing along with the option of brewing an entire carafe, hot, iced or cafe forte gives you incredible value.

ninja coffee bar CF091

UPDATE: We are currently looking at the Ninja Speciality coffee maker which is approved by the SCAA - review coming soon.

Have you ever used a Ninja coffee bar? Maybe it’s time you tried. Let us know how your coffee tastes and what brew method you use the most. If these Ninja brewers are not for you, check out other coffee makers here.


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