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8 Best Glass Coffee Mugs in 2023

Once upon a time, people rarely used glass for coffee mugs. Glass was too delicate and not a good insulator. But times have changed. Borosilicate glass is ultra-strong and can be blown into double-walled coffee mugs with even better thermal properties than traditional ceramics. And while ceramic coffee mugs are plain and practical, there’s something about a shiny glass coffee mug that feels upscale. 

If you’re looking for the best glass coffee mugs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 8 great options for every kind of coffee lover. Whether you enjoy espresso, lattes, pour overs, or just want a to-go mug to take to your local cafe, the answer is here.

At A Glance:

  1. OVERALL BEST: Kruve Excite and Inspire Glasses
  2. BEST FOR POUR OVER: Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses
  3. PERFECT FOR LATTES: Bodum Bistro Latte Mug

The 8 Best Glass Coffee Mugs in 2023

The best glass coffee mugs tend to share a few key features. They keep the coffee hot, are comfortable to drink from, and look stunning perched on your coffee bar. Our eight picks from some of the best coffee mugs all meet these goals – and have a few other tricks up their sleeves too! Keep reading to see what I mean.

image product detail
Best Overall Best Overall Kruve Excite and Inspire Glass set Kruve EQ Excite And Inspire Coffee Set
  • 150 ml capacity
  • Double wall
  • Dishwasher safe
Runner Up Runner Up Hario V60 Glass Coffee Cups UK Hario V60 Glass Coffee Cups
  • 295 ml or 445 ml capacity
  • Double wall
  • Dishwasher safe
Budget Pick Budget Pick Joy Jolt Serene Insulated Glasses UK Joy Jolt Serene Insulated Glasses
  • 220 ml or 400 ml capacity
  • Double wall
  • Dishwasher safe
Best For Pour Over Best For Pour Over Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses
  • 295 ml capacity
  • Double wall
  • Dishwasher safe
Best For Espresso Best For Espresso Bodum Pavina Espresso Cups UK Bodum Pavina Espresso Cups
  • 80 ml capacity
  • Double wall
  • Dishwasher safe
Best For Lattes Best For Lattes Bodum Bistro Latte Glasses UK Bodum Bistro Latte Glasses
  • 450 ml capacity
  • Double wall
  • Dishwasher safe
Best For Travel Best For Travel Keep Cup Reusable Glass Coffee Cup UK Keep Cup Reusable Glass Coffee Cup
  • 175 ml to 445 ml capacity
  • No double wall
  • Not dishwasher safe
Stylish Choice Stylish Choice ZHMTang Glass Coffee Mug Set UK ZHMTang Glass Coffee Mug Set
  • 370 ml capacity
  • No double wall
  • Dishwasher safe

1. Kruve EQ Excite and Inspire Coffee Set – Best Overall


  • Capacity: 150 ml

  • Double wall: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Quantity: 2

Kruve is a well-known brand to serious coffee nerds, with products like coffee sifters and the wonderfully named Brewler – a ruler for measuring coffee grind size. So it’s no surprise that their drinking glasses go beyond the ordinary.

This glass coffee mug set features two differently shaped glasses measuring 150 ml. The Excite model has a larger surface area to enhance aroma and sweetness while minimising acidity. Kruve suggests pairing it with fuller-bodied dark roasts with chocolate or nutty flavours. The Inspire glasses are tall and narrow, focusing the aroma from a smaller surface area and enhancing acidity, a perfect partner for a lighter roast with citrus notes.

You can buy a two-pack of either shape, but the mixed set lets you explore how glass shape influences flavour profile. And world-renowned coffee expert James Hoffmann agrees (1).

The shapes are there to enhance certain aspects of your coffee tasting…It is just kind of fun.

Kruve glass coffee mugs are double-walled and made from hand-blown borosilicate glass. Cleverly, they taper from a double wall at the base to a single wall at the lip. You get to enjoy the insulating properties of a double-walled mug with the better mouthfeel of a single-wall glass.

Kruve double-walled cups aren’t microwave-safe due to the inlaid gold leaf logo. This is a strange oversight, but it probably reflects that if you’re serious enough to buy Kruve gear, you’re serious enough not to microwave your coffee.

