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A Review of the Kruve Coffee Sifter

You know the importance of consistent grinding when it comes to great coffee, and now there’s a device designed to help with exactly that. The Kruve will help you quantify your grind settings to replicate that perfect grind every time.

Read this Kruve review to see if this device is for you and how it can improve your coffee brewing experience.

The Kruve Sifter In a Nutshell

Kruve 2
Kruve Sifter


It’s extremely difficult to communicate what grind size you should actually be using with your brewing device. These general terms we use to talk about the size of our coffee grounds don’t really help you fine tune your coffee grinding.

What you need is an actual way to measure the size of the grounds you are using. You have 2 options: spend all day dividing up your grinds with a telescope, or, use a sieve.

Ah, lets go with the latter option, shall we? But before you run to your pantry and grab your flour sieve….stop. You need a coffee sieve.

What exactly is a coffee sieve? It is a small device with metal screens inside – designed for coffee grinds. Its very very VERY accurate.

Each screen of the Kruve Sifter has different size holes which are measured in microns.

You take a couple screens and place them inside the container, add your coffee grounds and shake.

You have now “sifted” out all the really coarse and really fine grounds, leaving you with a uniform grind size ideal for your brewing device.

This uniformity will greatly enhance your brew, as each grind particle will be extracted in the same way, rather than under extracting the coarse chunks and over extracting the fine grinds.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Coffee Sifter

Do you really need a coffee ground sifter?

If you are on the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee on a daily basis, then yes. Every coffee grinder, regardless of how expensive it is, is imperfect. Even the ones everyone knows and trusts. They just won’t produce a perfectly uniform grind every time.

It might get close, but if you really want to optimize your brew, getting rid of the particles that are too big or too small is important.

Will it actually make your coffee taste better?


Don’t take my word for it: Stephen Houston (Irish Brewers Cup Champion) thinks so (1). It helped him to win the Irish Brewers Cup.

When you are trying to craft the perfect cup of coffee, it often comes down to the fine details (pun slightly intended). You can have a really good, vibrant cup of coffee, yet you may notice a slight bitterness in the aftertaste.

The Kruve will force your to remove any extra fine grounds that are being over extracted, which would remove that bitterness from the final cup.

The Kruve is only meant to improve your coffee once you already have all the basics covered (such as a good grinder to begin with, a quality brewing device, a proper brewing ratio, good brewing water and a solid technique).

If you are just getting started in the world of manual coffee brewing, it’s important to master the basics before trying to add something like a coffee sifter, which is essentially the icing on top of the cake.

It won’t take bad coffee and make it good. It will take good coffee and make it AMAZING.

Our Kruve Sifter Review: Here’s What Happened

Kruve Coffee Sifter
  • Ease of Use
  • Resulting coffee quality
  • Design + materials
  • Price

The Kruve is a sleek device.

So sleek in fact that many competitors in manual brewing competitions (2) proudly use it to craft the perfect cup of coffee. It’s trusted by some of the most professional coffee brewers out there.

You can leave out on your kitchen counter and feel proud to do so.

The sieves are made of stainless steel and are extremely easy to clean after use. Simply rinse under warm water and allow to air dry. This is a device that is not going to add a lot of time to your brewing ritual. It’s quick and easy.

If you are hoping to get better coffee grounds, the Kruve will be your life line.

You could buy a £1,000 coffee grinder, but even that won’t give you a perfectly uniform grind (though it would probably be pretty close).

Options, Options, Options

You can purchase the Kruve however you want. The least expensive is the basic pack which comes with just 2 sieves.

metal screens for sifting coffee grounds


3 kinds of ground coffee

These are 400 and 800 microns.

Or you can buy the most expensive set which includes 12 sieves ranging from a 200 micron sieve all the way up to 1,100 microns. This set will obviously give you the most customization.

You could also buy the basic, 2 sieve pack and purchase individual sieves of any size. The 500 micron sieve would probably be one to add to your collection.

Because the Kruve uses 2 sieves any time you are sifting coffee, there are a total of 105 precise grind size combinations available.

It is Easy To Use – And It Works With 99% Of Coffee Makers

This device wasn’t designed for any single brewing method or grinder, so literally anybody can use it to improve their coffee brewing.

Use it for your pour overs, or use it for a French Press to get out really fine grinds. Use it for your home espresso to make sure all of your grounds are fine enough.

The device is designed to sift between 10-80 grams of coffee at a time. So if you are brewing a large Chemex or pot of coffee on your automatic dripper, you made need to use the Kruve 2 or 3 times, which won’t take very long at all.

If you use a French Press, a pour over dripper, and espresso machine, basically any coffee brewer, the kruve will help you take your coffee to the next level.

Oh – and its EASY to use. Just check out their brew guides here once purchasing and you’ll be drinking amazing coffee within minutes.

Style: It Would Make An Interior Designer Salivate

Kruve design
Kruve sides

The Kruve coffee sifter comes in 3 different colours to match your brewing style and kitchen decor. Each colour comes with the classy bamboo lid.

For the aluminum base, you can choose between silver, black or red.

The wood lid can even be used as a coaster for your mug or decanter so that you don’t ruin your table with a piping hot piece of glass.

Don’t Buy The Kruve If…

You want more grind size variety – The market for coffee sifters is small, so the Kruve doesn’t have a lot of competition, but one alternative is to purchase coffee sieves from Coffee Tec. Designed for cupping labs, these sieves are more expensive and less compact than the Kruve, but true coffee nerds might find some joy in them.

The Verdict

You no longer have to wonder why your coffee isn’t perfect even though you thought you were doing everything right. For just over £100 you can have the ultimate uniform grind size for optimal coffee extraction.

If you want the most consistent coffee grind size you can possibly get without trading an arm and a leg for a new grinder, the Kruve is what you need. Especially if you use a hand grinder like one of these.

Kruve 2


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