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The Toddy T2N Cold Brew System Review

Cold brew is all the rage these days, and for good reason too. It’s delicious, super easy to make, and extremely cost effective.

The Toddy T2N Cold Brew System give you the ability to brew more cold brew with less work.

We’ve all tried to make cold brew with random things we find in our kitchen, but there’s a better way.

This brewing device is extremely simple to use and makes excellent iced coffee.

We’re going to look at this product in depth and find out if it’s the right one for you.

We will look at its features, pros and cons, and why you might want to choose Toddy coffee makers over the countless other cold brewers available today.

The Toddy T2N 'In a Nutshell'

The Toddy T2N Cold Brew System
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Ease Of Use
  • Brew Controllability
  • Portability
  • Price
the Toddy Cold Brew System and box

The Toddy T2N Cold brew system is an easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to clean cold brew coffee system.

It’s minimal, containing only 4 main pieces: The plastic brewer, the glass carafe, the cloth filter and the rubber stopper.

The Toddy has the capacity to brew a large amount of cold brew concentrate at one time, so you can yield enough for a week's worth of coffee.

The setup process is so quick and easy, even a toddler can do it. Simply insert the stopper and filter, add coarsely ground coffee and room temperature water.

Voila, in 12-24 hours you’ve got yourself a batch of cold brew concentrate.

The secret lies in the filter: a specifically designed cloth filter to hold back all the unwanted compounds and create a refreshing, smooth coffee.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Toddy Coffee Maker

Cold brew can be as easy or as complicated to brew as you want to make it. The Toddy is designed to be a simple, easy to use brewer that just about anybody can figure out.

Many cafes across the country use the Toddy system for their cold brew production (either the small home brewer or the larger commercial version).

It can produce really solid coffee without requiring any sort of expertise or other fancy equipment.

If you are looking to for an easy to use, straight forward machine for cold brew, this may be perfect for you. There are only 4 pieces to the brewer.

It’s quick to setup and cleanup, making it great for people in a hurry - Just set it up and forget about it.

You are able to brew up to 12 oz of ground coffee, or just enough for one or two cups if you prefer. If you want to brew enough for a week or two all at once, the Toddy can do that.

Cold brew is good up to 2 weeks in the fridge, so you can steep it and drink it as you go.

If you want to have a lot more control over the brewing process and manipulate it to produce specific results, the Toddy might not be for you. You might opt for a brewer which is a bit more hands on.

If you are leaning towards the Toddy, simply consider:

  • How much coffee you want to brew at a time.
  • How hands on or off you want the brewing to be.
  • How much or how little effort you are willing to spend cleaning.

The Toddy Home Cold Brew System Review

the Toddy and a glass of cold brew coffee outdoors

Created in 1964 by a chemical engineer, the Toddy was designed specifically to produce a smooth, balanced cup of coffee - hot or cold.

Todd Simpson found that the traditional hot coffee brewing process yields many undesirable attributes in the final cup of coffee, such as bitter oils and fatty acids. The cloth filter he designed has changed the way coffee can be brewed.

The toddy is known for brewing coffee that is far less acidic than your average coffee.

It is popular among people with sensitive stomachs as it allows them to enjoy coffee without all the unpleasant side effects.

It’s the brewer of choice in many cafes these days, and even coffee snobs can appreciate the coffee that comes from these simple brewers.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Quick set up/clean up.
  • Can brew a lot or a little coffee.
  • Small, light, and easy to transport.


  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • The smaller, at home brewer doesn’t come with paper filters like the commercial size brewer does.

Cold Brew Concentrate: Drink it Hot or Cold

The Toddy system produces a cold brew concentrate which needs to be diluted with water before consumed (unless you want a really, really strong coffee).

The good thing about having a concentrate is that it will stay in the fridge up to 2 weeks.

Once you dilute it, it should be consumed within 24 hours.

Plus, you can choose to dilute it with hot or cold water. Simply boil so water and add equal parts hot water to cold brew concentrate, and you’ve got yourself a piping hot cup of low acid, smooth coffee.

Cloth Filter Crafted to Perfect Filtration

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Toddy coffee makers use a unique cloth filter instead of paper or steel. These filters are great for keeping out not just the grounds, but the unwanted acidity as well. They are what makes the Toddy unique.

These filters can be reused for months, so long as they are properly cleaned and stored.

Simply rinse under room temperature water and store in an airtight container in the fridge until you are ready to use it again.

Tiny, powerful stopper

The tiny stopper holds in all the coffee until your brew has hit its desired time. Simply use the handle to lift the plastic brewer and unplug the stopper to release the coffee.

Once you do this, it takes about 20 minutes for all the coffee to pass through the filter. Don’t rush the process here.

Sleek, Easy to Pour Carafe

The Toddy carafe, while isn’t designed to be an elegant piece of glassware, isn’t ugly by any means. Just a straightforward carafe with a lid and a pour spout.

The coffee can be stored in the fridge simply by placing the carafe with it’s lid inside.

When you’re ready to drink, pop the lid, pour some out and dilute.

It can hold a large amount of coffee in it and is quite sturdy. It’s not quite as fragile as a Chemex might be.

To transport the brewer, simply place the carafe inside the plastic brewer to save space and protect the glass.

Alternatives to the Toddy

The Toddy is a great system, but it might not be for everyone. If you aren’t convinced the Toddy is right for you, check out these alternative cold brewers.

The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew

Hario Mizudashi

The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Maker is one of the most affordable brewers out there.

It’s an even simpler design, with only 3 pieces: the glass carafe, the reusable filter and a lid.

The filter sits in the top portion of the carafe. Add ground coffee to the filter, pour enough water over top, and let it sit for 12-24 hours.

Once it’s done, simply pull the filter out of the top and your coffee is ready to go. Full review of this cold brewer here.

The Yama Cold Brew Tower

Yama Cold Brew Tower

The Yama Cold Brew Tower is the most expensive cold brewing system you can get. Taking one look at it, you will know why.

It looks something like a science experiment. It’s a large, beautiful brewer that would look great in a modern kitchen.

The main draw to this brewer is the amount of control you have over the process.

Similar to the fact that brewing coffee as a pour over gives you much more control than an automatic drip, this cold brewer is the most hands on.

It’s designed for coffee nerds. If you like to manipulate every variable, this brewer is for you.

The Filtron Cold Coffee Brewer

Filtron Cold Brew System

Another popular cold brewer is the Filtron.

This is the brewer of choice for places like Stumptown Coffee.

It’s quite similar is design to the Toddy but what sets itself apart are its filters. It has a wool and a paper filter, plus a grounds guard disc to greatly reduce the amount of sediment in the final cup.

The result is a very clean cup of coffee.

The downside would be the amount of pieces the system contains, which means setting up the brew is a little bit more hands on. Read a full review of the Filtron here.

The Verdict

It’s no secret that the Toddy T2N Cold Brew System is an awesome brewer.

It produces excellent, smooth, flavorful coffee without a lot of effort.

While it’s no design piece, the coffee it brews can speak for itself. Check it out on Amazon, or read more about cold brew here.

the Toddy Cold Brew Maker in white background

Leave the acid and bitterness behind. Brew a coffee you (and your stomach) will thank you for. And if the Toddy is not the right brewer for you, head back to our list of top rated cold brew coffee makers here and look for another one.

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