Why Put Eggshells in Coffee?

The first time I heard about eggshells in coffee I thought,

“Do what now? Those things come out of a chicken!”

But the truth is, using eggshells in your coffee can be a game changer for your coffee regimen, especially if you struggle to enjoy those more acidic brews.

I’ve broken down the reasons why below, along with a recipe to help you implement this cheap and easy way to improve your coffee life.

The Benefits of Eggshells in Coffee


It should come as no surprise to any coffee drinker that this stuff can be acidic. But just because you know coffee will be acidic, doesn’t mean you WANT it to be, right?

I mean, anyone with acid reflux will tell you how wonderful (and hard to find) a good cup of low acid coffee can be.

The solution? Use eggshells! Eggshells make coffee less acidic, which is especially helpful if you brew strong coffee.

In addition to this, eggshells’ calcium content is through the roof, making them a great dietary supplement. Check out this resource if you want to learn a bit more about how to make eggshell powder, too.

How Do Eggshells Make Coffee Less Bitter, Though?

Eggshells are alkaline, which means when they are added to coffee, the alkali they contain help to neutralize the acidity already present in the coffee. This balances out the pH level and removes the bitter, over-extracted flavor in the process.

Taming the King of Strong Brews

While many brewing methods can produce bright, acidic coffee (such as the French press), there’s one that stands as the poster child for strong coffee: cowboy coffee. And strong usually equates on some level with… acidic.

However, cowboy coffee is often made with eggshells! It’s a perfect example of how eggshells can subdue even the wildest coffee.

Eggshell Coffee Recipe

Now that we understand why eggshells are so helpful, let’s take a quick look at actually making coffee with eggshells.

What You’ll Need

  • Eggs – approximately one eggshell per four cups of coffee
  • Coffee beans
  • Your coffee maker of choice
  • Hot water – for the coffee
  • Hot water – for the eggshells
  • Frying pan (optional)
Note: The number of eggshells is simply a suggestion. You can add three, four, or more to your pot as you experiment with the flavor and find the right amount for you. Just remember, the eggshells will have a slight impact on the actual flavor of the coffee, so adding too many eggs can be an issue.


  1. Begin by grinding the coffee fresh. This is ALWAYS the best way to make your coffee.
  2. Crack the eggs either into a bowl, or into the frying pan! Breakfast, anyone?
  3. Clean the shells thoroughly in hot water. You don’t want any leftover egg in there.
  4. Add your coffee grounds into your coffee maker.
  5. Crush up the egg shells (not so small they could get through your filter, though) and add them in with the grounds.
  6. Add the hot water.
  7. Discard or compost the eggshells and coffee grounds.
  8. Enjoy your less acidic coffee!
Note: Steps 4-6 can be done in a different order depending on your brewing setup. Just make sure they all get in there!

Why Put Eggshells in Coffee

egg tray and a cup of coffee

So, now you know! Adding eggshells to your coffee can dramatically reduce the acidity, making the coffee that much smoother.

Don’t be a chicken about this, start adding those eggshells to your coffee, now! What do you have to lose?

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