How to Make a Boba Cold Brew Coffee

How to Make a Boba Cold Brew CoffeeBoba tea (also known as bubble tea) has been all the craze lately. But while this magical stuff is frothy, bubbly, and all around delicious, it’s missing something… coffee. That’s why we’re happy to present a solution: the Boba Cold Brew. This recipe brings together the spellbinding wonder of boba […]

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  • Updated February 10, 2019
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How to Make Vegan Espresso Fudgesicles

How to Make Vegan Espresso FudgesiclesThere are hot days, and then there are HOT days. When that thermometer pushes up into places it should never even consider going, you need to have a plan in place so you don’t melt into a pile of lethargic mush. We’d like to suggest a critical piece to your “stay cool […]

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Amaretto Supreme Latte Recipe

Amaretto Supreme Latte RecipeCoffee and nuts go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Hey, one of those is a nut too!)  But there are only so many cups of hazelnut coffee you can drink before your taste buds start screaming, “enough!”  If that’s you – a nutty-coffee lover who’s tired of hazelnut – we’ve got the solution: The […]

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Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe

Coffee Ice Cubes RecipeWe’ve all had that frustrating experience where you make an iced coffee drink, load it up with ice cubes, enjoy it for a few, cool seconds… and then spit out the next sip because it’s too watered down. Iced coffees are a wonderful addition to the coffee culinary canon, but figuring out a […]

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Broccoli Latte Recipe: All About This Trendy New Drink

Broccoli Latte Recipe: All About This Trendy New DrinkThe “broccolatte” is quickly gaining popularity – and it’s no wonder! This strange new drink takes our favorite thing (COFFEE!) and uses it to deal with that age-old problem that mom’s been badgering you about since you were three years old: eating your vegetables! Check out this broccoli latte […]

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New Orleans Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

New Orleans Cold Brew Coffee RecipeIf you’re a fan of cold brew, then you’re in good company. As great as it is, though, the truth is that even the greatest drinks can get old after a while. They need some sprucing up, but with many coffee cocktail recipes, that can take a lot of work! If you’re […]

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Eggnog Latte Recipe

Eggnog Latte RecipeDon’t you just hate when the holidays collide with your diet?  I mean, there are so many sweet options at every single party, it’s almost like they’re sprouting up just to tempt you to cave in… and then, of course, regret it later.Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. At least, not since […]

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5 Simple Ways to Grind Coffee Without a Coffee Grinder

5 Simple Ways to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Coffee Grinder [Some By Hand] Grinding whole-bean coffee right before brewing ensures freshness, reduces exposure to flavor-destroying oxygen, and helps to protect the natural flavors of the coffee from becoming bland and stale. But what if you don’t have a grinder? How can you grind fresh beans every […]

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