2. Hario V60 Glass Coffee Cups – Runner Up


  • Capacity: 295 ml or 445 ml

  • Double wall: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Quantity: 1

Hario might be best known among coffee enthusiasts for the famous V60 pour-over cone. Hario translates as “King of Glass.” Given the name, perhaps they deserve as much acclaim for their glassware. Indeed, Hario was founded to make glass supplies and beakers for science labs, so a high-quality glass coffee mug is a piece of cake.

These double-walled coffee mugs are a prime example.

Equal parts, beautiful and functional, they are the perfect showcase for your V60 pour-over brew.

They’re available in a 295 ml or 445 ml capacity and made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The double-walled construction means they’ll keep hot drinks hot and cold beverages cold, while maintaining a comfortable external temperature for your hands.

The attractive rippled exterior of these coffee cups sets them apart from the crowd and pairs perfectly with the similarly styled Hario Buono kettle.

3. Joy Jolt Serene Insulated Glasses – Budget Pick


  • Capacity: 220 ml or 400 ml

  • Double wall: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Quantity: 2

Joy Jolt is a budget-priced brand that still delivers impeccable quality in our experience. The Joy Jolt Serene coffee mug is double-walled and made from lead-free borosilicate glass. The double-walled borosilicate glass is sturdier than regular glass, microwave and oven safe to 175 °C, and has a crystal-clear look that showcases your coffee.

The Serene glass mugs have a pleasing shape, and like the Kruve glasses, the walls taper to a thin layer at the top for a more comfortable drinking experience. The handle is a nice addition, in this case, giving you options for holding your drink.

Joy Jolt double-walled coffee mugs come in various sizes, but we love the 220-ml Serene model for its versatility. They’re perfect cups for cappuccino, drip coffee, Americano, or a Cortado.

Got a coffee-loving friend to shop for this holiday season? This set of glass coffee mugs is packaged in a cute printed box, and everyone knows that gifting a two-pack of mugs is a great way to get yourself invited over for coffee.

4. Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses – Best for Pour Over


  • Capacity: 295 ml

  • Double wall: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Quantity: 2

If pour-over is your coffee brewing method, you’re probably well acquainted with the Fellow brand. Many a brew bar is graced with the iconic Fellow Stagg EKG kettle and Fellow Ode coffee grinder. The brand is famous for stylish and functional coffee gear. So it’s no surprise that Fellow also makes a swoon-worthy set of tasting glass.

The Fellow Stagg glass coffee mugs are made from hand-blown double-wall borosilicate glass. These glass coffee mugs taper to a single layer at the top, where a fluted lip facilitates the perfect tasting experience. Their distinct cylindrical shape keeps with the industrial-chic aesthetic of many Fellow products and makes them extra stable when brewing.

The Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses are designed to pair with the Fellow Stagg pour-over dripper, and it nests perfectly on top of each glass coffee mug and has an identical 295 ml capacity. If you have the budget, the full Stagg set – kettle, dripper, glasses – is all you need for delightful pour-over brews.

5. Bodum Pavina Espresso Cups – Best for Espresso


  • Capacity: 80 ml

  • Double wall: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Quantity: 2

A shot of espresso is a very small volume of liquid, which means it cools down very fast. A double-walled coffee mug is best if you don’t plan on downing your espresso quickly. These appealing glass coffee cups from Bodum are our top pick for espresso, and they even double as shot glasses that will keep your alcohol of choice cold.

The Bodum Pavina Espresso Cups have a basic, classic design. They aren’t showy, and they’ll never go out of style. This is good because espresso drinkers should expect the mouth-blown borosilicate glass to last long. It’s very durable and microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. While not shatter-proof, these espresso cups have better odds of surviving a fall than traditional glassware. 

Because the Bodum Pavina Glass Coffee Mugs are made by hand, you may find slight differences between them. This isn’t a criticism, and finding a product that feels handmade rather than factory mass-produced is refreshing.

The Pavina glass coffee mugs also come in a 250-ml or 355-ml capacity if you love the design but aren’t an espresso drinker.

6. Bodum Bistro Latte Glasses – Best for Lattes


  • Capacity: 450 ml

  • Double wall: Yes
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Quantity: 2

Two key features of a great latte cup are excellent heat insulation and appropriate size. This double-walled Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug passes both tests with flying colours.

