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Coffee Tech: 23 Cutting-Edge Gadgets for The Coffee Obsessed

Your coffee mug is lonely on the counter. Why not give it give it some new friends?

Coffee gadgets have become the next big thing for avid coffee lovers to fall in love with.

Not only are they a great way to create some DIY coffee hacks, but they also help you save time and money when brewing coffee.

Check out this list of 23 coffee gadgets that will help make your morning unbelievable and your counter the envy of coffee lovers everywhere.

23 Cutting Edge Gadgets For The Coffee Obssessed Pinterest
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1. The Cup Holder that Fits Perfectly onto Your Rolling Suitcase Handle

Anybody who flies a lot knows how hard it can be to juggle your luggage, your carry-on, jacket, and whatever else you have in your hands. Minimize that juggling by getting a suitcase coffee cup holder.

This silicone coffee cup holder attaches to your suitcase handle and keeps the cup upright and out of the hands.

2. A Measuring Spoon / Bag Clip (in one)

This useful little gadget combines two kitchen utensils into one making it more versatile and harder to lose!

The measuring spoon helps you measure out the perfect amount of coffee in the morning while the attached clip will keep your coffee beans fresh in the bag.

3. USB-Heated Travel Mug that You Can Plug into Your Computer to Keep Warm

There is nothing worse than throwing your hot coffee into your travel mug only find the coffee is ice-cold 20 minutes later.

Keep your coffee at the perfect temperature all day with this USB-powered travel mug. By plugging this cup into your computer, you will have piping hot coffee for your whole day of paper pushing and document filing.

If keeping your coffee hot is important to you, and you can’t wait, check out these hacks.

4. French Press…..In A Bag

This great little gadget takes all of the hard work out of coffee brewing and makes it as simple as boiling water.

The French Press in the Bag is pre-measured coffee grounds in a waterproof bag that allows you to simply add hot water and steep for four minutes to make a rich and delicious cup of coffee. The bag is designed with a built-in filter to keep the grounds from getting into your cup.

5. A Mug that Instantly Turns Hot Coffee into Iced Coffee (no ice required)

The Zoku Iced coffee maker is a double walled stainless steel travel mug will cool your hot tea or coffee in less than 5 minutes which is perfect for those hot summer days.

It’s incredibly simple to use and only requires that you stick the mug in the freezer before you pour hot coffee into the mug to quickly cool the coffee down.

6. A Science Project Looking Flat Burr Electric Grinder (Perfect for Pour Over and Espresso)

This professional grade grinder is designed for the home coffee brewer aficionado. With a variable Burr system, this grinder is ideal for both pourover coffee and espresso.

The grinder is designed with a telescoping arm and multiple insertion components that make it easy to grind your coffee into the necessary brewing receptacle with little waste.

7. Smart Multi-Faceted Coffee Brewer

Even though this may look like a simple, low-tech coffee maker, this very advanced brewer is ready to be added to your fully connected kitchen and brew you a fantastic cup of coffee based on your personal preferences.

You can hook this brewer to your smartphone to schedule the brew time and automatically grind coffee for a variety of brewing filters.

8. The Aeroshot 4 (An Instant Caffeine Kick)

Who has the time to drink a cup of coffee when you can easily and quickly get the same caffeine kick with a caffeine inhaler!

The Aeroshot is an inhalable caffeine supplement that comes in a variety of flavors including raspberry, green apple, and blueberry.

Careful though when using, some of their advertisement and benefits may be a little misleading.

9. Energy-Less Cafino Coffee Maker

This sleek and eco-friendly coffee maker is designed by Tassilo Von Grulman to be an elegant way to make coffee without consuming tons of natural resources.

The coffee grounds and water heat over a candle in a glass chamber. The filter extracts the coffee and removes any sediment from entering your cup.

Once completed, there is a metal mesh sleeve that fits over the glass turning it into a very chic pouring carafe.

If you’d like to learn more about how to reduce your impact on the environment through smarter product choices check out this awesome resource on sustainable living.

10. Vacuum Coffee Containers

Ground coffee, if it sits too long, will start to lose its aroma and taste. The coffee will become bland and begin to absorb the nasty and stale flavors in the air.

To prevent this from happening and make your coffee taste like it was just freshly ground, you should think about getting these vacuum coffee containers. These glass or plastic containers will suck out all of the air from the inside of the container maintaining the freshness of the coffee and preventing any nasty flavors from entering.

11. A Wall Mounted Coffee Maker Piece of Art

Still in its design phase, the Black luk wall mounted coffee maker aims to be a beautiful wall art piece that also brews a cup of coffee.

The Black Luk is designed only to work with a specially crafted cup that sits perfectly in the dispensing tray and presumably stores on the brewer when not in use.

12. A Wall Mounted, Old-School Espresso Coffee Maker

If you are going to have your coffee maker attached to the wall, why not take that extra step and add an espresso machine beside it?

This wall mounted espresso machine is a lo-fi coffee brewer that uses a hand lever to extract the shot of espresso. Because the brewer is built out of copper, the espresso machine will help to better retain heat and make sure your espresso is piping hot when you drink.

