Strongest Coffee Brands In The World (Top 5)

Need an extra kick to get you going? Or maybe you're just a true caffeine veteran?Whether you need an extreme energy boost for your mornings or night shifts, or if you just like the taste of pure caffeine, these strong coffee brands have got you covered.

Keep reading for the world’s strongest coffee brands...and no, it ain't what you think (there's coffee stronger than Death Wish Coffee)

What Is The Strongest Coffee?

Biohazard Coffee

The strongest coffee is Biohazard coffee with 928mg of caffeine per 12-ounce mug. That’s more than double the daily limit in just one serving. The most well known brand; Death Wish Coffee, has 728mg of caffeine per 12-ounce mug. Click here to try BIOHAZARD Coffee.

Defining 'The Strongest Coffee In The World'

First of all, we need to define what is really meant by the “strength” of coffee. Typically, strength can refer to two things: roast level or amount of caffeine. Let’s take a closer look at what these factors mean when you’re brewing coffee at home.

Coffee beans in a tube

"You will get double the amount of caffeine for the same amount of coffee" - Mary Sweeney, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Different Beans Have Different Levels Of Caffeine

The chemical composition of coffee - meaning the ratio of different flavor compounds and the amount of caffeine - depends on things such as soil, altitude, and species.

There are two widely grown species of coffee: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora, also known as Robusta. The Robusta bean contains 2.1% caffeine on average which is almost double the 1.2% of the Arabica bean (1). This is one of the main reasons why Robusta coffee is considered cheaper and lower quality than Arabica: caffeine has a bitter taste, which means its flavor profile is less mellow. However, Robusta coffee can be well suited for dark roasts and espresso. 

There are differences of composition within the species as well, depending on the region where the beans are grown. Some varieties of Arabica are more caffeinated than others. Companies that aim to produce especially caffeine-charged coffee test beans from various regions to find the ones that fit their bill (2)

Roast Levels Do NOT Indicate Strength

People often associate roast level with strength - it seems logical that a rich, dark roast would be stronger than a light one. However this is actually a misconception. There is no direct correlation between roast and strength. 

In fact, it might surprise some people to learn that light roast coffee is actually stronger than dark roasted coffee in terms of caffeine content.

In fact, it might surprise some people to learn that light roast coffee is actually “stronger” in terms of caffeine content.

Although light roast coffee tastes brighter and looks lighter, it packs more of a punch when it comes to stimulating your nervous system. This is because light roast coffee is roasted for a shorter time, leaving the beans closer to their natural, hyper-caffeinated state.

Roasting the beans for longer produces a darker color and deeper flavor, but also eliminates more of the natural caffeine and flavor compounds. This is why lighter roasts tend to have more complex floral notes and also more caffeine.

It’s Really The Brew That Counts

While the flavor profile of the beans is largely determined by the roasting process, the barista really has the final say in terms of strength. If you use more beans per shot of espresso or cup of drip, you get stronger coffee - it’s as simple as that.

Of course, just brewing with an insanely high ratio of beans to water isn’t going to produce a cup of coffee that is nice (or even safe) to drink. If you want to make coffee that is stronger than normal, you should use beans that have a naturally high caffeine content instead. The brewing method and recipe you chose will determine the ideal ratio of beans to water.

There are some brews that require a larger amount of grounds than others, such as cold brew. This is because the extraction process is less effective, so more of the coffee is “wasted” in a way. Conversely, something like espresso brewing effectively uses up pretty much all of the flavor compounds present in the beans, so only a small amount of grounds per cup is required to produce “strong” coffee.

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Your Grind Size Matters

This is closely related to the previous point. The finer the grind, the greater the density of flavor compounds (and thus caffeine). Grind size is an easy way to control the strength of coffee. But there are limitations. Specifically, the French press and most pour-overs are much better suited for medium or coarse ground beans. This is because a fine grind will prolong the extraction, making for over-extracted and bitter coffee. Moreover, especially with a French press, fine grounds will escape the plunger and float in your cup.

Espresso is one of the few brewing methods where a fine grind is preferred. In the case of espresso, the strength can be intensified by grinding the beans more finely. This is something you can experiment with to find your preferred level of intensity.

“Strength” Is An Elusive Concept

To sum it up, it’s hard to define what “strong” coffee really is. Although dark roasts taste bold and rich, they have been roasted to the point where much of the caffeine content is actually gone.