Because a latte is a relatively cool drink to begin with – properly steamed milk should be around 62 °C for the sweetest flavour – a double-walled mug design is crucial. While you might be tempted to opt for a travel mug for better heat retention, I’ve always found slurping through a lid ruins the latte experience. These double-walled glasses are made from mouth-blown borosilicate glass.

Lattes typically use larger mugs than other coffee shop drinks, and the 450 ml capacity of these glass mugs is the largest on this list. You’ll have plenty of room for a double (or even triple) shot of espresso and lots of silky smooth milk foam.

The one-way silicone vent at the base is a unique feature of these double-walled mugs. It equalises the air pressure in the space between the two walls when hot or cold drinks are added, which minimises wear and tear and increases longevity. However, these glasses aren’t scratch-proof, so avoid metal spoons and ice dispensers to keep them looking their best for their whole life.

7. Keep Cup Reusable Glass Coffee Cup – Best for Travel


  • Capacity: 175 ml to 445 ml

  • Double wall: No
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Quantity: 1

Keep Cup doesn’t just make some of my favourite glass mugs; it makes some of my favourite travel mugs overall. In a market saturated with stainless steel vacuum mugs that feel like thermoses, the Keep Cup keeps your coffee hot while providing an enjoyable coffee-drinking experience. 

The Keep Cup glass mug looks and feels like a traditional to-go coffee cup, but it’s much better for the environment and keeps your coffee hotter for longer (2). It comes in all standard coffee shop sizes, from the 175-ml extra small to a jumbo 445 ml version. 

The Keep Cup is made from a single layer of strong tempered glass, but it’s equipped with a plastic lid that ensures your coffee stays hot. The lid is splash-proof, which is great for commuting, but it’s not watertight, so don’t toss it in a backpack. Don’t let that plastic worry you. Every Keep Cup is independently tested to ensure it is free of BPA, BPS, phthalates, lead and cadmium.

Keep Cup has an impressive ethical track record, making them all the more appealing. They donate 1% of revenue to environmental causes, are certified B-Corp, and use local manufacturing wherever possible. While we typically don’t think of cork as environmentally friendly, in this case, the cork band is made from recovered cork from the waste of wine cork production in Portugal. The cork band isn’t dishwasher safe, however, so you must hand wash your Keep Cup.

Learn everything we liked about the Keep Cup in our full review.

8. ZHMTang Glass Coffee Mug Set – Stylish Choice


  • Capacity: 370 ml

  • Double wall: No
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Quantity: 2

These glass coffee mugs from ZHMTang caught our eye for their fun style and impressive ratings and reviews. The amber-coloured handle and vertical pattern on the glass mug stand out from the crowd. These coffee mugs are great for coffee and tea, but they’re even better for showcasing fun cocktails and more creative coffee drinks. A pumpkin spice latte in one just screams autumn.

The ZHMTang glass mugs feature durable borosilicate glass construction, which keeps the thin, patterned walls from being fragile. They are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Because they aren’t double-walled coffee mugs, don’t expect the same heat retention as you would from some others. These glass coffee mugs are better for those who drink their coffee fast or prefer a mild-temperature brew. They also made great vessels for iced coffee. 

How to Choose the Best Glass Coffee Mug

When shopping for the best glass mug, its beauty is usually the first thing you notice, according to coffee writer and expert Janice Chinna Kanniah (3).

Few materials are as visually appealing as glass. It’s sleek and attractive, and you can enjoy looking at your drink while you consume it.

The look of your glass mug is one important consideration, but there are other key features to look for and questions to ask yourself before buying. Every glass coffee mug on this list is a great option, but not every one is best for you. This section will help you narrow it down.

How to choose a mug size

Drink Sizes

Different types of coffee drinks are best suited to different size coffee mugs. So it’s important to think about your favourite drinks when buying glasses. 

If you just batch brew drip coffee, you can pour it into any size coffee mug. The only question is how often you want to go back for refills. An average choice is 300 or 355 ml. On the other hand, if espresso drinks are your thing, mug size matters. And if you love many types of coffee, do as the cafes do and own many coffee cups. They’re relatively affordable as coffee accessories go and can greatly impact your drinking experience.

