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Keurig K-Supreme Review

New Keurig K-Supreme is the first in the Keurig line-up of coffee makers to sport the brand’s new MultiStream Technology. Home Grounds was excited to give it a test run.

Keurig claims this new brewing method improves extraction, resulting in a more flavorful morning brew, and they aren’t wrong.

But that’s not the only selling point of the K-Supreme, nor is it without flaws. This Keurig K-Supreme review has all the details, including how it stacks up against the K-Supreme Plus and K-Supreme Plus Smart. Read on to decide if it’s the right single-serve coffee maker for you.

Summary: The Keurig K-Supreme

Keurig K-Supreme
  • Single-serve coffee maker featuring new Multi Stream Technology for a more flavorful brew.
  • Can choose between three coffee brewing cycles: Regular, Strong, and Over Ice.
  • Dual-position water reservoir can sit on the side or at the back of the coffee maker.

It makes a delicious tasting cup of coffee with its new 5-hole puncture design. The water easily saturates the entire K-cup giving you a full-bodied, flavorful cup of coffee

– Customer

The Full Keurig K-Supreme Review

We all know that Keurig coffee makers can be divisive in the coffee world (1). But you can largely mitigate their downsides using a refillable filter rather than the disposable K-Cup pods. So with that in mind, Home Grounds has no problem reviewing and recommending some of the Keurig machine models, as long as they’re still good coffee makers.

Keurig K-Supreme Review
  • Custom Brewing Features
  • Coffee Flavor
  • Make Your Life Easier Features
  • Water Reservoir
Keurig K-Supreme

The Keurig K-Supreme is a relatively new addition to the Keurig line-up and the first to take advantage of the brand’s new MultiStream Technology. This brewer was designed to offer a unique balance between price and features to appeal to middle-of-the-road coffee lovers – those who don’t want a barebones machine but also don’t want to pay a premium for all the bells and whistles either. Does it deliver? Find out in this review.

Custom Brewing Features – 3.5/5

The Keurig K-Supreme offers some customizable options, though it’s missing a few key features of the pricier models.

You can choose between multiple brew sizes, which will dispense 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces of water. Remember that when brewing with a K-Cup, you’re using the same amount of grounds for every brew. So the larger sizes will be more dilute. One way to counter that issue is to take advantage of the strong coffee option, accessible by pushing the Strong button. It brews more slowly, allowing for a fuller extraction and, thus, a bolder brew.

The Keurig K-Supreme also includes an Over Ice button. It brews a smaller and stronger cup, designed to compensate for some dilution when brewed over melting ice cubes. Refreshing iced coffee has been growing in popularity in recent years, according to American Dining Creations, one of the largest food service companies in America, so it is nice to see Keurig keeping up with the trend (2).

Millennials are more likely to drink cold and frozen coffee drinks than hot ones. They believe the coldness enhances the drinking experience and releases more nuanced flavors.

In our tests, we found the Iced Coffee brewing method effective. We were worried the brew wouldn’t be strong enough, but those concerns turned out to be unfounded. The resulting iced coffee was delicious and flavorful and even stood up to the addition of milk.

MultiStream Technology

The Keurig Supreme is the first Keurig model to feature the new MultiStream Technology. What is this, you ask? Instead of punching one hole in the top of the K-Cup to inject hot water, this coffee machine punches five holes. The result is a more even saturation of the ground coffee in the K-Cup pod, which improves extraction and results in a coffee with more flavor and a richer aroma. 

MultiStream Technology is essentially the equivalent of the showerhead water dispensing systems seen in higher-end drip coffee machines, making a big difference. Surprisingly, it has taken this long for single-serve K-Cup coffee makers like Keurig to take advantage of a process that expensive coffee machines – and baristas making pour-overs, for that matter – have been using for decades (3). 

Of course, the true versatility of Keurig machines comes from their compatibility with hundreds of different K-Cup pods. Making it easy to brew black coffee, flavored coffee, tea, chai latte, hot cocoa, or pretty much any other hot drink you can dream up. 

At Home Grounds, we have qualms about both the environmental impact of K-Cups and the quality of their coffee, so we prefer to use a refillable K-Cup filter. In some ways, this expands your options because you can use your ground coffee and adjust the dose, giving you more control over coffee strength. Conversely, reusable coffee filters are not as suitable for brewing drinks for non-coffee drinkers.

Coffee Flavor – 2.5/5

Keurig coffee is famous for its convenience, not its great flavor. There’s no point in beating around the bush; this will not produce the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. That said, the new MultiStream technology does ensure you’re getting a richer cup than most other Keurig brewers, especially if you opt for the strong coffee option.

Getting the best cup of coffee from your Keurig K-Supreme comes down to your choice of K-Cup. In my experience, using the refillable my K-Cup and packing it full of at least 10 grams of freshly ground coffee yields a smooth and flavorful brew on par with other drip coffee makers. Admittedly, that sounds like a lot of work for a brewer designed for convenience, so the next best option is to buy K-Cups from brands that prepare them to order. You’ll pay a bit more, but you won’t suffer the weak and watery flavor of the stale K-Cups from the supermarket.