13. A Wall Mounted, SUPER Old-School Coffee Grinder

No wall brewing setup would be complete without a wall-mounted coffee grinder. This hand grinder uses metal burr grinders to create an even texture in your coffee grounds to help you create a great tasting cup of coffee.

The design is reminiscent of a late 18th-century coffee grinder and uses mason jars as storage units.

14. Magnetic Espresso Sets

There is nothing worse than losing or dropping your stirring spoon for your milk and sugar.

To try and mitigate that problem these espresso cups and spoons are magnetized so that your spoon attaches to the cup or plate and is not dropped on the dirty counter or ground.

15. The Bod Cold Brew Coffee Maker

According to their website, “this is the last cold brewer you will ever need.” The Bod Cold Brewer is an all in one coffee brewing unit that serves as a brewer, container, and freshness tracker for your cold-brew concentrate.

The brewer is designed to be spill-proof and easily transportable so that you can always have cold-brew ready no matter where you go.

Pretty nifty, right? We’ve reviewed this cold brewer here – so check it out if if tickles your fancy.

Want to make better cold brew coffee? Check this article.

16. The Minipresso Portable Hand Espresso Maker

When you are on the go or traveling in the middle of nowhere, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a delicious piping hot cup of espresso.

This portable espresso maker has a built in hand pump to create the necessary pressure to brew a concentrated espresso shot. You will need to provide your own finely ground coffee and hot water.

Maybe you’re a construction worker without access to a real espresso on your work site? Yes – maybe the best rated work boots  will help with the fatigue, but  you can’t beat a hot, fresh, REAL espresso…add one of these too your tool belt!

No – a Moka Pot (also known as a stovetop espresso maker) will not also work as a portable espresso maker. This thing is the real deal – it uses 9+ bars of pressure and all to give you that cream espresso goodness.

17. Auroma Personalized Coffee Brewer – With Tasting Flights

The Auroma personalized coffee brewer is as close to a personalized barista at home that you can get.

This fully automated brewer will grind your coffee and brew it to your exact taste preferences. It will also recommend other ways to try the coffee and provide you with sample tasting flight to truly explore the flavor potential of your coffee.

18. The Eco Infuser Portable Brewing Cup

In this busy day and age, you pry don’t have time to wait for your coffee to brew before you have to rush to work.

This coffee cup solves your problem by allowing to brew your coffee on the go.

The simple steeping insert makes brewing coffee easy and the cleanup a breeze. Take the insert out and dump the grounds to make your coffee ready to go.

19. Instant Coffee Beans (WTF!?)

If brewing coffee on the go is even still too much for your busy life, make brewing coffee even easier with instant coffee beans.

These instant coffee crystals are formed to resemble coffee beans and look less like cheap coffee and more like the craft or artisanal coffee your friends enjoy.

Simply throw a handful into a glass of hot water and watch as the beans melt into a delicious cup of instant coffee.

Pointless? Maybe. But You’ll try anything once, right? (especially in the world of coffee)

20. A Coffee Maker That Infuses Your Coffee With Any Flavour Under The Rainbow

You wouldn’t believe it, but a lot of top influential coffee people argue that the next big coffee trend will be flavored coffee.

The Bkon Brewer is helping start that trend with their new single-serve brewer that uses a forced extraction and immersion brewing hybrid process to infuse coffee with all types of different flavors.

This patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion allows the barista to add flavors like orange or lavender to the brewed coffee quickly and easily.

21. The Ottomatic Chemex Water Tower – Holds Your Hand Through The Chemex Brewing Process

The Ottomatic Water Tower is a great gadget to purchase if you already own a glass Chemex brewer. Brewing the perfect Chemex is NOT easy.

The water tower ensures consistency from brew to brew and allows you to control a multitude of variables including water temperature, water flow, and pre-infusion to experiment with coffee’s taste and flavors.

22. An Eiffel Tower-esq Cold Brewer

As functional as it is pretty, this Cold brew tower is an excellent way to display your love of coffee. And your love of France. And your love of over-the-top coffee gadgets (lets be honest: its a little flamboyant)

The tower uses a drip method slowly and evenly to extract the good flavors of the coffee while reducing any acidity or bitterness. If it’s a little to large for life, check out these cold brew coffee makers, which all do the same thing, but on a more reasonable scale.

23. The Acaia Coffee Scale

A good kitchen scale is an invaluable tool for brewing coffee. Scales will help you maintain consistency for each cup by measuring the correct amount of water and coffee. They will also save you money by ensuring that you are not using too much coffee each time your brew, making your coffee bean bag last longer.

This scale is one of the most precise out there. The little things are the big things when it comes to brewing great coffee (especially if you do pour over). This scale does not F**k around.​

Before you rush out and buy this scale however, we should turn your attention to these other awesome coffee scales.

The number of gadgets available to the avid coffee lover will ensure monotony is not in your coffee-vocabulary. Hopefully, some of these gadgets will be making it into your personal collection.

What coffee gadgets do you own? Anything we missed on this list?

Make sure to also check our Coffee Poster article for more fun products!

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