  • Espresso is best consumed from espresso cups (4). Look for a small-capacity coffee mug measuring 90 ml or less. Sipping espresso from a large glass mug can ruin the experience, especially if it hasn’t been pre-heated. 
  • For replicating your favourite cafe drinks at home, like cortados, cappuccinos and flat whites, look for a glass mug with a capacity of 150 to 235 ml.
  • Brewed coffees, Americanos and small lattes need a bit more room, up to around 355 ml.
  • Lattes are usually the largest espresso drinks. If you’re a latte lover, opt for a coffee mug with a 355 ml or bigger capacity.

When buying a glass travel mug, like the Keep Cup, match the mug size to your typical to-go coffee order.

Why choose a double-walled coffee mug?

A double-wall glass mug has two layers of glass separated by a vacuum. Heat does not travel through a vacuum, so it is an excellent insulator. Double-walled coffee mugs are much better at keeping hot liquids hot and cold drinks cold. They also keep the mug’s exterior at a neutral temperature, which is crucial for glass mugs without handles. 

Glass is not as good of an insulator as a classic ceramic mug, so double-wall construction is important if you like your coffee hot.

So why wouldn’t you opt for a double-walled coffee mug?

Well, for starters, they are usually more expensive. The cost is justified if you’re a slow sipper who enjoys a piping-hot beverage. But if you plan to down your coffee quickly or prefer a more moderate temperature, it may not be worth the high price point. 

A double-wall glass mug also changes the drinking experience because it is thick, and it’s essentially a glass inside a glass, and many coffee lovers prefer the mouthfeel of a single glass. If this is you, opt for a single-wall mug or choose a brand like Kruve that tapers to the lip.

Shape and Style

Did you know that your mug’s design actually impacts how your coffee tastes? It’s true! Science has proven that colour, shape, and material affect how your brain perceives a drink (5). While all the glass coffee mugs on this list are the same colour and material, the shape is worth considering. The coffee aficionados at Kruve understands this, but you don’t need to spring for a premium brand to take advantage of the knowledge.

  • In a taller, thinner mug, less coffee surface area is exposed, so your brew will stay hot longer. This shape also focuses on the coffee aromas and brings out more acidity. If you prefer bright coffees with fruit and floral flavours, this is the best shape for you. 
  • Wider glass mugs have more surface area so the coffee will cool faster. It also means that the aroma will circulate over a wider area, which has been shown to minimise acidity, enhance sweetness, and produce a more full-bodied mouthfeel. Choose a wider mug if you enjoy darker roasts with low acidity and sweet flavours.

A final style question is whether you want your glass coffee mug to have a handle. A handle (or heatproof sleeve) is strongly recommended if the mug isn’t double-walled. For double-walled coffee mugs, it’s more a matter of personal preference and comfort. For example, coffee drinkers with larger hands often find handles too cramped, while those with smaller hands may find wide glass mugs hard to handle (no pun intended).

The Verdict

Choosing the best glass coffee mug comes down to meeting your needs. What’s your favourite style of coffee? Do you like to sip at home or on the go? Do you drink fast or slow? What flavours do you want to enhance?

Our top pick this year is the Kruve Excite and Inspire Coffee Set. The set of two double-walled glass mugs features two unique shapes, so you can experience first-hand how cup shape impacts coffee flavours. It’s a learning opportunity and a coffee cup rolled into one. For something a little more basic, look to our Runner Up from the “King of Glass,” the Hario V60 Glass Coffee Cups.


The best type of glass for coffee mugs is borosilicate glass, the same glass used in scientific equipment. It is dishwasher-safe and heatproof. It is stronger than standard glass, so it can be made thinner without sacrificing durability and can be blown into an insulating double-walled design. And it has greater clarity, making for a more attractive brew.

Stainless steel vacuum-insulated mugs keep coffee hottest for the longest time, which is why this is the construction of most thermoses. A stainless steel mug can keep coffee hot for 6 to 12 hours with a lid. Preheating your mug with boiling water before adding the coffee will keep it hot even longer, no matter the mug material.

Alternatively, look to temperature-controlled coffee cups. They’re a bit more expensive, but they use battery power to keep your drink the perfect temperature for hours.

No, glass isn’t better than ceramic for coffee. The two are very similar; both are inert materials that won’t impart flavour to your brew. Ceramic mugs retain heat slightly better than glass but are not as insulating as double-walled glasses, and ceramic can’t be blown into precise shapes (6).

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