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The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

So you want delicious cold brew coffee without the mess and fuss associated with some makers? Consider the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker for an easy and satisfying way to make killer cold brew at home. 

Keep reading to find out how it fared when we gave it a test run.

The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker ‘In A Nutshell’

”I love the taste of cold brew. The coffee I had this morning after my first attempt was as good as what I had yesterday from the coffee shop. So good, so flavorful!”

The OXO cold brewing device is a simple, tidy cold brew system. Once you set up its many pieces, it acts as a tower, with the coffee grounds and water steeping above and a sleek glass carafe tucked underneath.

Once the brew has finished steeping, flip the brew switch to allow the coffee to drain through into the carafe. This brew switch is the easiest cold brew filtering method I’ve encountered (1).

Flip the switch, walk away.

This brewer is great for people who don’t want to have to stow it away after each use, as it sits on a counter quite nicely. ​ Plus, the taste is excellent.

Before Buying a Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Consider…

Cold brew is great for those who are looking for a less acidic coffee, whether that’s hot or cold. If you make a cold brew concentrate, you can dilute it with hot water for a smooth cup of hot coffee. If you prefer cold coffee, you’ve got a refreshing, easy-to-drink cup that will provide you with a sufficient dose of caffeine.

“You should also think about the practicalities. How much time and effort are you willing to invest in your cold brew? Do you drink it often enough to buy specialty equipment or is it something you only choose occasionally?”

Chances are, you want something easy to use, quick to set up and clean. If it takes too long to set up or clean after, you might as well just forget it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

oxo brew

Brew capacity is an important factor as well. If you are putting in the effort to start it, you may as well make enough to last you a week, right?

The Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • Ease Of Use
  • Quality of Brew
  • Capacity
  • Price

Ease of Use 4.5/5

The most difficult part of using the OXO Cold Brew is the initial setup. Because there are a number of pieces, it took a few minutes to unpack and unwrap everything. Once you set it up, however, you can leave most of it in place and just wash the actual brewer and carafe. We deducted only half a point for this.

Good Grips rainmaker

The “rainmaker” water dispersal system distributes the cold water over the entire bed of ground coffee. This helps ensure an even infusion. Then, leave the OXO out on your counter until the brewing time – 12 to 24 hours – is up. The sleek design makes this much easier on the eyes than some homemade science experiment with sieves, jars, and cheesecloth.

Our favourite thing about the OXO has to be the brew switch.

After 12-24 hours, depending on how strong you like your coffee, you simply flip a switch and it starts draining into the carafe underneath.

When the time’s up, just flip the switch and the OXO pours freshly made cold brew into the carafe. At the end of the brew with the OXO, you can just walk into the kitchen, flip the switch (so long as there’s a carafe underneath to catch all the coffee) and walk away, letting it drain for 10 or so minutes.

You can then transfer the carafe to your fridge where you can pour yourself a little cold brew concentrate for the next week or so, or till you run out.

Quality of Brew 4.5/5

The OXO Cold Brew comes with a stainless steel filter built into the brewing container. This filter isn’t going to get lost or need replacing – in fact, it can’t be replaced unless you buy a whole new brewer. So you don’t need to worry about purchasing new filters every couple of weeks.

coarse grounds in the OXO Good Grips

It’s effective at filtering out all but the smallest grounds. But if you worry about a gritty cup of coffee, the OXO also has optional paper filters if you want added filtration. The paper filter will keep additional oils from coming through, just as with drip coffee.

These filters are not necessary, but if you are sensitive to oils and acid in coffee, or are very particular about how your coffee tastes, these can be a great addition.

When you’re ready to drink, mix a little concentrate with some water – about 60 ml concentrate to 120-180 ml of water or milk (2). As with all cold brew concentrate, don’t dilute the entire batch. Concentrate keeps in the fridge longer; once you dilute, drink within 24 hours.

Capacity 4.5/5

One issue with any cold brew system is that the grounds absorb, and retain, a lot of water. Customers report that following the instructions with their OXO, they often get as little as 600 ml of coffee concentrate from more than one litre of water. In addition, the carafe holds only 950 ml of coffee.

the OXO Cold Brewer carafe

Compared with other cold brew makers such as the Filtron and Toddy, which produce larger amounts of concentrate, the OXO falls a little short in the capacity department. We deducted half a point for this.

Price 3.5/5

There’s really no way around it: the OXO has a pretty high price tag compared to many other cold brew coffee makers. And since (let’s face it) you can make cold brew with a Mason jar and a homemade filter, you really have to value the convenience of the OXO. We deducted a point and a half for this.

Having said that, a homemade cold brew system isn’t going to have the nifty brew switch that the OXO does, which means you’re paying not only for convenience but also for much less time spent cleaning up your counters.

But is it worth the price? Let’s take a look at a couple of other options to help you make the call.

Don’t buy The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker if…

You want something cheaper – then Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a better choice. Hario cold brewer is also much simpler than the OXO. On the downside, starting the actual brew takes more time. And when brewing is complete, you have coffee, not concentrate. We’ve reviewed this brewer in detail here.

You worry about the environment – Toddy T2N Home Coffee Brewing System is the one for you. The Toddy brewer has been around a long time and is very popular for home cold brewers (3). It has a simple design but is slightly more involved when starting and filtering the brew. The cloth filter is what sets this brewer apart, and thousands swear by its ability to produce the smoothest, least acidic coffee. If you’re interested, here are more details about the Toddy.

You don’t have a lot of fridge space – Cold brew can be left at room temperature. But if you’re like us, who like our cold brew cold, then keeping the brewer in the fridge is a must. Unfortunately, not a lot of us have ample fridge space. If you’re one of those with limited room in your fridge, then Hario’s coffee bottle can be a better choice. Read our Hario cold brew bottle review to learn more.

You’re a coffee geek – you want Yama Cold Brew Tower. The Yama is a work of art. Put this brewer on your kitchen counter and you will get plenty of oohs and ahhs when guests are over. This brewer isn’t for the faint of heart, though. It comes with a hefty price tag and the most effort to start the brew.

The Verdict

The Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker is definitely one to consider when looking for a home cold brewing device.

When you’re looking for a reliable, consistent cold brew method, look no further. It produces an excellent cup, looks good on the counter and has an easy brewing process. And that brew switch means no fiddling with sieves, cheesecloth, or cork stoppers – just flip it and get on with your day.

Ready to give the Oxo a try? Check it out here.

the OXO Cold Brew Maker and some iced coffees

And if the OXO is not your cup of tea (I mean…coffee) for some reason, we put together another great list of the customer favourite cold brewers here.

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