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Refurbished Espresso Machine

Where To Find Refurbished (used) Espresso Machines

You’ve heard that refurbished espresso machines can be a good way to save some serious cash. But where can you find a quality refurbished espresso machine?

Getting a 2nd hand espresso machine can be like getting a good used car. If you go to a reputable dealer you can rest easy knowing that you’re not getting a lemon. You’re getting good value for your hard-earned cash… and if you play your cards right, even better value. Refurbished espresso machines operate under the same concept.

We’ve put together a list of reputable refurbished espresso machine resellers below so you can avoid those lemons. Here’s a quick summary of the best refurbished espresso machine sellers online in the US:

1st in Coffee Subscription Logo 1st In Coffee
  • Wide selection, good deals, good online shopping experience.
seattle coffee gear brand logo Seattle Coffee Gear
  • Great deals on good machines.
whole latte love brand logo Whole Latte Love
  • Very large selection from an established company.
espresso machine experts brand logo Espresso Machine Experts
  • Very old, established company with knowledge and experience to help in your decision.

What Does Refurbished Really Mean?

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Refurbished Machine

Refurbished espresso makers are gently used espresso makers that have either been returned to the seller (usually within the time limit of the return policy), or were demo models. They’ve been cleaned up, descaled, and checked over to make sure nothing is damaged and that the unit is still in working order.

From there, and if they come through a reputable reseller, they get carefully repackaged.

Usually the only things missing are non-essential items, like specific box packaging that might be on a brand new version of the product.

Little consumable perks like hardness-testing strips and water filters may also be left out, but the loss is negligible when it comes to the overall cost of an espresso machine.

Finally, there may be minor cosmetic blemishes that might make it not quite as perfect as… well, a new one. But really, those blemishes are part of why you’re saving hundreds of dollars.

WARNING: Buy Through Legitimate Refurbished Resellers ONLY

Alright, so we know what we’re getting into when buying a refurbished coffee maker.

With that said, though, how do you even begin shopping for one?

If you look up “used home espresso machines” on Craigslist, you have no idea what you’re really getting.

You want to be on the lookout for factory refurbished espresso machines. That way you know you’re getting a genuine, functioning, quality product that comes backed by a company that knows what they’re doing.

Here’s a great video that shows how Whole Latte Love (refurbished reseller #3!) goes through their refurbishing process.

It’s worth watching, and will help build confidence in getting a factory refurbished machine, especially if you get it from a reputable seller!

How to Choose a Used Espresso Machine That Fits Your Needs

Where are you in your espresso journey?

Are you in that early stage where you’re Googling a million espresso maker reviews? Maybe you already know what the best espresso machine for your home is, but the one you’ve used for years finally bit the dust?

Wherever you may be, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an espresso machine.

There are differences like automatic, semi-automatic, and manual, hand pull espresso machines. How often will the machine be used? How picky are you about the quality of your equipment?

First, decide what type of machine you want: A semi-automatic machine (read this guide) or something like a super automatic espresso machine (which happens to be where you’ll find the biggest and best refurbished discounts)

Make Sure You Get A Warranty

While you’re spending less money overall, buying an espresso maker is not a flippant decision. And a good refurbished reseller knows that!

That’s why it’s always important to look for a warranty option (one year or more is great!), as well as what it covers (limited warranties are tricky business).

Don’t Ignore Shipping Costs

Another factor to consider that can be a bigger deal is shipping. These purchases are large enough that most good refurbished resellers will offer free shipping (or free over $50).

If you do find a great deal that doesn’t have free shipping though, factor that in before you commit, as it may change the overall price significantly!

The 4 Most Reliable Refurbished Coffee Machine Marketplaces

Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Here are some of the best places to get refurbished espresso makers on the web.

1st In Coffee (most reliable)


Buckle up folks, we’re starting with a high-caliber one! 1st In Coffee is your one-stop shop for refurbished espresso coffee makers, along with a ton of other cool coffee stuff.

The company is officially based out of New Jersey and has been around since 2002. But physical location isn’t the point with 1st In Coffee – it’s internet presence.

Their goal is to give you the best online coffee shopping experience you can find this side of… your computer screen!

Their refurbished espresso coffee machines are all factory restored and tested and come with a full year warranty.

That’s a big deal in the refurbished espresso business. I mean, it’s not a Cadillac, but you’re investing a lot into this, right?

Well, 1st In Coffee is one of the few retailers out there that provides such a lengthy protection policy. They truly believe in their products and refurbishing skills.

Not only that, but unlike many coffee sites, they actually have their own dedicated page and menu tab specifically for refurbished machines. And it even have a subsection just for Jura espresso makers.

They also offer free shipping on anything over $50.

In Summary:

  • Warranty? – 1 year
  • Shipping? – Free on orders over $50
  • Why we love them – They’re the kings of online refurbished espresso maker shopping!

Whether you’re looking for the best automatic espresso machine, the best manual espresso machine, or anything in between, 1st In Coffee is the way to go.


