Coffee Beans: How To Choose, Buy And Use Them Wisely

Congratulations. If you're reading this, you're a step ahead of most coffee lovers.

You understand the importance of choosing the right coffee beans. This page is where you'll learn everything you need to know about choosing the best beans, and avoiding the junk.

The following coffee guides aim to make your next cup of coffee extra special. 

We've included information on flavour, growing conditions, best brewing methods and where to buy the perfect beans.

Coffee From Around The World

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Coffee Beans World Map

Click on the country in which you are interested in, and start learning ALL about coffee beans from around the world!

Coffee is like snowflakes: no two cups are the same.

It’s no great secret that coffee comes in a variety of flavors and styles. Not just in the way it’s brewed, either, but the actual beans themselves. The way they’re roasted makes a big difference, and how they’re processed matters as well.

But, one of the biggest differences is where the coffee is from.

While only the most diehard fans might look into how a particular coffee has been processed, that doesn’t change the fact that everyone and their mother chooses coffee based on the name – and the name, more often than not, is based on the country or region where the coffee came from.

Why is this? We don’t get things like cereal or flour based on geographic locations.

But coffee is different. The place where a coffee bean is grown makes a huge impact on how it tastes.

There are obvious factors, such as the weather and climate, and access to water and mills that make a dramatic difference in the way a plant grows, but that’s not all. Different processing methods have developed all around the world – and you’ll even find various methods within the same, overarching culture.

That makes the coffee world a large and diverse one, and all the more exciting to explore.

This collection of posts and information can help guide you through the fascinating, yet complex, international world of coffee.

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Essential Reading - Don't Waste Those Precious Beans!

Before you go out and start spenidng your hard earned money on buying those beautiful beans, you need to understand how to treat them the right way.

A huge mistake many novice brewer make is to spend $$$ on great beans, only to butcher them without even knowing. Read these guides:

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Looking for something interesting?

Coffee is a global phenomenon. It crosses both country lines and cultural boundaries, and brings people together in an amazing way.

And yet, like any cross-cultural phenomenon worth its salt, it doesn’t lose itself in bringing everyone together. Each and every coffee community brings its own “flavor,” so to speak, to the table.

Here you can check out all things coffee: from the various types grown in different locations (and processed in different ways), to the endless techniques and coolest equipment you can use to prepare it.

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Considering a Coffee Subscription?

Whether you’re a born adventurer or you faithfully stick to your routine without variation, every coffee drinker needs a little change once in a while.

Sure, you could grab a different kind of coffee at the local grocery store, but choosing between two or three different types can be limiting, especially in a world as diverse as coffee.

But getting your hands on a variety of different coffee beans to try can be harder than it looks.

That’s where coffee subscriptions come into play. 

By signing up for a coffee subscription you take the hassle out of changing up your coffee routine.

With a subscription you’ll get a variety of excellent, high-quality coffee, whole bean or ground, delivered right to your door on a regular basis. No hassle, no fuss – just delicious coffee.

So, if you’re looking to mix things up with your morning cup of joe, consider one of these subscriptions to give your java (and by extension, yourself) a new burst of life.

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Suggested Retailers - Where to Buy Quality Coffee Beans

Focusing on robust varieties of coffee grown in regions with rich, volcanic soil, Volcanica Coffee is a U.S. based specialty importer of exotic, single origin, gourmet beans. 

Their coffee is roasted fresh when you place your order, and is painstakingly monitored from the plantation to your front door.

Check them out for all things volcanic coffee.

A family-run operation built from the ground up, this Hawaiian company specializes in providing first-rate Kona beans, accompanied by plenty of island vibes.

Koa Coffee has won several high-end coffee competitions and awards and has even been featured in Forbes’ “Top 10 Coffees of the World.”

And their hand-picked and carefully roasted Kona coffee can be shipped right to your door. If you’re looking for some Pacific Island coffee (and some Aloha), check them out.

With locations in Portland, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Chicago, the multi-state coffee empire known as Stumptown Coffee is focused on one thing: an enjoyable cup of joe.

This edgy company sources their coffee from remote partner plantations in over a dozen countries around the globe, particularly in the coffee-rich areas near the equator.

They also have their roasting process worked down to the second. If you’re looking for a well thought out, sustainably conscious, flat out delicious cup of coffee, check them out!

Originating in San Francisco in the 1990s, when premium coffee wasn’t yet a simple internet page away, Intelligentsia pioneered the concept of Direct Trade, cutting out the middleman and working directly with coffee plantations.

They now have locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Boston, and San Francisco, all of which they draw on for their unique coffee vibe.

Check them out if you’re looking for well-roasted, carefully sourced coffee from fairly treated partners.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, the team at Counter Culture Coffee is committed to revolutionizing the coffee industry. For two decades they have remained thoroughly committed to keeping themselves well-educated on the supply chain of coffee.

From there, they’ve created an inspiring and positive business model that uses sustainable practices and steadily provides some of the highest quality, whole bean coffee in the world. If you’re looking for same-day roasting and shipping combined with environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability, you can find out more on this crunchy company here.

Named after Central Europe’s first-ever coffee house, Blue Bottle Coffee is a collection of “impossibly eclectic” people committed to providing only the finest, responsibly sourced beans – all shipped within forty-eight hours of being roasted.

With locations in the Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami, Boston, and even Tokyo and Kyoto, Blue Bottle Coffee is worth checking out if you’re looking for a well thought out, trendy cup of joe.

Sweet Maria’s is a California-based company with an online store that focuses on providing an affordable variety of high-quality green, unroasted beans. Their fair trade, organic green coffees are carefully cupped and rated for quality.

And their site is tooled to be more than just an e-coffee shop – it’s an e-coffee university. Check them out for both green coffee information and the green stuff itself.

Coffee Bean Buying and Brewing FAQ's