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How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home (DIY Tips!)

Have you ever tried nitro cold brew at a coffee shop? Though a relatively new addition to cafes, nitro cold brew coffee has a loyal following. With its beautiful cascade of bubbles, it has become one of the most refreshing and Instagrammable beverages of the summer. 

Its two irresistible characteristics are a smooth flavour and impossibly creamy mouthfeel.

  • Cold-brew coffee
  • Whipped cream dispenser
  • 1 pressurized nitrous oxide cartridge
  • Serving glass

At a glance

Brew Time

(24h) + 5 minutes


1 glass

A whipped cream dispenser is a metal canister with a dispensing nozzle that whips cream and other liquids using pressurized nitrous oxide cartridges.

If you prefer a visual recipe, Steven from Home Grounds will walk you through making nitro cold brew at home in this great video:

The 3 Simple Steps to Making Nitro Cold Brew At Home:

Once you’ve gathered your supplies for a nitro cold brew, making it at home couldn’t be easier. It only takes three steps, and one of them is enjoying your delicious beverage.

When you bubble nitrogen through, you get rid of any oxygen that’s in your coffee. And so you preserve all these flavours that might not be there otherwise.

Basically, science has declared it even more flavourful than regular cold brew (1).

diy nitro cold brew coffee at home infographic

1. Acquire cold brew coffee

You have two choices here, either making your own or purchasing a premade cold brew from a local supermarket. If you have the time, we recommend that you make cold brew coffee on your own. It’s incredibly simple to follow our guide for how to make a regular cold brew coffee. It’s also less expensive, and it means you can use your favourite coffee beans.

Pro tip: Cold brewing tends to eliminate both the brightest and bitterest notes from a coffee’s flavour to leave an exceptionally smooth beverage. Robustly flavoured beans with earthy and chocolatey notes, such as medium roasted Colombians, are a great choice.

In short, steep coarsely ground coffee beans in cold filtered water for 12 to 24 hours and then strain out the grounds using cheesecloth or a paper coffee filter. This process yields a coffee concentrate that should be diluted 1:1 with water before drinking.

homemade cold brew

2. Make the Nitro cold brew

Pour your coffee into the whipped cream dispenser. If you’re using homemade cold brew concentrate, make sure to dilute 1:1 it with water first. (By the way, a whipped cream dispenser makes an excellent gift for a coffee lover).

Charge the cream whipper with one nitrous oxide charge, and shake it for about 30 seconds. Discharge the gas, turn the canister upside down, and dispense your fresh brew into a waiting glass.

Pro tip: Using a frosty glass from the freezer is the best way to keep your nitro cold brew ice cold without diluting it with ice. Alternatively, you can make ice cubes out of brewed coffee for use in all your chilled coffee beverages.

3. Serve and enjoy

Even if you typically enjoy your coffee with cream and sugar, we recommend trying your nitro cold brew black first. The nitrogen gas itself lends a sweetness to the cup, and the gas bubbles are tiny, much more delicate than those of carbon dioxide, which gives a creamy mouthfeel, even without dairy (2).

“If you typically add sugar to your coffee, nitro coffee may be a good alternative to help you cut your sugar intake and avoid adverse health effects.”

If you enjoyed your first foray into making this cold brew at home, you might be interested in some other coffee-related experiences.

how to make nitro cold brew coffee

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how simple it is to make nitro cold brew coffee at home, there’s no reason not to give it a try. This beautiful and healthy refresher can finally become a staple of your summer coffee diet without draining your bank account.


No, nitro coffee is not bad for you. Nitrogen gas already makes up nearly 80% of the air we breathe (3).

You can put ice in a nitro cold brew, but you don’t need to. It should be prepared and served cold. Ice can dilute a beverage as it melts, so a frosty glass is a better option.

Nitro cold brew does not last long. It would be best if you consumed it right away. Just like you would after opening a carbonated beverage.

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