The Mistobox Coffee Review

Let me guess, you’re thinking about getting a Mistobox subscription.


One of the biggest problems when it comes to coffee subscriptions, though, is that you can genuinely not know what you’re going to get. I mean, you might know it’ll be high-quality stuff (and at those prices? It better be!).

But, is there any way to have more than just a few choices, most of which you’re not even sure you want to try?

To answer that question, I give you our Mistobox review. 

MistoBox Coffee Review: In a Nutshell

Mistobox Subscription Review
  • Quality of Coffee
  • Variety of Coffee
  • Freshness of Roast
  • Price
  • Customer Service/Care
Misto Box products and manual
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The Mistobox coffee subscription brings you an incredible variety of coffees to choose from, flexible shipping, and even a personal coffee curator to help you understand the complex world of artisan coffee.

Their prices are affordable, and their site is informative. If you’re looking for a well-rounded and informed coffee subscription experience, this is where you want to be.

Before You Choose a Coffee Subscription, Consider This…

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty details of Mistobox coffee, let’s slow down for a second and go over some of the key things to keep in mind when choosing a coffee subscription.

Frequency: Just How Much Coffee Do You Need?

It’s important to know how much you're drinking before you pick out a subscription. How many cups per day do you drink? How often do you buy new beans?

Why do you need to know this? 

Well, a lot of subscriptions have options for frequency of delivery. You don’t want to overpay for extra coffee that will go to waste or, even worse, run out of coffee because you didn’t get enough!

Understand Your “Coffee Knowledge”

Before you purchase a coffee subscription, you should know what your preferences are for things like roast type (light, medium, or dark?), flavor profiles (floral, citrusy, nutty?), and washing processes (dry, wet, pulped?).

Different types of roasted coffee beans

These preferences are generally the first thing you will be asked about when you sign up for a subscription.

It’s important to gauge how well you understand the details of what you actually like when it comes to coffee.

Here’s a great article that breaks down these elements of coffee. You can use it to get a feel for your own understanding, and work out exactly what makes a certain coffee your favorite!

The Shipping and the Cost

Keep an eye out for shipping costs with all subscriptions. For example, an offer of free shipping on your first order can disguise a large shipping cost in the future.

And, of course, you need to understand your financial limitations.

Now, I think we can safely assume that if you’re looking for a subscription in the first place, you’re not thinking clearance level prices.

Still, there is somewhat of a financial scale to coffee subscriptions, and the differences in price add up when purchased on a weekly or even a monthly basis.

Know your budget!

Alright, now on to the Mistobox coffee review!

The MistoBox Coffee Subscription – What Is It?

Mistobox is a coffee subscription with an almost unbelievable amount of freedom and empowerment, particularly when it comes to their coffee selections.

A Mistobox coffee subscription is the answer to any coffee fanatic who wants to try something new, while ensuring that the newness and variety will still be coming from types of coffee they prefer.

Mistobox works with over 50 artisan coffee roasters, which allows them to offer an incredible variety of coffees – literally, hundreds of them. You can start by getting their Mistobox discovery box, which is a few samples to help you narrow down your initial preferences.

After that, you’re off to the races. They roast each batch of coffee to order based on what they know you like, then pack it up in their nifty subscription boxes and then ship those Misto coffee boxes to you quickly.

Did we mention that they were on Shark Tank, too? Yeah, and Cuban made a deal with the company. I’d say that’s a pretty good endorsement. See the pitch that started it all here...

Our MistoBox Subscription Review: Some Pros and Cons

Misto Box products and manual
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  • Incredible variety. There are hundreds of coffees available for each subscriber to discover.
  • A personally assigned coffee curator helps walk you through the process.
  • They have an easy-to-use system. You can change your preferences and coffee choices at the push of a button. 


  • Hit or miss customer service. Their rapid growth over the last few years has caused their earlier reputation of customer service to tarnish a bit.
  • While their prices are good, their shipping is a full $5 per shipment, keeping their overall price per bag slightly higher than many other options.

You’ll Drown in the Options (In a Good Way!)

Mistobox is the king of the castle when it comes to varieties of coffee offered.

You get to choose from – get this – over 500 different options! And these aren’t just little unknown roasters, either. Their ranks include some pretty big shot names like Intelligentsia, Onyx, and Verve.

You can see the full line-up here. It’s pretty legit!

Organize their coffees by roast type, processing method, origin, tasting notes and more, to easily find the right ones for you. Simply add them to your “Brew Queue”, a nifty feature that acts almost like a music playlist.

