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Starbucks Birthday Drink: It’s Time To Get Your Present

People fall into two categories: those who can’t survive a day without an obligatory Starbucks pitstop and those who treat Starbucks as a special occasion treat. But one thing that unites us all is a free drink!

So, how to get a free Starbucks on your birthday? It’s all about Starbucks rewards. Today, we’ll explain how to get Starbucks’ birthday drink, and after all—you deserve a gift for another trip around the sun.

Does Starbucks Give Free Birthday Drinks?

Yes, Starbucks gives free birthday drinks. You must have a Starbucks rewards account to be eligible for a free drink and make at least one purchase the year before your birthday. You can choose between:

  • One food item
  • One handcrafted drink
  • One ready-to-drink bottle beverage

In addition, you can choose the birthday drink size: short (8 oz), tall (12 oz), grande (16 oz), venti (24 oz), and trenta (30 oz). However, this depends if the drink is available in the size you want at a certain location.

Can I Get Any Starbucks Drink for Free on My Birthday?

No, you can’t get any Starbucks beverage for free on your birthday. The following items are unavailable:

  • Drinks with alcohol
  • Multi-serve food and drinks
  • Merchandise and packaged coffee
  • Items at Starbucks Roastery and Princi locations

Luckily, there are plenty of other options to choose from. For example, browse the list of latte drinks at Starbucks, check out Starbucks’ iced coffee menu, or Starbucks’ tea menu if you’re a tea lover.

3 Steps to Redeem Your Starbucks Birthday Drink

You must participate in the Starbucks rewards program to redeem a Starbucks birthday drink. You collect points (stars) with every Starbucks purchase and redeem these points for free drinks or food.

Starbucks Rewards is one way in which Starbucks endeavors to reward and thank loyal customers for patronizing our business and purchasing Starbucks products.

Here’s how to redeem Starbucks birthday drink:

Step 1: Visit the Starbucks Rewards website 

Simply download their app and join on to start earning rewards.

Step 2: Set up your account at least 7 days before your birthday

Fill in your personal details. You must input your date of birth in your Personal Info tab. Otherwise, you can’t get a free drink on your birthday.

Step 3: Earn at least 1 star and get your birthday drink

Show the email when you purchase your drink, or tap the “Offers” in the upper right corner of the app to access the reward. Otherwise, the barista will scan your barcode in the app or your Starbucks reward card.

The free drink offer can be used once until midnight of your birthday (1). You can only use Starbucks Rewards for personal use, not commercial use. Moreover, individuals under 13 can’t participate in the program, and individuals aged 13 to 18 can participate if accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

Starbucks Birthday Drink

Can I Redeem Starbucks Birthday Drink At Any Starbucks Location?

No, you can’t redeem Starbucks birthday drinks at any Starbucks location (2). You can only get your best Starbucks birthday drink at licensed Starbucks-owned locations, such as airlines, supermarkets, hotels, and other establishments.

Find the location closest to you by checking the Store Locator and reading the store’s redemption policies.

6 Simple Ways To Earn Stars

You must earn stars, right? Here is how.

  1. Use your Starbucks Card to purchase at a participating store — You earn two stars for every $1 spent when purchasing with a Starbucks card. Scan the barcode in the app, then use any Starbucks Card (either registered or unregistered) to complete your purchase.
  2. Pay with a Linked Payment Method — You can link a credit, debit, or mobile wallet to your Starbucks account and use this payment method when buying a drink. You earn 1 star for $1.
  3. Scan the member barcode in the app, then pay — First, you need to scan your barcode and pay with cash, credit, debit card, or mobile wallet. You earn 2 stars for one $1 spent.
  4. Star codes — Occasionally available through promotional materials. You can get the maximum number of 2 redeemable star codes in a day.
  5. Bonus stars — Occasionally available for special promotional offers. These are subject to specific rules and terms.
  6. Partnership programs — Offered by Starbucks partners. Starbucks doesn’t operate these programs and has separate rules and terms.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks’ free birthday drink is a great way to make your day extra special. Ensure you’ve signed up for the Rewards program at least seven days before you get older (which is not a bad thing!) and made at least one purchase. Lastly, visit the Starbucks closest to you and choose your favorite beverage.


Yes, you can get a free Starbucks drink without the app. You need to have a Starbucks Rewards account and the account doesn’t necessarily need to be on the app. For example, you can show the barista your registered Starbucks card to get your free drink or use your phone to log into your account on the website.

Your birthday reward isn’t showing at Starbucks because you either don’t have a rewards account, haven’t entered your birth date on your account, or haven’t completed a star purchase in the previous year. If you fulfill all of these conditions, you can contact Starbucks support to solve the issue.

You can’t get a drink or food for free with 25 stars at Starbucks, but you can customize a drink. For example, you can get an extra shot of espresso, choose a dairy substitute, or get a syrup or sauce for $1. You need at least 100 starts to get a free drink starting from February 2023.

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