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Bourbon Mayaguez: The Unique Flavour Profile And So Much More

Imagine that quiet, comfortable ambience with wood décor, colourful wall art, sofas, and low coffee tables—whether it’s a perfect coffee shop or your cosy corner at home—it’s an ambient where you should taste Bourbon Mayagues coffee, known for its distinctive taste and aroma.

The world of coffee shapes the lives of millions of people worldwide. And the list of Arabica and Robusta varieties is astounding; it inspires consumers who may think about how coffee drink reached their hands.

Today, we’ll explore Arabica Bourbon Mayaguez (no, not the famous alcoholic drink, and also, no, not the island off the western coast of Puerto Rico). It’s fair to say that this coffee variety has impacted coffee culture. We’ll give you insight into the unique flavour notes and Bourbon Mayaguez characteristics, so the next time you see it at your favourite roaster, you’ll know exactly what this special brew offers!

History and Origin of Bourbon Mayaguez

There are two types of Bourbon Mayaguez: 71 and 139. The beans originate from Central America, and they got their names because they passed through the USDA’s collection of genes used to improve plants in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Bourbon-type beans are an essential coffee variety in both Puerto Rico and Rwanda. Bourbon was developed through germplasm in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1930s and in Rwanda in the 1950s. Once Bourbon Mayaguez came to East Africa, certain trees were considered better than others for the start of a new variety. Because of these selections, we now have Bourbon Mayaguez 71 and 139. Both types of Mayaguez beans share similar characteristics. (1)

Nowadays, Bourbon Mayaguez is mostly grown in the Mayaguez region of Puerto Rico, Burundi, and Rwanda. In fact, 95% of Rwandan coffee plants are of the Arabica Bourbon variety, including Mayaguez.

Characteristics of Bourbon Mayaguez

Bourbon Mayaguez is grown in tropical climates, and it flourishes at high altitudes and on volcanic soil (for example, in the Mayaguez region of Puerto Rico). These growing conditions create a perfect environment for high-quality beans, distinctive flavour, and aroma.

The bourbon coffee bean is a bit sweeter, with a nice, crisp acidity.

These are plant characteristics of Bourbon Mayaguez coffee:

  • Ideal altitude: Medium and high
  • Left tip colour: Bronze
  • Plant stature: Tall
  • Bean size: Large
  • Yield: Medium

The plant produces beans in its third year. One thing to note about Arabica coffee beans, including the Mayaguez variety, is that they are highly susceptible to berry disease and coffee leaf rust.

bourbon mayaguez coffee

The Flavour Profile of Bourbon Mayaguez

Bourbon Mayaguez coffee has a rich and full-bodied flavour.

The coffee tastes sweet and fruity, with hints of chocolate and caramel.

The most common flavours of Bourbon Mayaguez are:

  • Chocolate—Resembles cocoa powder
  • Nutty—Notes of almond and hazelnut
  • Caramel—Sweet and buttery caramel flavour
  • Fruit—The most common fruit flavours are berries and citrus fruits

Bourbon Mayaguez has high acidity balanced with the sweet flavours of chocolate and caramel. The result is a complex, well-founded brew.

Final Thoughts

Bourbon Mayaguez coffee beans have rich flavour profiles that create a flavourful brew. This is a result of the unique growing conditions of the plant. Next time you come across Bourbon Mayaguez beans, make sure to give them a try. You may end up discovering a new favourite coffee flavour.


Bourbon Mayaguez coffee beans are classified as large. Coffee bean size ranges from 8/64 to 20/64 of an inch; 8/64 is classified as shells, and 20/64 is very large. According to this classification, Bourbon Mayaguez beans are the second to last in terms of size, and they are larger than Bourbon beans, which are classified as average.

No, Bourbon coffee beans don’t have alcohol. The beans got their name from the Reunion Island, Ile Bourbon. However, you can add a bourbon drink to the coffee. Bourbon pairs with Arabica beans very well. This whiskey usually has vanilla tones, with some spices and cinnamon. Jim Bean Vanilla is the most popular bourbon users add to their coffee.

Yes, Bourbon Mayaguez is susceptible to coffee berry disease (CBD). CBD usually attacks the developing berries during the green stage, which is four to fourteen weeks after flowering. CBD creates dark brown spots covering the cherry, negatively affecting the berry’s quality. Generally, all Bourbon beans are highly susceptible to this disease.

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