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Bourbon Coffee Beans: An Arabica Variety

You may have heard of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. But did you know Arabica beans can be further divided into even more coffee bean types?

Read on for more about Bourbon coffee beans and how to bring out the best in them.

Where Did Bourbon Coffee Beans Come From?

Bourbon coffee beans are a type of Arabica coffee. As a quick primer, there are four major species of coffee beans, also known as coffee bean varietals. These are:

  • Arabica
  • Robusta
  • Liberica
  • And excelsa

While most people have heard of Arabica coffee beans, you may not know that these beans can be further divided into two main subspecies: Bourbon and Typica. Both of these subspecies have further genetic mutations, which create even more specific varieties of arabica and typica—like Pacamara coffee beans.

In the 1700s, Christian missionaries brought bourbon coffee beans from Yemen to current-day Reunion Island. From there, these beans gradually spread out to Brazil and the Americas around the 1860s, where they quickly became the coffee bean variety of choice because of their excellent cup quality and yield (1).

Bourbon Subvarieties

Bourbon Mutations

  • Caturra
  • Pacas
  • Pointu
  • Semperlorens
  • SL34
  • Tekic

Bourbon Coffee Bean Flavour Profile

Bourbon coffee bean varieties have a broad range of flavour profiles, thanks to their unique terroirs (2). However, according to Amber from “Coffee on the Brain”:

The bourbon coffee bean is a bit sweeter, with a nice, crisp acidity.

It’s relatively difficult to find coffees with 100% bourbon coffee beans. But single-origin coffees made with Caturra and Catuai varieties—which are direct genetic descendants of bourbon coffee—are pretty common.

For a great explainer on the bourbon coffee bean variety, check out this quick video.

Best Brewing Methods for Bourbon Coffee Beans

Within the bourbon coffee bean subspecies, there are myriad kinds of coffee, all with their own unique flavour profiles. But generally speaking, any brewing method you choose for this coffee bean variety should highlight the bourbon bean’s natural sweetness and acidity. So, the French press, coffee siphon, and pour-overs are all great options.

brewing methods for bourbon coffee

Check out our excellent piece for more on how not to murder your coffee beans. Learn about how to pick the best flavour profile, brew method, and bean origin for your morning coffee routine.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a well-balanced cup with a rich sweetness, then bourbon coffee beans are the perfect choice. Grown mostly throughout Central America and Brazil, these coffee bean varieties pair well with the French press, coffee siphon, and pour-over brewing methods.

What’s your favourite variety of bourbon coffee?


Yes, the most common types of bourbon coffee beans are red, orange, and yellow bourbon beans (3). While all three varieties of bourbon coffee beans share the same general flavour profile, the final cup’s flavour will ultimately be determined by the beans’ roast level, brew method, and country of origin.

No, bourbon coffee beans do not contain any alcohol. Their name comes from the original name for present-day Reunion Island, Ile Bourbon.

Yes, you can buy green coffee beans that have aged in barrels originally used for ageing bourbon. You can definitely taste the bourbon in the final cup, but it can contain trace amounts of alcohol (4).

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