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The Beehouse Coffee Dripper Review

As the name suggests, pour over coffee is all about the pour. With some brewers you can get everything else right, but none of that matters if you screw up that first step.It is so meticulous that sometimes it’s downright depressing. But before you switch to Prozac to console yourself over another bad brew, consider […]

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The Hario Drip Pot Review – The Woodneck

I’ve heard a French woman refer to drip coffee as “piss water,” and though the French are terrible coffee brewers themselves (speaking from personal experience), I knew what she meant. Compared to espresso, drip coffee is very light.If espresso isn’t your game, yet you like a coffee with a bit more body, there’s the Hario […]

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Kalita Wave Review – Why We’re Smiling

Like an unstoppable wave, pour over is taking the coffee world by storm. Yet, between the overly difficult and the wannabes, it’s hard to find a manual dripper for the casual coffee connoisseur.Luckily we have the Kalita coffee dripper, a happy marriage between high-quality craft brewing and approachability. Continue on down for a closer look […]

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Hario V60 vs Chemex – Manual Drip Coffee Maker Showdown

Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Smooth, flavourful, and delicious is how many describe their favourite pour-over brew. This is why it’s no surprise that many are leaving bulky, mechanical Brewers to the coffee shops, and choosing pour-over brewers instead.Where there’s passion, there’s debate, and in the world of meticulous coffee aficionados and their pour-over brewers, it’s mostly […]

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