  • Free shipping for orders over $50
  • Easy-to-use site
  • An impressive 1-year warranty


  • Though the overall service was very positive, multiple reviews did mention weak communication with customers

Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear

While you’re on the hunt for the best espresso machine for your home, it’s not a bad idea to stop by Seattle Coffee Gear’s website to see what they’ve got brewing.

This company has managed to not only survive, but thrive as one of the foremost coffee authorities in the impressively glutted artisan coffee scene of Seattle.

But Seattle Coffee Gear is not only popular for its coffee.

It is also a large enough operation to be able to offer some pretty nice refurbished machines – and at some really great prices, too.

In fact, they’re one of the best places to get truly GREAT discounts on the machines they resell. They don’t just chip $50 or $100 off the price. Often you’re looking at sizeable discounts for the machines.

They offer free shipping and a 6-month warranty (which can be extended for a cost), with any of the machines that are refurbished in-house, while the Jura Capresso machines they sell have a full 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Their selection is not the most diverse, however, and while they have good discounts, you will have to choose from a fairly limited amount of options.

In Summary:

  • Warranty? – 6 months
  • Shipping? – Free
  • Why we love them – Great discounts on factory warranty repaired machines!

One final note on the company: they’re very customer-centric in their vision, which means they’re out to help you.

And in the world of artisan coffee, a company that genuinely cares about the coffee drinker as much as the farmer, roaster, etc. is worth paying attention to!


  • High-quality service and products
  • Offers an extended warranty option (although at extra cost)


  • Has a smaller selection of options available

Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love

Founded in 1997, Whole Latte Love has been in the espresso business for over 20 years – so it should come as no surprise that they know what they’re doing.

If having a ton of options makes you giddy, these are the people you want to check out.

The folks at Whole Latte Love don’t just claim refurbished; they claim “like-new.” They’re that confident about how top-caliber their machines are.

When you add into the mix their live chat, phone, and email contact options, they’re readily available when you need them (when they’re open, of course).

They actually popped into the chat box in the bottom corner of the page and proactively asked if we needed anything while we were on the site!

Their refurbished prices seem to be a little bit less impressive up front, but they do have a price match policy (1) that is worth keeping in mind, wherever you end up shopping!

They also allow returns within 30 days, but each factory-refurbished espresso machine only comes with a 6-month warranty, which seems, upon further investigation, to have a lot of caveats and conditions.

Caveats aside, Whole Latte Love exudes authority when it comes to refurbished machines. They know what they’re doing, and they’re not afraid to let the whole world know.

In Summary:

  • Warranty? – 30 day returns + 6 month limited warranty
  • Shipping? – Free on orders over $50
  • Why we love them – Options, options, options!

If you’re looking for an authoritative source for a refurbished machine, they’re worth checking out.


  • Has a large inventory of options
  • Has a wide price range, from dozens to thousands of dollars


  • Offers just a 6-month limited warranty (warranties don’t extend out of the U.S. either)
  • Warranty repairs will charge you shipping.


Espresso Machine Experts

Espresso Machine Experts

We like this Michigan-based company because they’re established veterans.

How established? Try thirty years! The owner Luciano Iarusso’s story of founding the company goes back to 1987.

Espresso Machine Experts doesn’t just boast longevity, though. The owner is straight from Italy!

The inspiration of a true Italian… well that’s just something you can’t always get in the modern artisan coffee world these days.

Espresso Machine Experts is also big enough to be able to have its own on-site factory warranty work, which means they can provide in-house refurbished espresso machines!

They back each one up with another 6-month warranty as well.

Like Whole Latte Love, they offer live support, including a chat option on the site.

They also have free shipping, but you can’t order outside of the U.S. (with the exception of an affiliate company in Canada).

In Summary:

  • Warranty? – 6 months
  • Shipping? – Free, but only within the U.S
  • Why we love them – They bring knowledge and experience to the refurbished process

Overall Espresso Machine Experts are, well… experts!

They’ve got a lot of passion and commitment that stands out even within a craft that universally boasts of passion and commitment.

If you want to shop at a place that has been proving it since the dawn of the modern coffee era, you’ll want to pay their site a visit.


  • Thirty-year espresso business veterans
  • Good selection
  • Many lower-priced options


  • Just a 6-month warranty
  • Only ship within the U.S.



The world of coffee is truly vast and intricate. It will give even the most avid enthusiasts endless levels of nuance that can spice up their coffee adventures and leave them looking for more. And the search for a refurbished espresso maker is no exception.

While all of these resellers are great, our official choice for the best site to find a good refurbished espresso machine is 1st In Coffee.



Their site is easy to use, they’ve got a whopping 1-year warranty, and a great selection of machines to boot. Wherever you end up choosing to look, though, will you do one thing for us, please?

Don’t stress!

Embrace the journey and enjoy the process of seeking that double thrill of getting a legit, high-end espresso maker while simultaneously saving big on the cost by purchasing a refurbished model.

Once you’ve got your pick we’d love to hear from you. Comment and leave us three pieces of feedback:

  • What site you went with
  • What model you chose
  • How much you saved compared to buying new

Happy deal hunting!

  1. Price Match Policy – Whole Latte Love Retrieved from https://www.wholelattelove.com/pages/price-match-policy
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