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Bonavita Rechargeable Coffee Scale Review

So you brewed a great cup of coffee? Awesome. Now brew another, equally delicious cup to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

Consistency is the key to good coffee, no matter the bean or brew method, and requires precise doses and timing. Enter the Bonavita Rechargeable Coffee Scale, a tool that will help you hit the mark with every single coffee you make.

Summary: Bonavita Rechargeable Coffee Scale

Bonavita BV02001MU Rechargeable Coffee Scale UK
  • Very accurate and precise to the 0.1 gram
  • Hydrophobic nano-coating prevents water damage
  • Includes a built-in timer

Intelligent, compact and durable scales for alternative methods of brewing and espresso.

– Coffee Desk

The Bonavita Rechargeable Coffee Scale Review

This rechargeable scale by Bonavita is not the company’s first coffee scale. The earlier digital coffee scale has been replaced by this updated and now battery-free model that is sure to make an excellent addition to any kitchen or coffee set up.

Bonavita Electronic Scale 4.5/5
  • Precision
  • Size
  • Style
  • Special Features

Precision – 5/5

Sure, coffee and water are important, but the recipe for the perfect brew wouldn’t be complete without a good dose of consistency and precision.

This Bonavita scale can handle up to 2 kg of weight and ensures consistency and incredible precision thanks to its 0.1 g increments.

You’ll need a set of decent digital scales, accurate to a tenth of a gram.. […] Scales are essential for measuring water and coffee – getting the right ratios creates consistency.

Size – 4.5/5

Measuring 17.8 x 14 x 2.5 cm, the size of the Bonavita is pretty average compared to our favourite coffee scales.

You’ll be able to place larger pour overs such as the Chemex onto its wide stainless steel platform, but it’s still rather portable.

If you’re planning on taking it with you on holiday or camping, we’re sure that you’ll appreciate its removable cover which helps keep it clean and safely stored.

Style – 4/5

While most coffee scales opt for a square or rectangular design, the Bonavita Electronic Scale stands out thanks to its round stainless steel platform that sits on a black base. We also like its unique nano-coating which helps prevent water damage and makes cleaning it really easy. (1) That being said, if you are looking for an aesthetically dazzling scale, the Bonavita doesn’t quite have the wow factor you could find in some other options.

Bonavita BV02001MU Rechargeable Coffee Scale UK

Special Features – 4.5/5

Second only to premium high-end models such as Acaia scales, the Bonavita gives you all the instruments to create a high-quality brew.

It has 4 automatic modes and 2 manual modes, allowing you to choose between regular and pour-over methods and measuring units.

While you can use this scale for any type of coffee brewing method, its built-in timer makes it particularly useful for manual brews like pour overs.

The Bonavita Scale also lets you decide whether to let it turn itself off automatically after 60, 120 or 180 seconds of inactivity (saving you energy) or disable the auto-off mode completely. When the battery runs out, you can easily recharge it through a USB port and the cable is included — pretty much like the Timemore Black Mirror.

coffee beans on a bonavita scale

Do Not Buy The Bonavita Electronic Scale If…

You want a more entry-level and budget-friendly model – We think that the Bonavita is very good value for money, but, if you’re happy to sacrifice a few features and commodities in favour of a lower price tag, we recommend the Hario Drip Scale. It displays weights in both grams and ounces. This gadget’s pour-over mode also includes auto-tare and auto-timer features.

You want more features (and the best of the best) – With its Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect it to the Acaia apps to create and share pour over recipes, the Acaia Pearl has no rivals. Winner of the best product at the SCAA Awards (2), this innovative model is the Ferrari of coffee scales and is perfect for invested home brewers as well as professional baristas.

The Verdict On The Bonavita Electronic Scale

With its 0.1 g precision and handy features such as the built-in timer and range of modalities, the Bonavita Scale is a high-quality coffee scale that doesn’t disappoint.  It comes with a one-year warranty and is very intuitive to use, while still offering different modes and features.

Bonavita BV02001MU Rechargeable Coffee Scale UK

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