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Aerocano Recipe: How To Make A Steamed Iced Americano

Are you craving something like a Nitro Cold Brew, but want it made colder and a bit less strong? Try an Aerocano, AKA a steamed iced Americano. It is simple to make with an espresso shot or two, cold water, and some ice. Grab a milk frothing pitcher, a tall glass, and fire up your espresso machine!

This article takes you through our Aerocano recipe explaining how to make a steamed iced Americano.

  • An espresso machine with a steam wand
  • 1 or 2 shots of espresso
  • A milk pitcher
  • A tall glass
  • Cold water
  • Ice cubes



5-10 minutes


One drink (360 ml)

What Is An Aerocano?

An Aerocano is arguably one of the best coffee beverages for iced coffee lovers. This easily prepared popular drink is an iced coffee made with espresso shots, cold water, and ice cubes that then gets steamed with a steam wand from an espresso machine to create a thick and creamy foam layer. This resulting texture is delicious and akin to that of Nitro Cold Brew coffees.

Here is how you can make an iced Aerocano at home in just four easy steps.

Aerocano Recipe

The Iced Aerocano Recipe: How To Make An Aerocano

Prepare to melt away the stressors of a hot day and enjoy the soothing cool of an Aerocano.

Step 1: Prepare The Espresso

Pull a double shot of espresso for this espresso based drink. Ensure that the fine grounds used are of a high quality so that you get the desired nuanced tastes and creaminess for your pulled shots’ crema layers. Use only one shot if you want your drink to be less strong.

Pro Tip: Skip to step 2 and brew the shots right over the prepared pitcher with water and ice to streamline the process rather than using espresso glasses. This is to avoid breaking the crema.

Step 2: Fill The Milk Pitcher 

We won’t be steaming milk here as this recipe is purely water and espresso-based. Pre-chill your frothing pitcher to maintain your brew’s ideal temperature for as long as possible. 

The ice’s function quickly chills down the added espresso to make it a signature iced coffee.

Fill the steaming pitcher with cubed ice and ice water. Add the espresso if you haven’t yet.

Pro Tip: If you opt to pour your espresso shots here, do it quickly to prevent any possibility of them spilling so you don’t burn yourself or have a mess to have to clean up afterwards.

Step 3: Start Steaming 

Use a steam wand to incorporate air into your pitcher’s mixture for a nice foamy texture. You can steam without adding heat. 

The technique of steaming espresso and water amidst cubed ice is the same as for milk. 

Place the steam wand in the pitcher’s centre, tilt it, push its tip under the surface, turn it on, and lower it so the tip comes up again.

Pro Tip: Watch for the colour of the liquid to change from a darker brown to a lighter orange.

Step 4: Pour Into A Glass, And Enjoy!

Pour your cold, watery espresso concoction into a glass filled with ice, and serve immediately! This drink is typically enjoyed as described, but you can experiment with the taste. If you have an idea for any great additions to swirl in, such as a splash of dairy-free milk of your choice, a touch of creamer, or even a syrup flavour to taste, try it out. Just be sure to be mindful of the nutritional value of your brew’s add-ons.

For a visual walkthrough, check out this YouTube video:

Final Thoughts

With an espresso machine, any coffee lover can make themselves an Aerocano, or steamed iced Americano, at home. All it takes is brewing a couple of espresso shots, mixing them with cold water and some ice in a milk pitcher, and then steaming everything before it is poured over some more ice in a tall glass. Enjoy this refreshing, thick, and creamy iced coffee.


Yes, cold black coffee is good for you. Using coffee beans to make hot or cold coffee provides the same health benefits. These include decreasing the risk of experiencing heart disease, neurodegenerative disease, and type 2 diabetes. Cold coffee is also less acidic, thus reducing the likelihood of adding calorie-dense sweeteners to increase its taste, making it healthier. (1)

No, an iced Americano is not the same as cold brew coffee. Although they have about the same amount of caffeine, an iced Americano entails pulling an espresso shot over icy water. In contrast, you make cold brew coffee by steeping coffee grounds overnight with cold water. An iced Americano is diluted in taste, very cold, and served immediately by pour over method. In contrast, a cold brew is stronger, slower in extraction, and made via immersion brewing.

A caffe Americano is a coffee drink. Like the steamed iced Americano, is coffee composed of espresso and water. The main difference is that it is made with a single shot of espresso and uses hot water to top it up. Check out our article to follow along to a more classic Americano recipe.

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