‘Make Your Life Easier Features’ – 4/5

Every Keurig should make your life easy. That’s why they’re so popular. No one is buying a Keurig coffee maker because they believe it’s the best way to make fantastic coffee, and they’re selling point is that they’re the easiest way to make good coffee. With that said, the Keurig K-Supreme is on par with most other mid-priced Keurig machines in simplifying your morning routine.

The push-button interface is straightforward to use. Like all Keurig brewers, you need only open the lid, insert the K-Cup, close the lid, and choose your drink size to start the brew. You can optionally choose Strong or Over Ice as well. 

With a few buttons, you’re just a minute or two away from a steaming hot cup of coffee. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Clean-up is equally easy, which is a massive factor in the popularity of Keurig brewers. If you’re brewing using a K-Cup pod, you don’t need to deal with messy coffee grounds or dripping filters. After 250 brews, the K-Supreme will automatically alert you that it’s time to descale.

Despite promises from the brand, not all K-Cups are recyclable (4). And most of those require that you separate the lid, the plastic cup, and the used coffee grounds. While this makes clean-up a bit less straightforward, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to keep more K-Cups out of landfills.

The Keurig K-Supreme is relatively compact compared to other mid-range Keurig models with similar features. Measuring 12.15” by 7.85” by 12.02”, it’s a good choice for small or medium kitchens. Its height is low enough to fit comfortably under your upper cupboards but big enough to be travel mug friendly, accommodating tall travel mugs up to 7 inches. It’s available in black, white, or gray, so you should have no trouble matching your existing decor.

Water Reservoir – 4.5/5

Keurig makes three models of the K-Supreme: the K-Supreme, the K-Supreme Plus, and the K-Supreme Plus Smart. The Keurig K-Supreme Plus costs about $50 more than the base model and has a few additional features to justify the cost.

The Keurig K-Supreme Plus notably allows for more customization to your personal taste.

You can choose between three coffee strengths and three temperature settings. And it has an additional 4-ounce cup size. There are also three programmable buttons so you can save individual brewing preferences – sort of like speed dial for your coffee. This is especially handy if different household members enjoy a different coffee experience.

Externally, you’ll notice that the Keurig K-Supreme Plus has a stainless steel metal wrap around the front rather than the original plastic. The steel gives it a classy look, makes it more durable, and is easier to keep clean. The water tank is 12 ounces larger, allowing you to brew one or two more coffees before a refill, but unlike with the K-Supreme, you can’t switch the tank from the side to the back.

The Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart coffee maker is just a few dollars more than the K-Supreme Plus. This smart coffee maker is Wifi enabled and can be controlled using the Keurig App to set brew times, temperature, strength, and so on. Along with the features of the Plus model, it adds Keurig’s patented BrewID technology, which recognizes your K-Cup pod and automatically selects the best brewing settings. In our opinion, most of the best features of this model are associated with K-Cups, so it is hard to justify the cost if you prefer the refillable filter option.

Things we liked:

  • MultiStream Technology improves coffee quality
  • Can control brew strength
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Dual position water reservoir

Things we didn’t like:

  • K-Cups don’t yield the best coffee quality
  • No control of brew temperature

Don’t Buy the Keurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker If…

  • You’re short on space – In general, all Keurig coffee machines are relatively compact. But if your counter space is really limited or you’re shopping for a dorm room or office cubicle, the Keurig K-Mini Coffee Machine is the way to go. It’s only 5 inches wide, and – bonus! – it comes in a ton of fun colors.
  • You enjoy milky cafe-style drinks – If you love a good latte as much as you enjoy a drip brew, why not get a machine that can do both? The Keurig K-Cafe includes a milk frother and brews a strong 2-ounce coffee similar to espresso, so you can make coffee shop drinks at home. Or spend a little more and go for a super-automatic espresso machine like the Gaggia Brera. It offers all the convenience of a pod brewer but uses freshly ground coffee and prepares a true espresso.
  • You want temperature control – If the ability to brew extra hot or mildly warm coffee is non-negotiable for you, you’ll find that many other Keurig models will meet your needs. The Keurig K-Supreme Plus lets you choose between three temperature settings, or the Keurig K-Elite allows for even more temperature control, letting you set a precise temperature between 187 and 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Verdict

The Keurig K-Supreme is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a compact single-serve K-Cup coffee maker that has sacrificed a few customization options in favor of a lower price tag. 

It is the most affordable Keurig model to offer their new MultiStream technology, which results in a tasty cup of coffee above and beyond the previous Keurig models. Pair that with a coffee strength selection, an iced coffee brewing mode, and a dual-position water tank, and you have an affordable coffee brewer with a lot to offer!

Multistream feature of the K-Supreme

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