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Mustang Coffee Recipe: Nomad Lounge Copycat

Need a drink that’ll keep you warm enough to greet the night yet soothing enough to help you sleep through it? Mustang coffee is exclusively found in Animal Kingdom’s Nomad Lounge at Walt Disney World. Combining the warm alertness of coffee with the cool sleepiness brought on by mixing alcohol, enjoy the infamous drink adored by Imagineer Joe Rohde.

Read on for our mustang coffee recipe, a copycat of Nomad Lounge’s. 

  • Two 45 ml shots of espresso
  • 1 tbsp of butter
  • 1 tsp of brown sugar or honey
  • One 45 ml shot of raksi



5-10 minutes


One small drink (150 ml)

Extra Notes:

  • Mustang coffee got its name from the Mustang district in Nepal.
  • Using unsalted butter will help to prevent this ingredient from affecting your coffee cocktail’s flavour profile. Salt neutralizes bitterness, so keep that in mind.

Three Easy Steps: How To Make Mustang Coffee 

Coffee cocktails are simple to make: just mix coffee with alcohol. Ready? Let’s look closer.

mustang coffee ingredients

Step 1: Prep The Brew

Use a finer grind to make two 45 ml shots of espresso with an espresso machine. 

Pro Tip: If you’re without an espresso machine, prepare 1 cup of strong brewed coffee instead using a French Press or an alternative brewing method. Dark roast works better for the espresso part of coffee cocktails, but lean into your preference.

Step 2: Prep The Booze

Nomad Lounge’s mustang coffee uses Crown Royal (1). However, the traditional way relies on raksi, a fermented distilled alcoholic beverage (2). Raksi is stronger than you think, so be safe with your alcoholic consumption. It is comparable to vodka or gin and tastes like Japanese sake. Just one shot will do. If you don’t have Raksi, any other alcohol on hand works.

Pro Tip: Keep alcohol to a minimum and use no more than one 45 ml shot. Your drink should be more coffee and less alcohol. Drink responsibly and consult a medical practitioner before consuming alcohol if you have any questions.

Step 3: Prep The Boozy Brew

Add 1 tbsp of softened unsweetened butter to your brew, plus 1 tsp of brown sugar, and voila! You’ve prepared your booze brew. Enjoy it now!

Pro Tip: If you don’t have brown sugar or honey, try condensed milk, maple syrup, or a flavoured sauce like caramel. If adding butter to your coffee weirds you out, leave it. But it’s not the worst thing to add (3).

Final Thoughts 

Bring the Disney magic home with this coffee cocktail! Experiment with the grind type, beans, alcohol, and sweetener used. Enjoy this 3-step recipe by making a two-part espresso and one-part raksi alcoholic coffee with the surprising additions of unsalted butter and brown sugar. 

Try it and tell us!


A carajillo is a Mexican coffee liqueur cocktail often accompanied by a delicacy at dessert time during or after dinner. This delicious alcoholic coffee traditionally employs dark roast coffee beans for a harmonious mix of one part espresso and an equal part Licor 43, a sweet Spanish liqueur. If you’re determined enough, you can have one ready within 5 to 10 minutes. Check out our article to learn what you need to know and use to make a carajillo.

A coffee martini, like the carajillo, is a coffee liqueur cocktail. Coffee cocktails are usually made with espressos or hot coffee. However, a coffee martini uses one part cold brew concentrate ice cubes, one part coffee liqueur, and vodka for the last part. Garnishes typically include chocolate-covered espresso beans sitting on top of whipped cream, but feel free to get creative. Try following along with our coffee martini without espresso recipe to make a cold brew martini for yourself.

A caffe corretto is an Italian coffee liqueur cocktail. All it takes is a bit of grappa or other alcohol added to a shot of espresso served in a demitasse cup. Coffee is the prevailing taste here. Ensure the alcohol you use is at room temperature, and avoid fruity or citrusy ones. Why? Take a look at our corretto coffee recipe for more details on the best tips for the amount, temperature, and type of alcohol to use.

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