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Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker Review – A Waste of Money?

Actress, author, director, talk show host, producer, and … coffee maker? From the beautiful Drew Barrymore comes the equally Beautiful Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker. Now you can enjoy your brew along with your favorite rom-coms like 50 First Dates, Music and Lyrics, and He’s Just Not That Into You, knowing your entertainment and cup of coffee were both brought to you by a loveable Hollywood icon.
Read more in our Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker review.

Summary: The Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker

  • Capable of batch brewing 14 cups in under 14 minutes.
  • Programmable in advance up to 24 hours.
  • Features a Touch-Activated Display

I love the color look and feel of this unit. It is a very attractive piece to any kitchen. As far as functionality goes it has a pretty easy to operate touch interface with lots of options for a reasonably priced coffeemaker.

– Curtis, Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker Owner

The Full Drew Barrymore Coffee Machine Review

Fans of Drew Barrymore will be familiar with her remarkable on-screen talents. Now they’ll see some of her other surprising skills in the kitchen with her coffee maker! 

The Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker is also the Beautiful 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with a Touch-Activated Display. The Beautiful Kitchenware line, or Beautiful by Drew Barrymore, is in collaboration with Walmart. This line has other products besides its new coffee maker, coined Beautiful by Drew Barrymore, including a toaster, an air fryer, and more.

Is this Beautiful coffee maker just a pretty face, or can it produce a good cup, too? Let’s find out.

Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Coffee Flavor
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money

Design – 3/5 

The Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker is elegant and sleek with its premium soft matte finish. It’s a coffee maker with a retro aesthetic. It’s also not shy about its use of counter space. The coffee maker measures 17 x 13 x 11 inches and weighs 4.87 lbs (1). Perhaps the best thing about it is that it is available in a variety of different colors, like the vintage-looking Nostalgia coffee maker. The Drew Barrymore machine is available in 5 colors: black sesame, cornflower blue, oyster gray, sage green, or white icing. 

Included with the purchase of a Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker is a carafe with a borosilicate glass base. It has an ergonomic handle with signature gold steel accents and a perfect-pour spout with no-drip. A replaceable charcoal water filter, a measuring scoop, and a reusable gold filter basket with signature steel accents is also included with your purchase. 

Customers have noted that one of the Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker problems is that the plastic casing is less sturdy than other materials like stainless steel and doesn’t fully fit together. Depending on their construction, some plastic coffee makers may also result in harmful chemicals transferring from them into the beverages they make while turning on.

More attention should be given to other drinks packaged with polyethylene terephthalate plastic, such as milk, coffee and acidic juice.

This is due to the heat, which releases antimony chemicals and bisphenol A, or BPA (2).

The touchscreen on this coffee maker illuminates as needed without additional buttons, dials, or knobs. However, the screen glows quite faintly and is difficult to see.

We took off two points: one for the plastic casing construction and one for the barely visible touchscreen, adding friction to an otherwise streamlined coffee-making experience.

Features – 5/5 

The Beautiful 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker brews 14 cups of coffee in less than 14 minutes with its powerful 1200-watt system. Your coffees will stay warm for up to four hours post-brewing with the Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker Keep Warm Mode. If you’re reading this thinking this is simply too much coffee to brew in one sitting, you’re in luck! There’s a 1-4 Cup function that permits small batch brewing for the more reasonable coffee drinkers among us.

While your coffee is brewing at any point, press the No-Wait Pause And Serve function. Doing so allows you to pour a cup of coffee while continuing to brew more! 

This coffee maker also features an automatic shut-off function that is adjustable anytime between half an hour to four hours.

But wait, there’s more! This coffee maker is programmable up to 24 hours in advance. That means you can configure this machine’s settings so that you wake up to coffee already waiting warmly for you! Talk about your coffee working for you every step of the way!

Coffee Flavor – 4/5

I was surprised by the quality of coffee brewed by this coffee maker. I was fully prepared to reject it as all style and no substance, but it is really an excellent brewer. I credit this partially to the included charcoal water filter, because great coffee starts with great water. The reusable Gold Tone filter basket ensures you’re getting a cup that is full-bodied and rich, though you can always add a paper filter if you prefer a cleaner cup.

There are three brew strength settings (Regular, Bold, and Gourmet), and I could taste the difference between each of them. The Gourmet setting was a quick favorite, especially when brewing with freshly ground, good-quality coffee beans. It truly did bring more complexity out of the coffee.

I will note that the brew temperature is relatively low, so it may not satisfy you if you prefer a piping hot cup. For the same reason, it can be difficult to extract very light roasts, so I’d suggest using the Bold setting if you’re brewing a batch of light roast coffee.

I also tested the small-batch function, brewing just two cups. I am happy to report that it delivers the same quality coffee. Though there are probably more practical options if you regularly just brew a cup at a time.

Ease Of Use – 5/5 

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful Coffee Maker has fully programmable settings that allow you to select the brew type and strength with an easy tap. There are three main delicious brew options: Regular, Gourmet, and Bold. Their differences are subtle, but coffee connoisseurs are sure to pick up on this.

