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The Gaggia Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine Review

If you have been lucky enough to venture to Italy and enjoyed a cup of espresso there you might have returned thinking you would be hard pressed to replicate the same smooth, delicious beverage you enjoyed abroad.

The Gaggia makes this possible.

Find out why so many espresso lovers are turning to the Gaggia Baby Class Machine–the next best thing to drinking an espresso in Italy.

The Gaggia Baby Class 'In A Nutshell'

The Gaggia Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Ease Of Use
  • Brew Control Ability
  • Portability
  • Price

As a clear favorite among espresso users, the Gaggia 12300 Baby Class includes easy to use features and is an Italian made finished product.

Unique features accompany this model, making it a highly sought after espresso machine for the home or office setting.

If a world class brew is what you are after this is a machine to consider for your espresso needs.

The Gaggia Baby Class Manual Espresso Machine Review

There are a couple of reasons why we love this Gaggia espresso machine.

It is reliable, providing owners with the strength of stainless steel and durability of high quality equipment that will allow the machine to be used to brew smooth espresso for years.

Each cup of brewed espresso is crafted to meet or exceed a world class taste and the user can create café style drinks with the built in turbo frother that can be used for milk or the espresso itself.

Despite having some of the highest quality equipment this machine is also easy to use, assemble and clean.

Some of the features that make this product suitable for intermediate espresso brewers include the easy to fill and empty 60 oz. water tank, single or double brew options for espresso and push button controls that take the guess work out of brewing.

Lastly, the Gaggia Baby 12300 model can simultaneously brew two cups of espresso or continue to heat one while another is brewing.

This feature is coupled with a quick heat up time that will have the espresso ready to brew in seconds.

With any espresso machine the Gaggia Baby 12300 takes time to get used to and it is important to review the user manual to properly maintain parts and equipment that come with the model.

Getting into a good regimen of preparing and cleaning your equipment will not only extend the lifetime of your machine, but allow the parts to stay in great shape.

There is also considerable time that needs to be taken to get the crema correct.

However, once it is done you will find that you are now a master of your espresso craft, brewing some of the most delicious, smooth cups of espresso you have ever tasted, right in the comfort of your own home!

Watch this video below to find out more about the Gaggia Baby:

Consider any extra features you might want for your espresso machine before purchasing this model.

It does not come with a grinder, uses pods and will need a spare filter or two to maximize the finished product.


  • Stylish stainless steel design and good construction
  • Large water tank
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Built-in turbo frother helps you make coffee like a pro
  • Makes high-quality coffee brew


  • Takes quite some time to get used to
  • Bigger in size than what you'd expect
  • Machine is a little noisy and needs to be primed before use

1 - It Produces a High-Quality Brew

The Gaggia Baby Manual Espresso machine works well for someone who wishes to brew premium quality espresso in their home or office.

An intermediate user will find this machine is easy to use and includes high quality equipment that will create a positive long standing relationship with the product.

2 - Brew An Espresso With Its Variety of Features

If you have never brewed your own espresso this machine does take quite a bit of time and research to perfect the brew of espresso you want.

This product does however come with a very user friendly manual and once you read through the instructions you shouldn’t have a problem using this espresso machine.

The Verdict

This product is great for the intermediate level espresso lover.

It includes easy to use features and components that allow you to make espresso at home, catering to individual needs and tastes with components that allow the user to control what they want and how much they want of it.

This market favorite will not cease to disappoint, guaranteed.

If you want to get the Gaggia Baby Class manual espresso, click here.

Now that you've know how to brew an espresso with the Gaggia Baby Class, learn also how to properly drink one!

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