As you browse and see coffees you would like to try, you can add them to the Brew Queue. Then, each shipment of coffee works its way down the queue. You can even rearrange the coffees within the queue if you can’t wait to get your hands on one further down your list.

If selecting your own coffee from such a huge assortment of options seems too overwhelming, though, don’t despair!

Once your coffee preferences are set, you can also opt to have Mistobox choose for you. And I don’t mean some automated algorithm matching you to a random coffee that “fits your preferences.” I’m talking about the coffee curator...

A Coffee Curator Just For YOU

What is a coffee curator, you ask? 

Well, when you purchase a subscription, you are actually matched up with a living, breathing coffee curator, who will use their expertise to direct you towards the best coffee FOR YOU.

You can contact them with questions and discuss your coffee hopes, dreams, and desires in as much detail as you want.

While the actual customer service for Mistobox seems to have suffered a bit during their rapid growth, their coffee curator service still gets rave reviews everywhere you look!

Now that is something that tips the scales in favor of this subscription!

The Mistobox Tiers: You’ve Got Pricing Options Here...

Mistobox offers two tiers to their subscription options: Basic and Deluxe.

Basic has one goal – to get you good coffee at an affordable price and on a regular basis.

Deluxe, on the other hand, is more bent towards the coffee aficionados who want to up their game and keep trying the best of the best coffee out there. It’s a little bit more expensive, but it gets you access to a steady flow of the top specialty coffees that Mistobox has to offer.

Shipping and Coffee Quantity are in Your Hands

When it comes to shipping, Mistobox does charge $5 per shipment, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when you see the price per bag pop up on the screen.

But, by all accounts, the shipping is fast, and it can ship on your schedule. You set up how often you want the coffee, from every week up to every four weeks.

As far as cost goes, you can sign up on a pay-per-month basis, or you can sign up for six or even twelve months at a time.

Their subscription comes in at around $20 per month after shipping on the pay-per-month plan, which is a reasonable amount for artisan coffee. Now, that’s the per month plan. 

If you pay upfront for the whole year, though, it drops down to under $18 per box (again, that’s including shipping). That is a seriously affordable box of high-quality coffee, right there!

Coffee Information is Coffee Power… 

When it comes to artisan coffee, knowledge is a huge factor in how to get that perfect cup a joe. I mean, we’re not talking about instant coffee, here! Yuck!

But buying great coffee beans only gets you halfway there. You need info on brewing methods and how to prepare different kinds of coffees depending on origin, roast types, etc.

We loved poking around the Mistobox website because it revealed just how serious they are about this end of things.

The site is a treasure trove of coffee information. Their blog is overflowing with great articles and reviews, and their Coffee Brew Guides page has videos on how to brew with a French press, Aeropress, Hario V60, and more. 

Check out their video on how to use a Chemex below!

Not Sold on the Mistobox Subscription? Here are a Few Other Options

#1 The Angels' Cup Subscription

If the hundreds of choices are just too overwhelming, consider signing up for an Angels’ Cup subscription.

Each box contains blind tastings of various artisan coffees, and you can use their app to record the details and personal notes of each tasting, and join the conversation with a larger coffee community.

#2 The Bean Box Coffee Subscription

bean box sample coffee

Bean Box is a Seattle-based company (a city that happens to be #23 on our list of the best coffee cities!) that has a laser focus on bringing you artisan coffee roasted by the top roasters in Seattle and Portland, specifically.

So, while the variety is still there, the beans are geared towards getting you a cup of coffee roasted in one of the top coffee regions in the world!

You can click here to try their free sampler.

#3 The Stumptown Coffee Subscription

If you’re not happy with the other options, this last one is a great compromise, and it screams quality at its best, too.

Stumptown Coffee’s subscription offers six different “flavor profiles”, reducing the white noise of so many hundreds of options.

It’s simply a reasonable variety of incredible coffees. 

MistoBox Review: Our Verdict

We do a lot of coffee subscription reviews around here, so we can say with confidence that Mistobox is an absolutely incredible option for a coffee subscription.

They are well priced, offer quick and flexible shipping options, and have various tiers to their subscription.

Misto Box products and manual
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But what really helps Mistobox stand apart from the pack are two things: their unbelievable variety of coffee choices, and the personally assigned coffee curators that each and every subscriber gets access to.

It’s a subscription that any blossoming coffee connoisseur will want to experience. 

If you’re interested in trying them out, you can sign up for your first subscription here!