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Segafredo Coffee Review: We Tested It For You

The name Massimo Zanetti Beverage may not ring any bells for you, but they are responsible for some of the most enduring and beloved coffee brands. Chock full o’Nuts, Hills Bros. Coffee, Hawaiian Coffee, and today’s focus, Segafredo Zanetti, have been creating #segafredomoments for coffee lovers around the world for the past four generations.

Keep reading for Home Grounds’ in depth Segafredo Coffee review to see if it’s the right coffee for you.

Summary: Segafredo Coffee

Segafredo Zanetti Vivace Medium Roast (Ground)
  • Offers Arabica blends in whole-bean, ground, K-Cup pods, and espresso capsules
  • Coffees range from light to extra dark roasts
  • Tasting notes and flavors prominently displayed, so you’ll always know what you’re getting

I love this coffee! This roast is so smooth with no bitterness and such a great flavor.

– Meagan

The Full Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Review

If you’ve read through HomeGrounds’ list of the best coffee beans, then you’ll realize that Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans are prized for their balanced cup and complex, sweet flavors. Today, we’re testing one of the most well-respected Italian coffee brands that almost exclusively uses these coffee beans in their coffee blends: Segafredo Coffee.

So, is Segafredo coffee good? – From Espresso to K-Cup pods, they’ve got you covered. Keep reading this Segafredo Coffee beans review to find out why it may just be your new go-to brew.

Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Review
  • Coffee Quality and Flavor
  • Selection and Variety
  • Sustainability
  • Brewing Methods
Segafredo Zanetti Whole-Bean Enzo Dark Roast

Coffee Quality and Flavor – 4/5

Massimo Zanetti Beverage, Segafredo’s parent company, is dedicated to coffee bean quality, from bean to cup (1). With brands like Chock full o’Nuts, Hills Bros. Coffee, and Segafredo Zanetti in their portfolio, Massimo Zanetti offers coffee beans that are rich, smooth, and bold.

The exceptionally smooth and uniquely rich taste of Segafredo Zanetti® coffee is the product of four generations of Zanetti family coffee expertise and passion.

In particular, Segafredo Zanetti coffee beans are made with different blends of Arabica varieties and cultivars from Brazil and Colombia. Each roast level has been carefully crafted to bring out the best cup profile for the varieties and cultivars used to make them. 

But out of the samples we’ve brewed, we found the pre-ground Segafredo Vivace to be exceptionally smooth. It’s a medium roast with chocolate, honey, lemon, and blackberry notes. When we used the Aeropress inverted method, the Segafredo Vivace was medium-bodied with a mild, lingering acidity.

Segafredo Vivace is exceptionally smooth.

But this Segafredo coffee review wouldn’t be complete without a suitably bold Segafredo Zanetti coffee for your espresso. And the whole-bean, Colombian-Brazilian Enzo blend is the unparalleled complement to the richest, most velvety cappuccinos. 

With bold, dark chocolate, and caramel notes, this blend produced excellent crema in our Breville Infuser and left a syrupy, velvety body on the palate and sweet, caramelized finish.

Selection and Variety – 3.5/5

Segafredo coffees come in whole beans, pre-ground coffee, Nespresso capsules, Segafredo Espresso 1 Brewer capsules, Segafredo  coffee pods, and larger quantities for wholesale.

Nespresso Capsules

While you can find almost all their varieties in every form factor, there are some coffee blends that are exclusive to their Nespresso capsule product line. 

Their medium roast Sinfonia is only available as a Nespresso capsule and does not disclose the types of coffee beans used to formulate this blend.

However, it is compatible with Nespresso Original machines.

Segafredo Coffee pods

Their selection of Keurig 2.0-compatible K-Cup pods come in a wide array of flavors. Though all of them have the same characteristic boldness and smoothness that Segafredo is known for, the Crescendo medium roast was our favorite during our taste tests because of its vibrant fruitiness. With notes of dark cherry and raspberry, it yielded a clean finish, bright cup, and a refreshing change of pace from the muddy, flat flavors that K-Cups are typically infamous for.

Segafredo Zanetti Crescendo Medium Roast K-Cup Pods


Decaf and Other Miscellaneous Coffee Beans

While Segafredo does sell decaf coffee beans, they appear to only be available through their site. In addition to a few other miscellaneous blends — like strong and mild espresso beans — Segafredo also offers boxed cold brews.

Frac and urn packs are pre-ground, pre-portioned coffees that make it more convenient to brew coffee in a traditional drip brewer or for larger, restaurant-style drip machines.

Segafredo Zanetti Crescendo Medium Roast K-Cup Pods


Sustainability – 4/5

Segafredo’s coffee pods use 35% less plastic than their traditional counterparts (2). Also, thanks to their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint, their coffee chaff is repurposed for use in fertilizers (3).

What’s more, all their manufacturing facilities incorporate a strict adherence to recycling protocols, which earned them recognition as a SmartWay Transport Partner by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Brewing Methods – 4/5

Segafredo Coffee gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to their coffee lines. Whether you prefer Nespresso capsules, pre-ground, Segafredo coffee pods, or whole beans, you’re sure to find a blend that suits your palate.

The pre-portioned frac and urn packs are great when you need to make coffee for a crowd. What’s more, we really liked that the Segafredo coffee pods came in a resealable package. This keeps our K-Cups from going stale and giving our morning brew a flat, cardboard flavor that no one’s got time for.

Things We liked:

  • Compatible with a wide variety of brewing methods
  • Rainforest Alliance and USDA Organic certification for some coffees
  • Reuses coffee chaff in agricultural products
  • Redesigned K-Cup coffee pods to reduce waste

Things we didn’t like:

  • No single-origin coffee beans
  • Sparse details as to the quality, terroir, and varietal/cultivars used for their blends
  • Though Massimo Zanetti manages the process from farm to cup, no images or details about coffee farms

Do Not Buy Segafredo Coffee If…

  • You want premium Arabica beans: Illy Coffee is revered for its immediately recognizable cup profile. Crafted from a blend of 9 premium-quality Arabica coffees, this blend is recalibrated each growing season to ensure consistency and the same Illy flavor every year (4).
  • You want a true Italian roast coffee: Lavazza coffee beans are well-known for their vast array of roast levels to suit every palate. But if you’re in the mood for the boldest, darkest coffee you could imagine, then Lavazza’s Crema e Gusto Forte is for you. With notes of wood, tobacco, and smoke, this rich coffee is just what you need to cut through the richness of a flourless torte.
  • You want single-origin coffee beans: Volcanica coffee cultivates its coffee beans in the rich, volcanic soils of the coffee farms located at 3,000-7,000 feet above sea level. Coffee farmers and roasters who cultivate and roast these beans are masters of their craft, and Volcanica Coffee only sells single-origin, mostly organic coffee beans to allow the flavor and their artistry to shine through in every cup.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a classic, Italian coffee brand that takes a no-frills approach to your morning brew, then Segafredo Coffee is for you. Crafted from Colombian and Brazilian Arabica coffees, you’ll get some of the smoothest coffee in the world without breaking the bank.

Segafredo Zanetti Vivace Medium Roast (Ground)

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