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Welcome to the Home Grounds coffee blog! You’ll find all our best guides relating to coffee here. This is where you’ll learn about, and be entertained, about the coffee industry and everything surrounding it.

Otherwise, enjoy some of our best content below!

Coffee Beer: A Complete Guide
Coffee beer is the best of both worlds. Chocolaty porters blend with coffee’s nuanced flavours for the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Curious? Keep reading.
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What is Coffee Powder?
Sometimes We Need Our Coffee And We Need It NOW! How Do We Get This Instant Gratification? Read To Learn What Is Coffee Powder And How To Make It At Home.
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What Is A French Press?
What is a French Press? French Press is a device used to manually brew your coffee by pressing down on a plunger to separate the grounds from the beverage.
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What Is A Coffee Blend
What is a Coffee Blend?
What is a coffee blend? Is it better or worse than a single origin? Should you be drinking one or the other? This article has all the answers.
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Double Portafilter White Cup_WhatIsDoppio
What is Doppio?
When one shot of espresso just isn’t enough, make it a double. A doppio gives you twice as much of everything you love about coffee.
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What is a Lungo?
By extending the extraction on your espresso, you’ll get a lungo, a less concentrated coffee that’s great for sipping. Here’s all you need to know.
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Affogato Coffee
What is an Affogato?
Part dessert, part drink, the affogato is an Italian classic that continues to delight. Here’s everything you need to know about this coffee treat.
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What Is A Mocha and How to Make It
What is Mocha?
Do you find a cappuccino too bitter, a latte too bland? Try a creamy mocha latte, a rich combination of chocolate, espresso, and steamed milk.
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What is a flat white and how to make it
What is a Flat White?
Not to be confused with white coffee, a flat white coffee is a delicious espresso-based drink. In this article, learn how to make it – and why you should.
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What is an Espresso Macchiato and How to Make It
What is Espresso Macchiato
Want to upgrade your espresso with just a hint of creamy sweetness? Then the espresso macchiato may be the drink for you! This article teaches you everything about it.
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What is a Cappuccino and How to Make It
What is a Cappuccino?
A cappuccino is one of the best-known cafe drinks, but do you really know what it is? How is it different from a latte? This article has the answers.
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What is Latte Macchiato and How to Make It
What is Latte Macchiato?
A latte macchiato is a beautifully layered espresso-based drink with an ultra creamy texture. This article will tell you all about it, including how to make one at home.
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Harms of Coffee
Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, but it can also have negative side effects. In this article, we explore the possible harms of coffee and who should worry about them.
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What is Pour Over Coffee?
Though currently popular with the specialty coffee set, pour over brewing has long been a simple way to prepare coffee at home. Read all about it here.
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30 Best Coffee Podcasts
Coffee is an enormous topic, and coffee podcasts are an excellent way to explore it. In this list, we round up 30 of the best coffee podcasts, guaranteed to inform and inspire.
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Black Coffee In Glass Cup
Cold Brew vs Hot Brew
It’s not just about temperature – there’s more difference between cold brew and hot brew coffee than you might think. Let’s see.
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what is frothed milk
What is Frothed Milk?
You’re no doubt familiar with the star attraction of a foamy cappuccino, but what makes a good frothed milk? Read our quick guide for all the answers
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Hand Holding Espresso Cup
What is Caffeine?
Coffee’s pick-me-up quality is a big part of its appeal, but do you know exactly how caffeine affects your body? We delve into exactly what caffeine is and all of its pros and cons.
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