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Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine: Is It Just A Coffee Pod Novelty?

What’s the first association you have when someone says Naples? Probably pizza, not coffee. However, Naples is the birthplace of a unique coffee machine — the Didiesse Frog espresso machine.

After seeing hundreds of positive Didiesse Frog espresso machine reviews, we had to try this unusual-looking machine (and yes, it resembles a frog). Here’s how we rated each aspect of this coffee maker.

Summary: The Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine

  • ESE pod coffee machine
  • Plastic build
  • Uses water bottle as a water reservoir

This machine is awesome. I was looking for a machine that makes good espresso, and this machine does just that!

– Customer review

The Full Frog Espresso Machine Review

The manufacturers of the Frog coffee machine wanted to create a device that makes delicious Italian espresso with little to no effort from the user. So, did the unusual design pay off? Let’s find out.

Frog Espresso Machine Review
  • Design
  • Brewing Capacity
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Value for Money

Design – 3.5/5

It’s clear where the name comes from — the machine resembles a frog or a long face. This isn’t a compact machine by any means, and it’s bulky and round, with dimensions 22 x 32 x 40 cm. It can easily be the kitchen’s focal point and a conversation piece when guests are over.

The Didiesse espresso machine is on the taller side, so make sure to check it’ll fit under your kitchen cabinets. Also, the water tank (if we can call it a tank) is located in the back, which means you’ll have to pull the machine from under the cabinets to reach it.

This espresso machine doesn’t have a traditional water tank — you insert a water bottle in the back compartment. The Frog fits a 2 l water bottle, both a pro and a con. It’s a con because you need water bottles when switching them out. It’s a pro because you can have a huge water reservoir (2 l can last for days) and use bottled water instead of tap. Bottled water means less mineral build-up and less frequent cleaning and descaling (1).

The back compartment has two tubes. You place the water bottle in the back and insert the tubes so the machine has water access.

The Frog coffee maker is completely made from plastic, so it won’t last as long as stainless steel or aluminium machines. However, Didiesse has a huge range of colour options. You can always go for a Frog espresso machine black colour as a timeless option, but you’re guaranteed to find a colour that works with your kitchen if you aren’t a fan of black. They also have customizable skins, so you can really make your espresso machine stand out.

Finally, the machine comes with two shims. You install these under the filter compartment of the pod holder. The purpose of the shims is to support the pod holder, as it can become flimsy with time and use. This shows the design isn’t as tight as it could be, but at least the manufacturer is aware and includes helping tools.

Brewing Capacity – 4/5

The Frog coffee machine has two aluminium thermoblocks, one for brewing coffee and the other connected to the steam wand for steaming milk. The thermoblocks are made of aluminium and are thermally stable and heat the water quickly (2). The Frog can generate the necessary heat and pressure for making espresso.

This method has the advantage of only needing to heat small amounts of water at a time and can sometimes be quicker and more energy efficient than traditional methods.

Even though it has two thermoblock, the Frog can’t brew and steam simultaneously, but you won’t have to wait long between brewing and steaming. Keep in mind not all models come with the steam wand. You can choose between the basic option that only brews espresso or a version with a steam wand that’s slightly more expensive.

The Frog is an easy-serving espresso (ESE) pod machine, which means you insert the pod, and the machine does the work for you (3). The unique pod-insertion design works very well. You pull on the lever to open the “jaws,” insert the pod, and push down the lever until it catches.

Note: The machine lever may be stiff initially, so you need to apply more pressure until you hear a click.

The machine really clamps down on the pods. This forces all the water and pressure through the pod and not on the sides, which results in maximum extraction.

Cleaning and Maintenance – 4.5/5

Similarly to our best coffee pod machine, the Frog coffee maker is easy to clean, and you should empty and wash the drip tray daily. We found the drip tray difficult to detach due to the vent tube obstructing the removal and making it easy to spill the water. However, you can wash it in the dishwasher once you detach it.

You should also clean the pod holder every two weeks. You need to unscrew it, lift the lever, remove the pod holder from the machine, unassemble, and wash all the parts using a sponge and a detergent.

Finally, you need to descale occasionally. Take out the tubes from the water bottle, place them in a bottle with a descaling solution, and press the orange button. Only descale about 75 ml at a time, leave the descaler for 10 minutes, and repeat the action.

Value for Money – 4/5

Is this the best espresso maker we used? No. But the Didiesse espresso machine price is extremely affordable, and you get a flavourful espresso without a huge investment.

The Didiesse Frog espresso maker is a good choice if you want a machine that lasts a few years. Plus, it’s a great solution if you want espresso with minimal work. You press a button, and the machine does the rest.

Remember, it’s made of plastic, so it isn’t the most durable option. Moreover, many users complain the pump stopped working around the two-year mark. This isn’t a forever machine. But if you’re looking to dip your toe into espresso and do little work, it’s one of the more affordable options.

Things we liked:

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes in many colours, including customizable options

Things we didn’t like:

  • Plastic-built
  • Steam wand machine option is more expensive

Do Not Buy Didiesse Frog Machine If…

You Want a Compact Machine: The Didiesse Frog takes up a fair share of your precious kitchen real estate. Moreover, it’s fairly tall, so it may not fit under your kitchen cabinets. Check out the Nespresso Pixie espresso machine if you want a compact machine. It’s extremely compact, so it’s guaranteed to fit anywhere in your home. Plus, it has a modern, stylish design. Or, go for Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, which makes a full pot or a single cup of coffee while still compact.

You Want to Learn How to Brew Espresso: If you don’t want to press a button and get your caffeine kick but want to do the work yourself, the Frog isn’t for you. Instead, the DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine is a great choice. You can insert a pod and get espresso when you’re short on time or master the espresso brewing by experimenting with grind size, tamping, and dosage.

You Don’t Want to Use Pods: We all know pods are bad for the environment. Plus, pod espresso never equals espresso brewed from freshly ground beans. Check out the Cafelat Robot espresso maker. It’s another machine with a quirky design, but prepare to be impressed with the coffee it produces.

The Verdict

The Didiesse Frog ESE espresso pod machine with steam wand is an affordable machine that’ll brew espresso and steam milk for you with a press of a button, and it’ll stand out in any kitchen. Plus, you can choose many colours and even choose a customizable option.

If you don’t mind a plastic build and aren’t looking for your forever machine, this is a solid and reliable choice that’ll keep you caffeinated every morning.

Didiesse Frog Espresso Machine


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