Looking at it from a scientific point of view, lighter roasts are usually stronger in terms of caffeine content - but in the subjective experience of the drinker, they might not seem strong at all. In many cases, coffee marketed as “strong” is just a regular dark or espresso roast.

However, there are some coffee companies that focus on the actual caffeine content of their blends. When you want to have some seriously strong coffee, and not in name only, check these out. Be prepared for jitters!

WARNING: These coffee's are suited for people with high caffeine tolerances only. Please speak to a health professional before consuming any coffee listed on this website. Be aware of your limits.

 400mg of caffeine is the daily limit according to the The FDA and the International Food Information Council.

The 5 Strongest Coffee Brands In The World

In this article we are looking at brands that self-label themselves as strong coffee. If you want more information on the strength of different brew methods, bean types and roasts; read our article: 'what type of coffee has the most caffeine?'

hg-table__imageDeath Wish Coffee
  • Beans are sourced from India and Peru
  • Caffeine content: 728 mg/12oz mug
  • Price:$$$
hg-table__imageBlack Insomnia
  • Dark roast
  • Caffeine content: 702 mg/12oz mug
  • Price: $$$
hg-table__imageKiller Coffee
  • Offers whole beans and Aeropress bundles
  • Caffeine content: 645 mg/12oz mug
  • Price: $$
hg-table__imageBanned Coffee
  • Made from arabica and robusta beans
  • Caffeine content: 474 mg/12oz mug
  • Price: $
hg-table__imageBiohazard Coffee
  • Dark-roasted Robusta beans
  • Caffeine content: 928 mg/12oz mug
  • Price: $$

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is one of the best-known brands for strong coffee, at least in the United States. This can be largely attributed to the publicity gained after the company won a free Super Bowl ad in 2016, in a competition between small businesses. Since then, Death Wish Coffee has been flying off the shelves.

Claiming to be the most potent coffee in the world (like pretty much every coffee on this list, as you will see), Death Wish packs an impressive 728 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup. For the record, the current consensus, as stated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is that the safe daily limit for caffeine consumption is 400 milligrams per day. (3)

The company won’t reveal what coffee beans it uses to make its supercharged product, but they do claim to meticulously test the caffeine content of each batch they source. The taste of Death Wish is surprisingly palatable: strong, but not overwhelmingly bitter or unpleasant. Despite its name, Death Wish does not feel particularly threatening to drink.

Read our FULL Death Wish Coffee Review here.


  • Caffeine level: 728 mg in a 12-ounce mug (but this measurement has been disputed by Black Insomnia)
  • Type of bean: Undisclosed (though beans are sourced from India and Peru)
  • Sizes available: Regular 16 ounces and extra large 5 pounds

Black Insomnia Coffee

Continuing with the trend of menacing names, Black Insomnia Coffee is another contender for worlds strongest coffee. There has been some pretty strong rivalry between Black Insomnia and Death Wish, with the former trying to discredit the latter’s claim of being the most caffeinated coffee on the planet (4). While it’s difficult to scientifically prove which one is right, we can probably all agree that both are extremely strong.

Black Insomnia was introduced to the market in South Africa just last year, but has already gained a loyal following overseas because of the brand’s strong online presence. While its macho claims of overpowering Death Wish may be unappealing to some, it does pack a serious caffeine punch, so it’s worth trying for people who really want to stay awake.

The packaging on Black Insomnia is minimalist in a pretty terrifying way. However, similarly to the Death Wish, it doesn’t actually taste all that different from regular coffee. It’s strong and slightly bitter, but not overwhelmingly so. The dark roast gives it a hint of nutty sweetness not that different from a regular French roast or espresso roast. 


  • Caffeine level: 702 mg per 12-ounce mug. According to Black Insomnia, independent lab tests (5) show that Death Wish coffee actually contains less caffeine than this - it’s controversial.
  • Type of bean: Undisclosed - most likely Robusta
  • Sizes available: Regular 16-ounce bag, 10- and 50-packs of Nespresso capsules also available

Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee is an Australian entry in the supercharged coffee category. 

While a lot of the coffee brands that are marketing themselves on strength are not big on things like freshness or third wave craftiness, Killer Coffee seems to hit a midway point between these two worlds. Although it has clearly branded itself as a “strong” coffee first and foremost, it also offers things like whole bean and Aeropress bundles.

