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The Stanley One Hand Vacuum Travel Coffee Mug Review

If you’re planning on investing in a travel mug that will last you for years and that you can use during your outdoor adventures, you need a durable, practical, and reliable model.

Luckily, this one ticks all the boxes. Find out all about its features in our Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug review.

Summary: The Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug

Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug UK
  • Manufactured by the pioneers in vacuum-insulated flasks since 1913
  • Keeps coffee or tea hot from 3 to 7 hours
  • Leak-proof lid’s trigger mechanism facilitates one-handed drinking

We have this one-handed, trigger-action, fully leak proof mug. A single push lets you open, drink and close this mug without ever having to pop or unscrew a top.

– Stanley PMI

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug Review

Stanley products have been around for more than a century, and are well-loved by multiple generations. The reason is simple — they make exceptional, reliable products. The One Hand Trigger Action Mug comes from this revered lineage, and we expect it to perform just as well.

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Value For Money

Design – 4.5/5

The Stanley Classic is a no-frills travel mug with an aesthetically-pleasing retro style. It has the classic Stanley look, especially in the hammertone green colour. If you’re not a fan of the green, the mug now comes in a range of more than 10 colours.

The Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug is available in 250 ml, 350 ml, and 470 ml sizes.

The robust design is all about practicality and functionality, and is perfect for hikes and travels! (1)

Whether you are planning an extended wilderness backpacking excursion or you plan to do a bit of car camping, don’t leave home without coffee!

It has an incredibly durable 18/8 stainless steel body, and a BPA-free plastic screw-on lid. The vacuum insulated construction ensures that the outer surface of the travel mug remains condensation-free, and the lid is 100% leakproof. The lid also features a handy trigger mechanism, that allows you to drink with one hand. Although it doesn’t have any handle or finger loop, it’s designed to fit in most cupholders

Performance – 4.5/5

Stanley is a pioneer in vacuum insulated thermoses (2), so it’s no surprise that this practical travel mug doesn’t disappoint. The Stanley Classic is designed to keep your coffee piping hot, but the duration depends on the size — 3 hours for 250 ml, 5 hours for 350 ml, and 7 hours for 470 ml. Your mileage may vary based on how frequently you’re sipping from it. We can’t fault it when it comes to keeping drinks cold either.

The one-hand operation works flawlessly. You just push a button to open the sipping hole and release the button to close it.

And once it’s closed, there are zero leaks from the bottle.

The cleaning process, you ask? Also effortless! The Stanley Classic is entirely dishwasher safe. You can even disassemble the lid for deep cleaning, so there’s no chance of grime collecting inside the push button mechanism.

Value For Money – 4.5/5

You know how grandparents claim that things they bought back-then were built to last? Well, Stanley products are one of them.

Invented in 1913 and used by pilots during World War II (3), we believe they know a thing or two about quality and durability. The Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug is no exception. It’s built to bear the brunt of an adventurous lifestyle and comes with a lifetime warranty. This travel mug is probably going to last you forever, which makes it excellent value for money.

Do Not Buy The Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug If…

stanley coffee bottle

You want a travel mug that you can attach to your gear – If you’re going cycling or hiking, you’ll probably want a mug you can attach to your backpack with a carabiner. Check out the CamelBak Forge. This leak-proof travel mug comes with a handy finger-carry loop and an impact cap on the bottom.

You want to brew and drink from the same mug – If you want to enjoy fresh-brewed coffee wherever you are, you’ll need a portable coffee maker. The Espro Travel Coffee Press lets you brew French press style coffee and keeps it hot for hours. Find out all about it in our review.

You want a stylish, modern travel mug – If you want your travel mug to looks stylish and modern, you might want to take a look at the KeepCup Brew Glass. It will definitely catch the attention of the barista when you ask for a refill. Despite being made of toughened glass, we didn’t find it to be travel-friendly when we reviewed it here.

The Zojirushi travel mug is a more travel-friendly option. Compared to the Stanley mug, it can keep your coffee hot for just as long, if not more. You can see how it compares to the Stanley mug in other areas in our in-depth review.

The Verdict On The Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug 4.5/5

The Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug is one of our favourite travel mugs due to its tank-like build quality, leak-proof lid, and one-handed operation.

Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug UK


While its classic stainless steel design might not be to everyone’s liking, this travel mug is guaranteed to keep your coffee or tea hot for hours. That makes the Stanley Classic Mug perfect for sipping on your hot beverage, whether you’re out camping or on your daily commute.

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