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Mind-Blowing Coffee Recipes

Because sometimes you feel like something a little different, right? Check out some of our recent coffee recipe posts below, or head to this page to see a full list of amazing coffee recipes. We've got a huge range of easy to follow recipes from hot, cold(brew), iced, edible and everything in between.

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The best thing about brewing coffee is that your tastebuds can take a trip around the world simply by tasting beans from different regions and plantations. Below you'll find a few coffee bean guides, but visit this page so see our full list; we aim to help you understand and enjoy quality coffee beans from all corners of the globe.

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At HomeGrounds.co, we aim to inspire and educate coffee lovers from around the world on how to source, grind, roast and brew amazing quality coffee at home. You're in the right place if you love the process of brewing amazing coffee; from start to finish. You're in the wrong place if you drink coffee simply because of the caffeine pick me up, or if you drink low quality coffee (e.g. K-cups and instant coffee).

Coffee is so much more than a drink; its a way of life. For centuries its provided communities around the world with a means to live and thrive, and today, the world of coffee is more exciting than it's ever been before. Our aim is to publish the best content in the coffee space so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to buying and brewing amazing coffee. Enjoy.