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Wandering Bear Coffee Caffeine: Extra Strong Cold Brew Straight Black

Bold. Black. Bear? Coffee! Wandering Bear has strong, surprisingly smooth, and 100% organic coffee with 100% recyclable packaging. Matt and Ben, the co-founders and definitely not bears, have a silly, serious, and seriously silly approach to perfecting the best sugar-free and dairy-free cold brews.

This article analyses the amounts of Wandering Bear Coffee caffeine. Let’s take a closer look.

caffeine in wandering bear cold brewcoffee

Wandering Bear Coffee Caffeine 

Wandering Bear coffee caffeine equals the amount of caffeine in two shots of espresso, or 150 mg of caffeine (1). However, the amount of caffeine in cold brew coffees varies considerably (2).

Caffeine content among cold brews is considerably harder to predict than the amount of acid.

If you want to make your own cold brew coffee at home, experiment with the types of coffee beans used and their resulting grinds, the amount of water added and its temperature and the length of time steeped in the fridge or at room temperature.

Wandering Bear coffee is highly-rated with a 5-star rating on its site from thousands of satisfied human (definitely not bear) customers.

What was our rating? Check it out in our Wandering Bear coffee review.

How Does The Bear Compare?

Wandering Bear coffee has 150 mg of caffeine in 6 fluid oz. Let’s compare this to some other well-known cold brews.

Wandering Bear Vs Stumptown

Stumptown Coffee Roasters have cold brew products varying from 8 fluid oz. to 11 fluid oz. The least amount of caffeine in Stumptown cold brew products is 247 mg in the 11-fluid oz. Sized cold brews with milk, chocolate milk, winter cheer, oats, chocolate oats, and horchata oatly offerings. The greatest amount is 470 mg in an 8-fluid oz. Serving of cold brew concentrate (3).

Wandering Bear Vs Starbucks

Starbucks cold brew coffee has 155 mg of caffeine in 12 fluid oz. Tall size, 205 mg in a 16-fluid oz. Grande size, 310 mg in a 24-fluid oz. Venti size, and 360 mg in a 30 fluid oz. Trenta size. Starbucks Nitro cold brew coffee has 245 mg of caffeine in a tall and 345 mg in a grande (4).

For a brief explanation of Starbucks Nitro cold brew coffee, check out this YouTube video featuring The Science Guy himself!

Wandering Bear Vs Death Wish

Death Wish’s cold brew coffee has a whopping 300 mg of caffeine in a can of 8 fluid oz. This highly-caffeinated, unsweetened black coffee calls itself “The World’s Strongest Cold Brew.” Don’t let the skull put you off – the arabica-robusta blend used is certified organic. (5)

Final Thoughts

Wandering Bear Extra Strong Cold Brew Straight Black coffee has 150 mg of caffeine in every serving with 6 fluid oz. It is delicious, smooth, extra strong, organic, and stays fresh. It even has a cute bear on the box! What more can you ask for from your cold brew?


Starbucks bottled iced coffee has the most caffeine, with 640 mg of caffeine in a bottle of 48 fluid oz. This amounts to 13.3 mg of caffeine per fluid oz. Chameleon cold brew coffee is close, with 520 mg of caffeine in a bottle of 8 fluid oz., amounting to 65 mg of caffeine per fluid oz.

There is approximately 125 mg of caffeine per serving in a bottle of 48 fluid oz. of Stok un-sweet black cold brew coffee. An individual bottle of 13.7 fluid oz. has 145 mg of caffeine. The strongest Stok product offering has 170 mg of caffeine per serving in a bottle of 48 fluid oz. of Stok un-sweet extra bold cold brew coffee. (6)

Califia Farms’ pure black medium-roast cold brew coffee has caffeine. When its caffeine strength is mild, it has less than 50 mg of caffeine per serving; when it is strong, it has more than 150 mg per serving. This is for 48 fluid oz.

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