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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Coffee Deals in UK 2023

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black friday coffee deals 2022
Black Friday Coffee Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2023 is almost upon us, and deals on coffee makers, coffee beans, espresso machines and everything in between are popping out of the woodwork, fast. Right now is the perfect time to pick up that expensive coffee gear coffee gift you’ve been eyeing off for Christmas.

Below you’ll find the best deals, with the biggest savings, for coffee deals in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But first, here are our personal favourites.

The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Coffee Deals

Ok, lets get into it. 

Here are some of the best deals with the biggest savings for this upcoming sale season in 2023. Further down the page we’ve broken deals down by category.

We’ll keep on updating this page with new deals as and when they go live (from now until Black Friday and Cyber Monday). So bookmark this page and keep checking it regularly. And mind you, many of these deals might RUN OUT/BE REPLACED within a day or two (due to limited quantities). 

If you see something you like, be sure to pick it up asap. 

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Deals on Gourmet Coffee Beans & Subscriptions

When you drink high quality coffee, you tend to pay top dollar for best beans… and you should. The only time of the year that you’ll hear us using the words ‘bargain’ and ‘coffee beans’ in the same sentence is right now. Here are some of the best deals for coffee beans, coffee subscriptions, and gift boxes:

Balance Coffee

Exclusive to Home Grounds

 40% off first order

Balance coffee gives 40% off first order for those who subscribe to their healthy coffee subscription. Home Grounds has a unique code for our readers to get this discount. Make sure to use BFHOME40 during checkout. You’re welcome!

Exclusive to Home Grounds

 25% off one-time purchase

Other deal Balance coffee offers this Black Friday is 25% off one time purchases on coffee beans or ground coffee. Exclusive to Home Grounds, Balance coffee secured a code for this discount. Make sure to use BFHOME25 at the checkout!

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Deals On Coffee Brewing Equipment

Don’t miss out on great deals on coffee brewing equipment.

Coffee Friend

£112 OFF FLAIR 58

This is one of the best manual espresso machines you can get. Use this chance to save £112 on purchasing Flair 58!

£100 OFF Siemens superautomatic machine

 Coffee Friend: £100 Off Siemens EQ.700

Get £100 off Siemens EQ.700 TQ705R03 superautomatic machine.


GET £170 OFF

 Coffee Friend: £170 Off De’Longhi Dinamica Plus

Get £170 off De’Longhi Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95.S.


£76 OFF Fellow Ode

 Coffee Friend: £76 Off Fellow Ode Grinder

Get £76 off Fellow Ode grinder while this offer lasts. Fellow Ode is a super-popular grinder, why not claim it?


£16 off Stagg EKG kettle

 Coffee Friend: Get £16 Off Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

For all the pour-over lovers out there, this electric kettle is a must! This Black Friday, you can catch a chance to even save some when purchasing it. Coffee Friend is offering £16 off Fellow Stagg EKG kettle.


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Best Deals On Amazon

We cannot forget the offers from Amazon. Like every year, there are many different options for Black Friday coffee deals. Be careful with your timing, though, because these deals last until Nov 28 only. Here’s a list of their current best deals:


 Breville One-Touch

This convenient one-touch automatic machine is now even more affordable. With a Black Friday deal you will save £70, which is not bad, right?



 Breville Bijou Espresso Machine

Another Breville deal that will save you a decent amount. This simple and compact espresso machine is great for small households and student halls alike. Get Breville Bijou Espresso Machine and save £120. That’s not bad, at all!


De'Longhi Magnifica S

De’Longhi Magnifica S

Behold, a deal that will save you £65 on a super-popular semi-automatic! Hurry up while it’s still in stock.



Swan Retro Pump Espresso Machine

Swan Retro Pump Espresso Machine is a such a cute piece of equipment that no one can resist it. This Black Friday, you can save £45 when buying it on Amazon.


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