This machine is not only easy to use but also easy to clean, and it has a special cleaning cycle that illuminates when needed on its soft-glow Touch-Activated Display. Remove the charcoal water filter, but keep the reusable filter basket as you pour your descaling vinegar solution (3).

Do not microwave this coffee maker. Do not use hot water in it either, and heat going into this machine damages it over time

The carafe is dishwasher-safe, though you may opt to wash it by hand with warm soapy water instead. The warming plate of the coffee maker is easy to clean, nonstick, and stain-resistant.

Value For Money – 4/5 

The 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is ok value for money. It is worth $50 USD, an affordable price for a home machine to make suitable cups of coffee when other similar coffee makers sell for a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. You’ll also save money in the long run by not having to constantly buy new paper filters due to its use of a mesh.

We took off 2 points as it is still not one of the cheapest options.

Things we liked:

  • Swift batch brewing with 14 cups in under 14 minutes.
  • Programmable up to a full 24-hour day in advance.
  • User-friendly with a Touch-Activated Display.
  • Pretty design that looks great in the kitchen.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The Touch-Activated Display is barely visible.
  • The overall build is bulky and flimsy.
  • The machine has a plastic casing.
  • Prone to issues such as leaks.
  • Poor experience with customer support.

Do Not Buy If… 

  • You don’t have the counter space – Let’s face it: The Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker is pretty hefty in size. As much as you love your coffee, you probably want to have some space leftover for more than one device on your kitchen counter. If this is the case, perhaps the Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker is the one for you. Although it does use K-Cup coffee pods, which is a matter of personal preference if you wish to drink instant coffee like this, it is as tiny as it gets.
  • You want a more budget-friendly option – The Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker is fairly inexpensive. But if you’re looking to save even more money wherever you can check out the Black+Decker coffee maker. It may not look as nice as the Drew Barrymore but it is slightly cheaper. You can also see our review of some of the cheapest coffee makers, like the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, if you want more options.

If these alternatives still don’t appease you, check out some of the best drip coffee makers.

The Verdict

Drew Barrymore is a Hollywood icon who created her coffee maker as part of her Beautiful Kitchenware line. This 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker has a Touch-Activated Display, and you can program it 24 hours in advance. It brews 14 cups in about 14 minutes and looks great in the kitchen.

What’s the catch? The Touch-Activated Display is difficult to make out on the Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker, which takes up more counter space than you’d otherwise bargain for. It also has a plastic casing and has numerous reported cases of poor reliability.

Is this the coffee maker for you? It’s a matter of personal preference.

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  1. I purchased the Drew Barrymore Coffee Maker in October. Beautiful; perfect for kitchen decor. However, in February I accidentally broke the carafe only to find that they do not sell replacements. I called & emailed the company that make these. Well, that was no help. She told me to google but there are no generic replacements that will work with this coffee maker. This is a 14 cup & the replacements I found were not tall enough to work. I had to buy another coffee maker, but I did not buy this one. Also, the disappearing & recurring display is not user friendly. Neither were the videos we watched online. None of them really explained how to turn the coffee maker on manually. Worked great with the programable option, but we had to figure out how to turn it on. As pretty as this maker is, I would not recommend it.

  2. I never buy into a celebrity endorsed product. This coffee maker appears to be a cheaper China made no name that has a celebrity name attached to it. I try and buy coffee makers that have a solid history of reviews claiming they actually brew a good pot of coffee. Not one celebrity who probably does not even use the one their name is on.

  3. This coffee maker is hands down a waste of money! I was so excited because it is so pretty, but the buttons barely work and it will not reset and brew to clean after I replaced the filter. The filter also only lasted a few months before needing replaced. I have tried to reach out to the company without success. Sooo disappointed that I now have to purchase a new coffee maker and it will for sure not be the Drew Barrymore coffee maker. I will NEVER ever buy a Drew Barrymore product again. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this one.

  4. Thing is a total waste of money. It worked fine for like a month, now it randomly shuts off during the brew process. It’ll brew two cups and be done, so you wake up to a tiny amount of coffee and then (what I’m doing currently) you get to sit there and watch it repeatedly do the same thing until the pot fills. I’ve been hitting “brew” for 30 minutes. No, it’s not settings, I’ve seen the same issues listed in Walmarts reviews online. Such a waste of cash. Hugely disappointed.

  5. I bought this coffee pot in January and by March it was breaking down. In January coffee hot, easily programmable, but then the challenges started. Coffee pot would brew but the coffee would be lukewarm. Now coffee drips from the handle which makes no sense and I called Customer Service – good luck!!!! Do not buy this product. Waste of money even if it looks beautiful!!!!

  6. I purchased this in November of 2022. It is already not working properly. There is a spring and a small plastic piece on the hard basket that broke off. This interferes with the brewing process and I end up with super strong coffee because only half of the water pumps out. Customer service told me that because I didn’t buy it from Walmart my warranty is voided.
    In my opinion this is a piece of junk

  7. I haven’t liked my Drew Barrymore coffee maker- I bought it because I liked the look but it is not user friendly and the carafe spills coffee every time. I just put it in clean mode with vinegar and water but it is just sitting there doing nothing. I will probably toss this in the trash and buy something else.


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