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Coffee Rum: Your Nostalgic ’90s Combo

I get it: this evening, you have a good reason to celebrate your hard work or simply want to spend time with your loved ones. And it’s time for the party! From affogato martini and white wine mojito to late-night margaritas and much more, you still need some cocktails with coffee.

That’s when we step in to help you make the right choices. Now, the first question that comes to your mind is: “What alcohol is best in coffee?”

There are many interesting flavours to combine with, and we’ll show you two tested coffee rum combinations. If you are unsure if rum tastes nice in coffee, trust us: it tastes so damn good.

It’s time for you to discover a perfect rum coffee cocktail!

How To Make Boozy Java Float (Coffee Rum)

Boozy Java Float recipe

If you’re looking for a seriously good cocktail that will keep you chill, then Boozy Java Float is the right for you. Of course, the two main ingredients are coffee and rum. Coffee and rum go very well together and have a history that traces back to Catalunya (1).

Boozy Java Float: What You Need

  • 4 cups brewed coffee
  • 120 ml dark rum
  • ½ cup Kahlua liqueur
  • ¼ cup melted chocolate
  • whipped cream or vanilla ice cream

At A Glance

Prep Time:

10 minutes


4 cups of coffee

This rum coffee drink is a simple recipe that only takes 10 minutes to prepare. This is just one of so many coffee cocktail recipes for your brunch gatherings or quiet evenings at home. It might sound strange, but you can also mix coffee with tequila or coffee and gin. Brandy or whiskey also pairs well with coffee (2).

1. Brew Your Favourite Coffee

You have to start with the base: the coffee. We recommend brewing at room temperature to get a rich flavour. Even though specialty cold brew can last 12 hours, planning your coffee in advance is always a good idea. On the other hand, you can store it in a fridge to speed up the process.

In the end, it pays out: you get a rich infused coffee with a nice crema. All you need is 4 cups of coffee.

Pro tip: If you brew a little stronger, you won’t taste as much rum. Brew a touch weaker, and you’ll get a stronger rum flavour.

2. Whisk Ingredients Together

Find a large jug or measuring cup. Once you have it, whisk together room-temperature coffee, coffee-flavoured liqueur (we recommend Kahlua), and dark rum. Otherwise, you can even make your own coffee liqueur. Give it a little stir to ensure everything is mixed.

Pro tip: Adding brown sugar to your mug will give you a burst of extra sweetness.

3. Add A Touch Of Melted Chocolate

You can add as much or as little chocolate as you want. Rest assured that the more you add, the less you’ll taste the rum. Our honest advice is to dip the rim of a cocktail glass into the chocolate for decorative purposes.

Pro tip: Finish it with whipped cream and some nutmeg, and sprinkle with shaved chocolate for a complete dessert drink. Instead of whipped cream, you can use vanilla ice cream.

Alternative Recipe: Jamaica Coffee

Jamaica Coffee recipe

This could be your favourite coffee and liquor combination if you like a rich, strong flavour. The dark room and coffee go well together, and whipped cream is like a cherry on the cake. After testing this cocktail, we were amazed by the final result!

Jamaica Coffee: What You Need

  • 1 cup brewed coffee
  • 25 ml of dark rum
  • 25 ml coffee-flavoured liqueur
  • whipped cream
  • 1 chocolate coffee bean (optional)

At A Glance

Brew time:

5 minutes


1 serving

1. Brew Your Favourite Coffee

Brew 1 cup of coffee by using your regular brewing method. Pay attention that hot brewing is a faster way to brew coffee.

Pro tip: We recommend 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans.

2. Combine Ingredients

Pour 25 ml of dark rum and coffee-flavoured liquor (or coffee-flavoured rum) into a classic Copa glass shape – perfect for rum cocktails! Once you’ve finished this step, fill a glass with hot coffee.

Pro tip: We recommend a premium Appleton’s Rum that comes from the heart of Jamaica.

3. Make Whipped Cream

You can use store-bought whipped cream, but we recommend homemade because it tastes better. Put the whipping cream in a bowl and beat until you get soft peaks. Add sugar or vanilla extract to flavour. Add one chocolate-covered coffee bean as a sweet final touch.

Final Thoughts

So, what alcohol goes best with coffee? Rum in coffee can provide the best results. The bold coffee flavour with spiced rum is hard to beat as a standalone or with a splash of cream and a spoonful of sugar.

It’s incredibly simple to make these two coffee rum cocktails. All you need is freshly brewed coffee, a shot of high-quality dark rum, and coffee-flavoured rum as the main ingredients. Also, you can use darker rum for a more rounded flavour. Nutmeg and chocolate shavings are optional. There are many coffee rum variations to play with, so let your mind wander!


Coffee with rum can go by a few names, but you’ll often hear it called Cafe Caribbean or a Carajillo. It’s sometimes referred to as Jamaican Coffee, too. But there isn’t a common name like “Irish Coffee” for coffee and whiskey. But whatever you call it, it’s still delicious. 

Yes, spiced rum is great for sipping. You can try it neat or on the rocks, and it’s a great way to experience the spiced rum’s unique flavours fully. Sipping spiced rum is one of the best ways to drink it, and it is also great for adding a little extra flavour to cocktails and mixed drinks.  

Coffee liqueur contains coffee, alcohol, and sugar, a more concentrated and alcoholic version of a coffee cocktail or Irish coffee. It is mostly alcohol, with coffee added as an extra flavour, and it is great for cocktails and mixed drinks like a White Russian. 

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