Killer Coffee doesn’t claim to be the most powerful coffee in the world, but it does still contain an impressive 645 mg of coffee per 12-ounce cup, much more than regular coffee. It is a very dark roast with a mellow, strong but not bitter flavor.


  • Caffeine level: 645 mg per 12-ounce mug
  • Type of bean: Undisclosed - probably a blend of Robusta and Arabica
  • Sizes available: Regular 16-ounce bag, variety of bundles also sold on their website

Banned Coffee

For reasons unclear, Banned Coffee has also entered the race for being the strongest in the world, although this is a quickly disproved claim. Nevertheless, it is still very strong at 474 milligrams per 12-ounce serving.

Banned Coffee actually seems to take a slightly contradictory approach in its communication. It simultaneously claims to be the most powerful coffee in the world along with producing coffee that is both strong and high-quality. It would make more sense if they just focused on the latter aspect.

Banned Coffee is basically a regular medium-dark roast coffee blend with some added Robusta for extra caffeine content. It would make an amusing gift for a teenager, but it’s not really the most intense contender on this list.


  • Caffeine level: 474 mg per 12-ounce cup
  • Type of bean: Blend of Robusta and Arabica
  • Sizes available: Sizes vary from 10 ounces to 2 pounds; they sell whole bean, pre-ground, K-Cups and coffee pods.

Biohazard Coffee

Although it isn’t the best known of the brands on this list, Biohazard Coffee may actually be the most potent, based on caffeine content alone. Caffeine Informer recently lab tested a sample of this coffee and found it contains 928 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce mug (6) - that’s more than double the daily limit in just one serving.

Made with Robusta beans, Biohazard Coffee claims to: “Leave you feeling invincible, obtain non-stop productivity, enjoy sleepless nights, partake in all-nighter study sessions, and become unstoppable”. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then go for it. But be careful.

“If you drink more than 20 cups of Black Insomnia, you win the Darwin Awards ... an award for people who pass away for doing stupid things." - Caffeine Informer

It's available in both pre-ground and whole bean form, with sizes ranging from 1 to 5 pounds. However, Biohazard isn’t as invincible in the taste department as it might be when it comes to caffeine content. It tastes surprisingly bland for something that is marketed so boldly.

Like most of the coffees on this list, its taste is close to a regular dark roast. This might be deceptive - don’t forget you’re still drinking something that could actually prove dangerous to your health.


  • Caffeine level: 928 mg per 12-ounce mug - strongest on this list!
  • Type of bean: Robusta
  • Sizes available: 16 ounces and 5 pounds


What kind of coffee has the most caffeine?

Highly caffeinated coffee beans such as the ones discussed in this article have the most caffeine. Regarding roasts: Light roasts tend to have more caffeine than dark roasts (the longer a bean is roasted, the more caffeine is burnt off). Regarding brew styles; espresso brewed coffee is the strongest. 

Is Espresso stronger than coffee?

Yes, espresso is stronger than coffee, pound for pound. A shot of espresso contains up to 40mg caffeine per ounce on average. Brewed coffee contains up to 10mg caffeine per ounce on average (7). This makes espresso up to 4x stronger than brewed coffee. Of course; you wouldn't drink the same volume of espresso than you would of brewed coffee.

How much caffeine is in a cup of Death Wish Coffee?

There is 728mg of caffeine in a standard cup of death wish coffee. This measurement is based on a 12-ounce cup. This makes death wish coffee the 2nd most caffeinated coffee brand on this list, with the first being Biohazard coffee.

How much caffeine will kill you?

10 grams of caffeine is considered a lethal dose which could kill you. This depends on the person consuming however. A standard coffee has between 100-200mg of caffeine, meaning you would likely have to drink more than 30 coffees in one go to reach the 10g range. (8)

THE VERDICT - What is the Worlds Strongest Coffee?

The strength of coffee is a subjective experience. From an objective viewpoint, however, lab tests indicate that Biohazard Coffee is the strongest in the world, containing a whopping 928-mg dose of caffeine in each 12-ounce mug. That’s more than twice the daily upper limit in one serving... EEEK!

Biohazard Coffee

Consume at your own risk! These super caffeine charged coffees do not actually taste that different from a regular dark-roast coffee, which might make them even more dangerous. You won't notice the strength until after finishing your mug - you've been warned. If these are not for you, check out our other coffee bean recommendations.


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