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Starbucks Frappuccino Bottle: How To Enjoy This Summer Treat

A Starbucks Frappuccino is a surefire way to beat the heat in summer. But what if there’s no cafe nearby? Or does the blazing sun have you housebound? The solution is a Starbucks Frappuccino Bottle – all the Starbucks flavor you crave in the comfort of your kitchen.

Let’s dig into the most delicious flavors, their caffeine content, and the best way to enjoy this tasty treat. Spoiler alert: you’ve probably been doing it all wrong!

18 Must-Try Starbucks Frappuccino Bottle Flavors

You might be surprised to learn that Starbucks bottled frappuccinos come in more than just coffee, mocha, caramel, and vanilla flavors – a lot more! They are constantly releasing new, limited edition, and seasonal flavors, most of which you can always track down online.

The Classics


1. Coffee: The most classic classic, the coffee flavor tastes like lightly sweetened milky coffee. It’s the pick for the coffee lover looking for a treat.

2. Mocha: Add chocolate to the coffee flavor, and you have the Starbucks Mocha frappuccino bottle, an age-old pairing for a good reason. It’s also available in a light version, which is lower in calories and caffeine.

3. Caramel: For those with a sweet tooth, go with Caramel. The hint of bittersweet coffee keeps it just this side of being cloying.

4. Vanilla: A classic for a good reason, the Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino bottle is gently floral without being overpowering. Like the Mocha, it also comes in a lighter version.

5. White Chocolate Mocha: The White Chocolate Mocha is like a sweeter version of the plain coffee flavor with a hint of buttery white chocolate flavor. A surprise hit!

Specials and Seasonal Favorites


Image credit: Curly Crafty Mom

6.Mocha Coconut: Adding coconut to the standard mocha gives this one a tropical appeal that makes it especially tasty in the summer months.

7. Pumpkin Spice: The flavor that needs no introduction, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past ten years. A fall favorite with sweet pumpkin and warm spices.

8. Brown Butter Caramel: This is a definite step up from the plain caramel, with the brown butter adding a decadent and nutty layer.

9. Almond Milk Mocha: Just like the classic Mocha but suitable for a vegan diet. The almond milk doesn’t have a huge impact on the flavor.

10. Almond Milk Vanilla: As with the Almond Milk Mocha, the Almond Milk Vanilla is similar in flavor to the standard Vanilla but without the dairy.

11. S’mores: This marshmallow-and-chocolate treat is a great buy given that the S’mores Frappuccino is currently unavailable in stores! Top it with a dollop of marshmallow fluff and some graham cracker crumbs for best results.

12. Dulce de Leche: Dulce de Leche is essentially caramelized milk, so picture caramel with an even creamier flavor (1). Yum!

Passport Series

Image credit: Hip2Save

13. Chocolate Churro: The Passport Series features international desserts, but stays in pretty familiar flavor territory. The Chocolate Churro is a delicious mix of mocha and cinnamon.

14. Caramel Flan: The Caramel Flan is very similar to the Dulce de Leche, but they’ve managed to incorporate the eggy richness unique to a flan.

15. Hazelnut Tiramisu: Tiramisu has too many flavor layers to capture in a drink, but this is a delicious mix of hazelnut, coffee, and chocolate – no matter what you call it.

Splash of Cold Brew

Splash of Cold Brew

Image credit: Brand Eating

16. Caramelized Vanilla Honey: The Splash of Cold Brew series is just what you expect, with a bit of cold brew added to each bottle for a more pronounced coffee flavor (2). It really pays off in the Caramelized Vanilla Honey, keeping it from being overly sweet.

17. Salted Dark Chocolate: Sweet-and-salty fans rejoice, this is your frappuccino!

18. Toasted White Chocolate: The hint of smoky flavor here is wonderful, taking it from something sweet and simple to something complex that keeps you coming back.

Starbucks Frappuccino Bottle Caffeine Content

The caffeine content varies depending on the flavor of the bottled frappuccino, just as it does among Starbucks’ complete list of frappuccinos at the cafe.

How much caffeine in Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino bottle? The Mocha flavor has 110 mg of caffeine in a 13.7-ounce bottle, while the light version has 75 mg. The only flavor with more caffeine is Coffee, which has 130 mg. 

Mid-range caffeine options include the Almond Milk Mocha (105 mg), Almond Milk Vanilla (105 mg), Splash of Cold Brew series (95 mg), Caramel (90 mg), and Vanilla (75 mg). For less caffeine, try the S’mores (65 mg), Mocha Coconut (60 mg), Dulce de Leche (60 mg), Vanilla Light (50 mg), or Pumpkin Spice (45 mg).

How To Drink Starbucks Frappuccino Bottle

Are you supposed to blend Starbucks Frappuccino bottle? This is a common question; after all, in-store Frappuccinos are blended drinks. Indeed, a delicious way to enjoy these bottled drinks is to add one to your blender with a cup of ice and puree it to a creamy consistency. 

Whipping out a blender isn’t always a practical option, though, so here’s the hack. Freeze the bottle for 2 to 3 hours – not so long that it turns into a solid block of ice. Take it out of the freezer and give it a good shake. Like magic, it forms a perfect creamy frappuccino. You can even top it with whipped cream and a drizzle of sauce.

Don’t see the flavor you’re after on our list? Make your own Frappuccino at home and get as creative as you want!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to enjoy the ultimate Starbucks summer treat in the comfort of your own kitchen, we’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite bottled frappuccino flavor? Is there a flavor you wish exists but doesn’t? How do you like to serve your bottled fraps? Let us know in the comments below!

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