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The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale Review

In the coffee-brewing world, consistency is key. Even the best roasted and ground beans will be wasted if not weighed and dosed properly. Read our Acaia scale review to find out how this reliable and high-tech model can also help you perfect your pour over skills.

SUMMARY: The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale

  • Incredibly precise
  • Connects to Acaia apps via bluetooth to track your brews
  • Has amazing and vast special features

Without a doubt the best coffee brewing scales in the world!

– Horsham Coffee Roaster

The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale Review

This scale by Acaia is a true disruptor in the market of coffee scales. Prior to the Pearl Brewing Scale, we expected very little from our coffee scales–precise measurements, decent battery life, and maybe an integrated timer. Thanks to the development at Acaia, we now know that a scale can be much, much more.

The Acaia Pearl Scale 4.8 Stars
  • Precision
  • Size
  • Style
  • Special Features

Precision – 5/5

If you frequent any artisan or specialty coffee shops, you may have spotted the sleek Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale. These glossy devices are all hand-built and calibrated, featuring laboratory-grade scale technology such as adjustable zero tracking and creeping compensation. (1)

The Acaia scales and app are extremely accurate. And I really needed that to meet my perfectionism when brewing ‘high end’-coffee!

While some brewing scales only measure 1 g differences, the readability of this professional-grade smart scale goes up to 0.1 g with a 20 millisecond response time and it’s even sensitive to the weight changes that result from evaporation!

Size – 5/5

Less than 1.3 inches tall, the Acaia Pearl is a perfect square (6.13 inches) that’s big enough to fit larger coffee makers such as the Chemex but small and portable so that it can fit in drawers and join you on holiday.

Style – 4.5/5

The Acaia Pearl features minimalistic aesthetic, an LED display that disappears when you switch it off and a smooth, and is available in black and white.

Acaia scales are built both for performance and to achieve a certain “wow” factor.

coffee grounds on an acaia pearl scale
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While we love the clean look of the scale, it is not waterproof, and so is still vulnerable to any spills. Since releasing the Pearl Brewing Scale, Acaia has released a waterproof scale, the Lunar.

Special Features – 5/5

Perfect for both coffee professionals and home brewers, Acaia Pearl is an interactive smart scale that does so much more than display weight. (2)

The triple display shows you real-time flow rate, current weight, and a timer for manual brewing. We also love that the scale won’t spoil your pour over by turning itself off mid-brew, although you can customize the shut off time through the app.

The Acaia Pearl has 6 different modes: Weighing, Timer, Auto Tare, Auto Start, Espresso and Beverage mode.

However, what we love the most about this smart brewing scale the way you can create and share recipesand follow interactive guides all through the bluetooth connection to Acaia applications.

The Acaia Pearl S and its features
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It’s also greener, more energy efficient than the other alternatives, as its lithium ion battery lasts 20-30 hours and is easily recharged via USB.

No wonder that this Kickstarter product won the best product at the SCAA Expo in 2014! (3)

Do Not Buy The Acaia Pearl Scale If…

You won’t use the app but still want a professional scale – If you’re not planning on making the most of the Acaia’s interactive features, there’s no point in investing in such a high-end product. We recommend the Hario Drip Scale and the Bonavita Scale. These scales are also accurate to 0.1 g and includes a built-in timer.

You want a budget-friendly option – Both the Acaia Pearl and the Hario are impressive coffee scales, but they’re not for everyone. If you don’t want to invest a big budget, we recommend a more basic but cost-effective model such as the Etekcity Digital Scale.

The Verdict On The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale

Used in coffee shops and barista competitions, the Acaia Pearl gives you anything that you could possibly want from your coffee scale… and more! We recommend the Acaia Pearl to any coffee lover who only wants the best of the best and can’t wait to geek out on the apps!

measuring coffee with the Acaia Pearl
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